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Media Sharing Platform

Ducktindo is a social media platform where you can share videos and images and connect with millions of people who share the things you love.


The client approached Branex to develop a media-sharing app where users can post their stories, images, and videos and even apply filters. The Ducktindo app incorporates lots of compelling new features that you won’t find on other similar media sharing platforms. The client requested us to incorporate out-of-the-box features, such as the ability to create challenges that help you earn coins (points) from your followers, as well as allowing users to join specific chat groups to connect with people of similar interests and talk and read about their favorite things. The app is developed with a strong web-based admin panel to support all the functionality synonymous with a media sharing platform, such as chatrooms, profiles, posts, filters, emojis, and search categories.


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  • The app should support a strong backend and frontend system .
  • Incorporation of a powerful Content Management System (CMS) for storing, organizing, and modifying data
  • he client wanted to add a challenge mode in the app where people can post challenges and others can earn points by completing them
  • The app needed to be interactive with easy-to-use functionality and pleasant aesthetics to catch the eye of the user
  • The app also required online payment integration (PayTabs, Google Pay and Apple Pay)
  • The client asked for a web-based admin panel from where the admin can control user activity


  • A sleek design with a fast and responsive user interface
  • The app is equipped with a MySQL database and Custom PHP admin panel to ensure a smooth flow of data and a strong web admin panel
  • The ability to sign-up through Facebook, Apple account, and Google account
  • Users will receive notifications about the statuses and posts on mobile and email
  • The user has the ability to personalize the content they see by specifying areas of interest at signup
  • Admin will be able to manage chatrooms, limit the duration of visibility of chatrooms (group chat), set limits for uploading videos, and set the time duration a video appears visible
  • Two-step verification ensures profile security
  • The user can look up chat rooms related to particular categories such as sports, music, travel etc. by applying filters

Technologies Used



  • Users can share content from either Facebook or YouTube
  • The app also offers paid subscriptions (monthly, quarterly, or yearly) for access to premium features such as, direct messages, wallet, gifts for content creators, and personalized notifications
  • The user can join different chat groups of their interest
  • The user can send customized emojis
  • Users can subscribe to content creators and get notified when they post something new
  • Users can choose various effects and filters while uploading videos or images
  • Users can create/recreate challenges, upload video/images to the challenge, view challenges and earn points
  • We understand that users are always concerned about their privacy, so the app provides various privacy settings where user can manage their data privacy and control what they want to share and with whom
  • The admin panel allows users to manage chatrooms, control visibility of chatrooms (Group Chat), and set limits for uploading videos and time duration of the video, giving options for extending the time for which the video is visible

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