We offer Visually Spellbinding iOS Application Development Services

  • At Branex, we offer you an opportunity to get your app listed on the leading app stores online, where it is exposed to throngs of people from across the globe, who come to download thousands of apps every second.
  • We offer a viable iOS app development process with the customer journey in mind. We take painstaking efforts to make sure that the app we create can offer your customers an unparalleled user experience.
  • Our extensive experience in iOS app development enables us to create prodigious apps with a fluid user experience at the forefront. We strive to achieve perfection in each app we procure through comprehensive market research.
  • We start off by comprehending your business model, which is why we are able to cater to various aspects of development, from web development to app development, to facilitate you throughout the process.
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TaskQue is a productivity management tool, which is used by managers and C-level executives to oversee the work of their staff in an efficient way. We helped them by developing their cloud-based architecture and the iOS app.


This revolutionary app is the brainchild of two Torontonians, aiming to help out drivers in the Toronto region. For a small fee, they can get rid of a plethora of petty issues that surface in similar apps.

Hanz Free App

Hanz Free App is a hybrid mobile application through which SMS, voice mails and emails can be scheduled and sent at a chosen date and time. The requirement of the client was to glean a single app that combines all the mentioned services under one umbrella with the help of a modern thinking iOS app development company.

Benefits of IOS App Development

Popularity & Recognition

Apple is a brand that is about to become the first trillion dollar company based on its market capitalization. It’s one of the global brands that people believe in and an iOS app can be instrumental in the success of your business by allowing you to target specific regions according to the number of potential users. At Branex AE, a state of the art iOS app development company, our seasoned developers know what it takes to create an iOS app that mirrors your aspirations and your business model. An app based on Apple’s iOS can reach a great number of users. We offer you the best solution to reach influencers and tap into your user demographic to help your business reach the zenith.


The reputation of iOS app development in Dubai as a reliable and safe operating system precedes it. When compared to Android based devices, iOS devices are far less in number, which means that there are fewer devices that solicit support, resulting in less fragmentation for developers. Apple, on the other hand, makes sure that it update its iOS frequently so that all users have the latest version of iOS installed on their devices, resulting in fewer versions of software for your app to be compatible with. IOS is synonymous with stability, making it an excellent reason for why we have more customers going for an iOS app.

Our developers get more time to focus on the individual elements of construction and on the functional benefits of the app along with the overall brand positioning of our customers. We always strive to offer innovative solutions to the complex problems of our customers.

Ranking & Reviews

It is a known fact that the user input is a catalyst to getting your iOS mobile apps a good rank. The ratings and reviews heavily rely on the input provided by the actual users and also on the number of daily downloads. This strategy allows for a reliable system that no one can bypass and hence the rankings and ratings that an app glean are highly genuine. Through this system, businesses also get a chance to listen to the feedback of users and leverage their criticisms to improve further.

For developers like us, it is a great way to gauge our own capabilities and limitations and use them to make updates and adjustments, so that your app reigns supreme. We know that it is imperative for an app to sustain its position in the market and that’s why we offer customized solutions to our customers in this regard.

Design & Development

Elegant design and features are the hallmark of any iOS app to capture the attention of our end users, along with a full functionality. Frequent updates regarding the system allow developers to fully optimize the platform. Our developers work in collaboration to create a mobile app that not only meets but actually exceeds the expectations of our customers. In this way, we always produce an iOS app and fine-tune it according to the requirements of our customers.

IOS App Development

Working with an iPhone application development company; 6 Steps to your Success Online


Our developers and designers work with you to know what you have in mind regarding the idea of an app. We then refine the ideas and work hand in hand to prepare a detailed specs document.


Wireframes for each screen are procured in this step, transforming the idea of your app into a visual structure. Information architecture of the entire app is created.

An Awe-inspiring

In the design step, we design the concept, graphics and everything else so that a user gets hooked to the app instantly.


The actual iOS app development is done in this step to make the iOS app functional. Integration of front-end and backend elements is done through immaculate coding.


Our QA department makes certain that the app is tested thoroughly with each screen taken care of on multiple fronts.


We finally submit your app to the app store by following all the guidelines. Coupled with the app store optimizations services, we ensure a top ranking in the search results.


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