Latdour is designed to solve your everyday problems and give you a sense of convenience when you need it the most.

Most homeowners find it a hassle to find someone to perform quick handy jobs. Latdour came up with an app idea to whisk your everyday troubles away!

How Does Latdour Save the day?

Latdour is a one-stop solution for all your quick home repairs and handy jobs. This app connects you to technical personnel to get your small odd jobs done; be it fixing a leaky faucet, giving your home a new coat of paint, changing light bulbs, repairing floors and roofs, or getting your AC fixed. People are busier these days and many don’t know enough to do these regular jobs by themselves, so hiring a handyman is a smart and easy way to save your time, and energy.

On the other hand, this app uncovers amazing opportunities for workers looking to offer paid services without the pain of going through a company and for handyman businesses looking for customers. The app is user-friendly and can be used by any age group to search for a handyman and hire them with simple steps in a matter of minutes.

A Competent and Feature-rich Handyman Platform

After the initial kick-off meetings with the clients and an extended open-ended conversation with stakeholders about the specifications and features, our team joined their heads together for an intense brainstorming session. We aimed to keep the Information Architecture simple to organize the content in the app in a way that reduces the number of clicks by users to perform a given task. We came up with multiple concepts for the app, sketched wireframes to visualize the usability and feasibility of the design and presented them to our client for review.

After this, our design and development team came together to create a road map for an equally functional and aesthetically pleasing app. We started by designing the interface of the app and moved to the functional features. We instilled important APIs that are needed for an application to keep the flow for users at par. Our developers made sure to optimize the app for different mobile devices so that the app can run smoothly without any glitches. We added categories and subcategories to make it easier for a user to find the perfect skilled person for a specific job. To add one more feather to the cap, we used React JS for the development of the admin panel and Firebase for the database system.



The client requires a Hybrid mobile application that can be used to send scheduled SMS, voice mails and emails. The client needs a single application that can provide all these features. The mobile design and development teams sat together to create a mood strategy for the mobile app that creates a sense of urgency for the customer to schedule the calls and SMS and provide convenience through design to find menu items and app options really easily on the mobile screen.


Branex created an impeccable mobile app that is compatible with both iOS and Android. Using the latest technologies and tactics of mobile app development we created HanzFree. HanzFree is a hybrid mobile app that is used to send delayed/scheduled SMS. The user will be able to schedule a text message and specify a later date and time on which the message is to be sent. The app is equipped with latest security features that require permissions to access users’ contact list and emails. Through this app users will also be able to access their contact lists and emails as well. Voice messages can also be recorded and scheduled to be delivered on a set time. Users will also be able to delete or reschedule voice messages for later use.


An intuitive mobile app solution was provided that attended to the foremost task of eradicating distraction while driving. A crisp mobile app design was created that featured clearly placed buttons, each to complete a specific task for example scheduling voice calls or SMS. Team Branex tried not to clutter anyone of the app screens with more than one specific task fulfillment that could possibly lead to user’s confusion. The clear design enabled seamless functionalities to not overburden the user and foster the completion of a task-cycle that is in progress with minimal efforts.




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Here comes the results…

“To put it in a nutshell, the app came out as phenomenal as our client expected. We at Branex don’t just build apps; we create experiences that delight. The client was utterly satisfied by the results of the app. From the beginning of the project to conceptualization, execution, and deployment, we kept the client in the loop every step of the way. Team Branex’s unabating efforts and dedication to Latdour app resulted in an intuitive UI, uncompromising functionality, and an unparalleled user experience. ”