Water is one the most crucial substances for life. Without it, life could not be sustained on the planet, as it makes up almost 60% of the human body, vital for performing many vital functions and processes. Water plays many major functions in the human body, including temperature regulation, removing waste materials, cellular functions and many more. We must intake around 2 to 3 liters of water per day to stay hale and hearty. The purest form of water is bottled water that is healthy, safe and rich in minerals. It is free from any chemicals and goes through a physical process of filtration to ensure maximum purity.

Mineral Water is healthy and tastes great. You can enjoy its refreshing taste anytime at any occasion. Quench your thirst with zero calorie mineral water. Fortunately, it’s a growing sector and bottled water companies in Dubai are driving profitable growth.  The UAE has around more than 160 bottled water companies and in this post, I’m listing top 7 mineral water brands in Dubai that offer safe and pure bottled water.

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1. The Oasis Water Company

The Oasis Water Company is the UAE’s largest FMCG Company that is famous for beverages and dairy products. The company distributes more than 1,000,000 liters of water every day.

Address: Lacnor Building, Industrial Area # 4, Sharjah Landmark: Near National Paint Roundabout

Email: oasis.h20@nfpc.net

Call: 600522261

2. Masafi Co.

Masafi Co. (L.L.C.) is dedicated to providing safe, healthy and premium quality products and services. In fact, it is the UAE’s only naturally-sourced premium drinking water, providing a refreshing and crisp taste with natural minerals.

Address: Commercial Bank of Dubai, Mezzanine 08, Sheikh Zayed road, Next to Dubai Garden Centre

Call: 600525256

Email: customersupport@masafi.ae

3. Falcon Spring Drinking Water

Falcon Spring is one of the leading mineral water companies in Dubai, that has a superb track record for quality service. The company has achieved the prestigious ISO 9001-2000 certification. It supplies healthy bottled water to corporates, hotels, offices and residences across UAE.

Address: Al Furat Refreshments and Carbonated Water Est

Call: 800 6669

Email: falconsp@eim.ae

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4. Nestle Waters

Nestle – The Healthy Hydration Company is a globally well-known name that has been concerned about health for a long time. Nestle Water supplies healthy bottled water that tastes good and ensures that their every consumer can hydrate themselves daily in complete confidence.


3rd Floor – Dubai World Central HQ Building

Nr. New Al Maktoum International Airport

Dubai Logistic City

Jebel Ali – Dubai

Call: 8008971971

5. Awafi Mineral Water

Awafi Mineral Water is a top mineral water brand in Dubai that is considered as a symbol of purity. The healthiest bottled water with natural soothing taste can quench your thirst. They provide bottled water in easy to carry 20-liter bottles to remove the unnecessary expenditure.

Address: P.O Box: 15345, Masafi, UAE

E-mail: info@awafiwater.com

Call: 092564222

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6. Sana Mineral Water

SANA mineral water LLC is a symbol of purity in UAE, has been serving its customers for sixteen years. Sana Mineral Water Company delivers pure, safe and reliable drinking water to its consumers.


P.O.BOX: 66295, Dubai, UAE

Call: +971 6-7408655

Email: sana@sanawater.com

7. Al Ghadeer Pure Drinking Water

Al Ghadeer Water Company has been licensed by the Al Ain Municipality and the Food Control Authority in Abu Dhabi. The company implements international specifications to control quality and taste production. They carefully monitor and test water quality in all phases of production.


P.O.Box: 80239

Call: +971 3 72 11 353

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January 26, 2016
mineral water brands in Dubai

7 Best Mineral Water Brands in Dubai

Water is one the most crucial substances for life. Without it, life could not be sustained on the planet, as it makes up almost 60% of […]