Emerging technologies, latesttrends and wavering customer expectations are the biggest drivers of e-commerce website design, year after year. There are a lot of ecommerce websitesavailable today to shop, butconsumers are looking for unique and personalized shopping experiences targeted directly at them. People prefer to visit websites that are highly-engaging and easy to navigate. This is a testament to the fact that ecommerce websites need to stay abreast ofall the latest trends in order to create a positive impression on their prospects.

Last year was all about bespoke illustrations, design sprints, chatbots and conversational interfaces, micro-interactions, and web animations. Even an approach that defied all mainstream web design trends rode the waves of popularity: brutalism. Most of these trends are only going to bask in the limelight again this year, while others will creep in to share the stage as well. To stay ahead of the curve, your ecommerce website design and development company needs to keep up with all the cutting-edge web design trends in order toincrease your chances of success in 2018.

  1. More Video Content

More Video Content -

Video is an amazing medium for conveying complex information and telling stories in an interactive way. The number of videos distributed on the web and watched by internet users are increasing progressively. So, it is no wonder that ecommerce companies are using video elements in their web design. In 2018, we will see many ecommerce sites that will include video on product detail pages, landing pages, and even homepage backgrounds.

So, pay close attention to videos as they will be trending in 2018 for sure. You can breathe life into your productdetail and landing pages by implementing a full-screen video. Hero videos can work best for your ecommerce homepage and draw the attention of your future customers. Try embedding videos into your ecommerce website to tell your brand story and grab and hold the attention of your website visitors.

  1. Full Screen Forms

Full Screen Forms

The three crucial components of web designing-modal, modal box and modal window-are controlled with a script, overlaid on top of content, which leads to an enhanced client cooperation. Modals can be found on a plethora of Ecommerce business sites and have continued to be a successful User Interface since its inception. In 2018, the use of full-screen modals for searching, newsletter subscription, and signup forms is expected to rise. This trend originates from mobile-first web design, as modals claim the greater chunk of accessible screen available on mobile devices.

  1. Microinteractions

Microinteractions are nothing new; they have been around since Facebook included the “Like” button.In 2018, it is predicted that more and more ecommerce websites will pay close attention to update their designs with microinteractions. Online retailers will use microinteractions to reward users for completing a specific task, such as subscribing to an Email newsletter, reviewing a product, or adding it to the shopping cart. This empowers Micro-interactions to encourage users to engage and actually interact, helping to form habit loops.

  1. Grid Layouts

Grid Layouts

Grids are one of the most effective forms of design many ecommerce websites are now adopting. They are clean, easy to navigate and utilize the space efficiently. More and more ecommerce websites are adopting this web design trend and incorporating grids to blend into the rest of the layout. It gives designers more control over how an ecommerce website is laid out while utilizing the space across devices and screen sizes. It plays a key role in creating a good user interface while improving the overall ecommerce website design.

In 2018, it is expected that ecommerce businesses will opt for a CSS grid layout, especially on product classification pages and query item pages. Many web browser platforms such as Chrome, Opera, Safari, and Firefox can support CSS layouts, all thanks to the latest web browser technology.

  1. Hamburger Menus

Hamburger menus have been usedin a variety of websites for many years. It offers a convenient way ofhiding and revealing a menu when required, making the sitesappear more intuitive andeasy to navigate for the user, especially on smaller screens, without cluttering up the available space.

Hamburger menu is denotedby three stacked lines, and the underlying menu is revealed when a user clicks on or taps on the menu icon. It is a convenient and efficient way that can save a lot of space compared to other types of menus displayed within a frame. In 2018, more and more ecommerce websites are poised touse this simple menu type.

  1. Cinemagraphs

Cinemagraphsis a cutting-edge ecommerce trend many websites are using to display their products by using motion graphics. It represents a centralpoint between an animated GIF and a still image. They constitute a photograph, or any other image, where either a small section of the image is animated or the image is superimposed by a chunk of animated text.The unique aesthetics of cinemagraphshas made it very popular as many brands including Coca Cola and Netflix have started using this developmentin their marketing campaigns. Web designers have also incorporated this trend in their designs, and they appear acrossmany websites in unique and striking ways.

Cinemagraphs can be used to narratestories around your websites, convince visitors to stick around, boost sales and create a great first impression. So, employ them today to amp upyour brand presence and user engagement.

  1. Voice Search

Voice Search

In 2018, it is expected that giant ecommerce websites will jump on the voice search technique. Google is already making waves bythis cutting-edgesearch technique and in the months to come, many ecommerce businesses are projected to follow suit, to allowcustomers a unique and easy way for searching products and exploring information.

Adding the voice search feature on ecommerce websites will make it easier for users to search their desired items without enteringlong-tailquery. This is bound togive users a delightful experience while giving you a great opportunity to increase your sales. If you want to make your ecommerce website intuitive, try incorporating this latest technology to create an amazing shopping experience.

Over to You

Ecommerce businesses are always on the lookoutfor new technologies and innovative opportunities to gain and retain the attention of their loyal customers. To generate more interest and draw the attention of more and more users, it is advised to adopt the above-cited cutting edge ecommerce website design trendsfor 2018 to set your ecommerce brand apart. These ecommerce web design trends for 2018 will definitely help ecommerce brands engage more online shoppers, increase sales, and boost ROI.

January 25, 2018
Ecommerce Web Design Trends for 2018

7 Ecommerce Web Design Trends for 2018 You Should be Aware of

Emerging technologies, latesttrends and wavering customer expectations are the biggest drivers of e-commerce website design, year after year. There are a lot of ecommerce websitesavailable today...