Are you still using the old SEO tactics and strategies yet? Brace yourself up to get hit with the top SEO strategies to practice this year. 2016 is the year to reconsider your approach and strategy. Here, we cover the vital factors that are critically important to rank your site on top notch search engines. Before I start describing, I would like to mention that a number of web design agencies in Dubai practice these strategies to appear on top of the relevant search results.

1. Mobile SEO

According to Google most searches now will be from our small devices that are Smartphones and tablets. For the year 2016, do not ignore mobile optimization that is a responsive web design. Make your website responsive so that it appears on better ranks when any query is searched. Google supports mobile friendly sites and in reward they appear on better ranks.  

2. Keyword Research

Well, most of you would think, is keyword research really necessary? or does it really matter? The answer is YES! Keyword search is now optimized and upgraded. Google has become more complicated where it focuses on users intention rather than query analyzed with keywords. While performing keyword research try to focus on the structure and theme of your content.

3. Link Building

Generating high-quality back links is difficult at times. In a saturated market like Dubai, it is hard to settle down and it takes time. Link building is a creative job; it requires a lot of hard work, strategical approach, and sharp mind. Some trendy link building practices include the active presence on social sites. Blogging and encouraging the reviews on products help a lot in generating a healthy backlink .

4. Creating XML and HTML Sitemaps

An HTML sitemap helps customers to find products and services. An XML sitemap helps search engines to specifically identify pages of your website which increases its chances to be indexed

5. URL Structure

Make sure that every URL carries the required detail of the product or service being discussed. This helps to search and navigate easily. On search engines, the strategy works quite well in identifying which page needs to be ranked higher and get indexed.

6. Reviews

Never forget about reviews. Ask your customers to give a feedback about the products/services they used. Encourage them to explain what they feel after using your product, what was the difference between your service and others. Testimonials will not only increase your traffic but will also encourage new users to buy your products.

An e-Commerce website should have a strong SEO strategy. e-Commerce website faces a handful of competition especially for their products to be appearing on the top relevant search results. So, it is advised to carefully follow all the above cited strategies to make your website a win-win win place. 

February 15, 2016
Effective SEO Strategies to Consider in 2016

6 Effective SEO Strategies to workout in 2016

Are you still using the old SEO tactics and strategies yet? Brace yourself up to get hit with the top SEO strategies to practice this year....