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A revamped mobile app experience to fit the digital age!

Hookd is an app that endeavors to connect tow drivers with the users by acting as a hub between the two.


A revamped mobile app experience to fit the digital age!

Hookd is an app that is targeted to serve the needs of users looking for towing services either for themselves or to report an accident. The app endeavors to connect tow drivers with the users by acting as a hub between the two. Hookd already had an app but the client wanted to revamp the working and aesthetics of the app to suit the dynamics of the revolutionized digital world. The old app fell short in providing a smooth & seamless user experience to both the tow truck drivers and the users & lagged in core functionalities.

Hookd works on the principle of simplifying towing services & making it easily accessible for both the drivers as well as users to avail the towing service. Building a robust app that could provide a smooth user experience and possess strong algorithms that connect tow truck drivers with users was the core idea behind the revamping of the app. Hookd reached out to Branex to get their mobile app revamped for both iOS & Android and perform necessary updates on the website to improve the workability.


To enhance the brand value and create deep
understanding among target customers.


The Challenge

Since Hookd already had an app, the idea was to take off from the same premise but create a revised app that provides a thoroughly different look & feel and improved functionality. Team Branex joined heads to bring to life the modern app idea. Over the course of 4 months, we tweaked our app design & development process to help the client establish a clear direction in terms of updates, additions and removals before moving ahead with the design, development and launch of the revised mobile app. Our core idea was to create an app that focused on providing exceptional user experience, modernize navigation & ensure intuitive app flows for both tow truck drivers as well as users.

Our experts identified a number of glitches & technical lacking in the old app that the new app intended to solve. Integrating customer verification within the app interface was the foremost objective that team Branex had to achieve in the first phase of the app redesign other than the cosmetic changes that were proposed. Previously, the app took users away from the application if they looked at navigational maps & often resulted in high customer turnover. We also needed to include smooth payment gateways to make the process of getting towing services easier & easily accessible.

The Approach

While redesigning the Hookd mobile app, user experience was our top most priority. Our team kicked off the redesign & development process by iterating the new tweaks & amendments in the app so the client is kept in the communication loop throughout the process. We started off the development process by crafting a rough sketch defining vital app functionalities and a user-friendly and intuitive interface that lives up to the modern standards. For the customer application, we included customer verification process at the beginning of the app. The design was also fine-tuned to include the navigational maps within the app so user doesn’t have to leave the app interface. The whole design was amended so as to show complete route information from the driver’s current location, time to reach the site & complete tracking of the user site.

Our motive was to create an app that stands at par with the industry standards and for this reason, our team performed necessary cosmetic changes on the app. To ensure smooth payment, PayPal was integrated. For the driver application, we included driver verification and Hookd rating that included an average rating for the driver depending upon the number of rides entertained and time taken to reach the destination. Our team also updated the backend admin panel to ensure it is more robust and free from all errors. We also updated Hookd’s website by adding social media links to their website allowing them to carry out consistent marketing & branding across all digital channels.

User Experience

The existing Hookd app was a mature product but required a thorough revamp to enhance its user experience, modernize the look & feel and be more efficient in working. Our team worked closely with Hookd team in our intensive design & discovery phase to identify major gap and improvement areas and recommend mobile app best practices in an effort to provide both drivers and users with an easy to use app experience with an updated UI, simplified navigation, easy user onboarding and intuitive user flows.

After thorough ideation sessions, our web designers came out with a revamped design that included important app functionalities at the forefront such as customer verification, maps, payment options, ride tracking, etc. Our web designers took off from the same design but changed into a completely new one that met the demands of the ever-changing tech world.

Built to outperform

Hookd was a different project for us. Unlike other projects where we set the premise of the app ourselves and design everything from scratch, Hookd had an already designed and developed app that we had to redo. Since the app involves users belonging to different groups, the app had to be easily accessible by people. The app also had to be robust and fast to avoid any sort of inconvenience since it also comes in handy for people requesting towing service for accidents. For this reason, we kept the design simple yet included all the important functionalities in a contemporary way. Our team ensured the development is smooth & seamless.

Our team ensured that the app design doesn’t lag in speed and provides exceptional functionality. We intended to make the entire towing process easy & smooth. We also amended the backend admin panel to ensure all 404 errors are removed. Popup messages were also included to ensure a more user-friendly interaction. The end product was a marvel to look at and exceptional to use.



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