FOCP – Building brand awareness by creating interactive & results-driven social media experiences.

Friends of Cancer Patients (FOCP) is a non-profit organization committed to helping cancer patients and their families throughout the cancer treatment journey.


FOCP – Building brand awareness by creating interactive & results-driven social media experiences.

Founded in 1999, Friends of Cancer Patients (FOCP) is a non-profit organization committed to helping cancer patients and their families throughout the cancer treatment journey. FOCP works tirelessly to help and educate cancer patients about the ailment and create awareness about the disease. The organization was already leveraging website as a digital domain to reach out to a great number of people. But it was lacking the opportunity of utilizing all great sources of customer interaction and as a result brand awareness graph was going down. This is when the organization decided to leverage social media marketing as an important part of their digital marketing strategy.

The client envisioned a social media marketing plan that can help the brand tackle all the pre-set goals with a sense of purpose. The core objective behind entering the social domain was to alleviate brand awareness & deliver moral and financial support to cancer patients and their families. FOCP consulted Branex to create a succinct social media marketing strategy that can create brand awareness and deliver engaging and media-rich stories that deliver the intended purpose of imparting knowledge about cancer and its treatment.


To enhance the brand value and create deep understanding among target customers.


The Challenge & Approach

FOCP was a non-profit organization working earnestly in an effort to create cancer aware communities & provide medical assistance to improve the quality of life. The objective was to target a large part of the market to make them aware of the disease and further narrow down cancer patients and their families. Facebook was chosen to be the social platform of choice by the client to target the audience. The client came to us with the following 3 objectives to achieve with social:

  • To increase the number of likes, impressions and engagement on the social media space.
  • To make the customers and the target audience aware about the illness, treatment & the kind of support FOCP provides.
  • To increase the number of reported patients by leveraging FOCP’s active presence through appropriate engagement of the audience.

To help the client reach the organization’s goals, social media expert team at Branex joined heads and researched the organization and competitors to come up with a social media marketing strategy that would attract and engage new and existing audiences alongside nurturing credibility. We created a community-oriented social strategy to help FOCP make their message related to the ailment widespread.

Building Personas

Team Branex started off the strategy development process by identifying and creating distinct buyer personas to be able to know the type of audiences that the content will roll out to. Buyer personas help identify the right people to target, at the right place and at the right time. We wanted to ensure user-centric messaging so that the message is clear, concise and delivers the intended purpose. Our elaborate buyer personas described who the customers are, their age group and where they can be found.

Captivating Content

Reaching out to the right audience is not the only box to tick right, creating engaging & memorable content is equally important. FOCP wanted to deliver persuasive as well as informative messages on a sensitive issue that requires an empathetic approach. We applied the cognitive fluency theory to create short, easily understandable and engaging content that keeps the audiences hooked and does the job of increasing brand awareness. After creating a thorough and detailed content marketing strategy plan and the buyer personas, we sketched out a brief implementation plan that contained the frequency of the postings and videos, best time to post, metrics to calculate results, etc. The implementation plan also iterated the goals that the social marketing strategy aimed to achieve in a specific duration of time.


Planting the social seeds for FOCP was a challenge we had strategically pre-planned for. But the results that were achieved even surprised us.

In a span of about a month, the total number of likes increased by


costing a mere

$0.26 per lead

In the target region, the followers grew from

28 - 577

within a month

A targeted video campaign was run in the month of Ramadan resulting in


video plays.

The integrated social media marketing strategy achieved


increase in engagement rate per post.

The Ramadan retargeting countdown resulted in about



The overall impressions growth of the brand was found to be 317% Average reach per post on
Facebook was


Apart from the astonishing numbers, our team’s well-coordinated efforts helped FOCP form a credible image in the market while positioning themselves as thought leaders in the cancer treatment domain.