UTMSU is a student union that strives to serve the student in every manner

UTMSU endeavors to ensure that the rights of all students are respected, provide cost-saving services, programs and events, and represent the voices of part-time undergraduate students across the University and to all levels of government.


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UTMSU is the student union of the University of Toronto, Mississauga, representing over 14,000 students - campus wide. Alongside providing a platform for students’ voices to be heard at the university and within the local community, UTMSU supports multiple societies, sports clubs and other student-led networks and activities to create an all-inclusive educational and campus life experience for students and protect their social, economic and political interest.

To reach all students with convenience and to ensure they can address their issues on the go, they needed a website. They chose to partner with us in this journey to make the lives of their students easier. UTMSU wanted us to develop a captivating and easy-to-use website, with a user-driven information architecture that would help students quickly and easily navigate to key areas of the site.


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For the initial scoping, we conducted extensive research to establish the university’s needs and priorities. This included several meetings and analyzing the previous web system to help us create a website that fuses power-packed functionality and stunning aesthetics. The student union asked for a website that packs all services and functionalities under one platform. We at Branex built their website keeping in mind the needs of the students and their approach to the website. Our team integrated the website with different functionalities to provide an eminent solution to the students for their queries. We made sure the homepage has an UX-optimized layout and navigation, and includes snippets of what the website offers in clean sight. In short, we developed a website that wasn’t only functionable but also enriched with features that reflect the values of their institute; an Institute that goes far and beyond to ensure that every student right is served, no matter where they are coming from.

Value Driven Results

While designing the UTMSU website, our expert team strived for responsiveness. To better engage smartphone-savvy students, we designed a mobile-friendly interface which tested well on devices of all sizes. We realized that not every information is relevant to all users of the website so we decided to use a layout that only delivers pertinent information and feed visitors with details that best serve their purpose. Our objective was to help UTMSU increase its service visibility among students. We integrated Google Analytic API for UTMSU to track the user traffic and insights to make better decisions in the future. All through the development process, we kept the client in loop so that we can fully cater to their needs. Keeping the client informed of every activity helped reduce errors and guarantee 100% satisfaction.

Making a Difference

After painstaking efforts, the results were promising. The UTMSU website was user-friendly, responsive and intuitive, resulting in higher engagement and student awareness. Branex not only made this project a roaring success but also delighted the client with exceptional service and unhindered communication throughout the project.



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