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Team Branex leverages stellar paid media marketing strategies to provide an upper-hand to our customers so they can outwit their competitors. When you team-up with us, we’ll Increase traffic to your website and generate authentic leads. Check out some of our past achievements:

Excellence in Paid Media Campaigns

A wonderful online task management tool was lagging behind its competitors on Google search results. We did the work and the results were astonishing. Within a period of six months, traffic boosted from 5,000 and jumped to 10,000 just in the first three months. Eventually, in the next three months, the traffic surged up to 30,000 visitors/month.

226% increase in non-branded
organic traffic/span>
31% surge in total
site traffic
22% boost in
return visits
Want to know how it actually happened?
Peruse the full case study here.
Dubai Monsters

Dubai Monsters is a name to contend with when it comes to digital design studios based in Dubai, UAE. They were looking for a cutting-edge PPC campaign to help them achieve the results they desperately sought. We took this as a challenge and the results skyrocketed in no time. Take a look at the amazing stats mentioned below to glean an idea of Dubai Monsters’ uphill journey.

159% boost in organic
19% surge in overall
website traffic.
27% increase in the
return rate of visitors.
How we did it?
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Paid Media Process

To reach genuine customers, we use targeted paid media campaigns
Here is how we make the magic happen

First of all, we use Google Adwords to drill down the keywords that will help you gain an edge over your competitors. This data helps us in our later stages to devise campaigns that are attention-grabbing and unique in the market.

Project Brief: Before we get down to the hard work, we sit down and devise the information that we can gather regarding our clients. Once the documentation is done, we formulate a strategy based on the unique requirements of our clients.

Keyword Research: We are a proud AdWords management agency which enables us to conduct a detailed keyword research. Once the information is gathered, it becomes easy for us to rank your website in the paid media search.

This is where our brain power serves the most. Because attention is a blessing and once grabbed, we make sure to engage the customers to move from the consideration phase to the decision phase. We develop campaigns that relate directly to potential customers.

Paid Media Audit: Analytics, Landing pages, and campaign stats, are three things that determine the efficiency of an agency.

Competitive Analysis: Our goal is to explicitly figure out what the competitors are up to, and based on our findings, we devise a step-by-step procedure to help brands grow.

We also optimize your website design and campaign for optimal outcomes. Our ultimate goal is to produce best results through the PPC campaign that we setup for you.

The Anatomy of a Highly Successful

Paid Media Campaign


Proper Choice of Keywords

Words are nothing if there is no soul attached to them. We invest our energies in infusing the right soul in words and figuring out keywords that match your niche. The targeted keywords are then aimed to attract the prime customers to your website & buy products from you.


Weak Brand Communication can spell Disaster for your Venture

A lousy word can break the concentration of your customers. This is why we choose the words wisely. Words that get your potential customers converted. We don’t just leave customers at your door, we take the customers on a journey which solve their problems. Understanding the psychology of website visitors help us devise the necessary campaign that generates sales and converts leads.


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