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In recent years, more and more companies are including social media campaigns in their marketing plans. This is due to the inherited effect of social media in the 21st century. The propagation of social media in our society shows the power and impact of this new media.

Keeping that in mind Branex – a social media agency in Dubai is providing professional social media marketing services to help your business grow. We have a team of social media management which understands the inns and the outs of the online media 24/7. Our highly engaging social media marketing experts with their new marketing strategies can promote any brand from the scratch.

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Our Approach to SMM

Friends of Cancer Patients (FOCP) is a non-profit organization committed to helping cancer patients and their families throughout the cancer treatment journey. FOCP consulted Branex to create a succinct social media marketing strategy that can create brand awareness and deliver engaging and media-rich stories that deliver the intended purpose of imparting knowledge about cancer and its treatment.

200% Increase in
page likes
101.06% average engagement
538.58% average reach per
post on Facebook
Windsor University – School of Medicine

Branex developed an integrated social media strategy being a social media management agency having lots of experience in this regard. Through a 4-week social calendar, the overall enrollments for the school’s MD program increased by 23.7%.

30% Increase in
2X Website
100 Visits
per day
Bayswater Financials

Bayswater Financials is an organization that provides value-generation and growth-oriented solutions to entrepreneurs, startups and dynamic middle-market firms. The firm came to Branex with the objective of increasing brand awareness, making financial solutions easily accessible & increasing sales number of the firm via social media.

250% Increase in
page likes
32,428 impressions for
Food & Beverage campaign.
15,579 impressions for
Financial outsourcing campaign.


Set up a social media marketing strategy for your business, that leads.


Unlock New Opportunities with Social Media Marketing Campaigns

Branex is one of the leading social media marketing agencies in Dubai that will not only promote your brand, products, services and profile but can also serve as an image builder into masses. We are a firm believer in creating better customer-producer relationship and for this, social media platforms are the most interactive. If your brand lacks proper social media representation or want to get success in social media marketing, Branex is the perfect place you are in. Our compatible social media strategies will boost your company’s integrity and promote your business to a new high.


Our Social Media Experts can Promote Your Brand

With the help of experts in digital marketing, Branex offers exceptional social media marketing services in Dubai. We are well-equipped with the techniques that help promote your brand and services. We produce clickable and shareable content (image, video and more) for our clients in order to help them run various social media marketing campaigns. As a leading social media marketing Dubai company, we have a highly skilled team with interactive engagement strategies to promote you online. Be it Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Tumblr and many more we keep your brand strategically engaged. Social Media is live 24/7, it is instant. Your message in social media can also take many forms on variety of platforms. A promotional video on YouTube or any post related to Facebook or any other platform is what Branex is expert in creating for.


Online Social Media Management

Social media has become a vital part of online marketing. Without utilizing the power of social media, it is absurd to market your products online. If you need social media audience as well as comprehensive strategies to increase your audience by social media advertising, get help from social media marketing services agency in Dubai. Branex is determined to produce better results for your company, need further assistance feel free to consult our social media experts.


Build your brand, alleviate engagement & acquire new customers via Social!

At Branex, one of the top social media agencies in Dubai, our process of creating dollar minting social media campaigns is simple. We intertwine digital excellence, thought leadership, captivating content & stunning designs to create click-worthy social media experiences that build trust & a huge brand following. Having worked with companies of all sizes and magnitude, we have what it takes to help you keep pace with the ever-growing social world!

Identification of Target Market


We kickoff our campaign development process by researching about the business, objectives that are to be achieved with social media and the target market that are most likely to respond to the social content. As a leading social media marketing Dubai company, we begin our analysis by scrutinizing website analytics, CRM data and any social media/ad campaigns previously run. Our team then leverages all the tools at our disposal to build a wholesome picture of your brand and target audience.

Content Creation & Design


For social media campaigns to work flawlessly, engaging, memorable & captivating ads are important. To make sure that your social ad campaigns work in the best possible way, our in-house content specialists & designers create just the right content & designs that resonate in target market’s minds and provoke the anticipated customer response.

Campaign Launch & Optimization


When the campaign is launched, we start monitoring your campaign closely to keep a close track of progress and conversions. This allows us to fine-tune your campaign as need be, adjust the messaging/ad content and do the necessary tweaks to bring about the desired results.

Monthly Progress Report


As the social media agency Dubai ranks #1, we keep our customers in loop throughout the campaign tenure. We also provide a detailed monthly report to help you determine the results of your social campaign. At this point, we also offer an option to scale and optimize your campaign to help you drive more business & achieve anticipated results.

Why Branex?

Meaningful Conversations with Prospective Customers for Best Results


Creative and Strategic Content to Boost our chances for Success

The right social media strategy is the key to connecting with our target audience over social media. Our seasoned SMM executives are well-equipped to handle this aspect with aplomb. Relevant content is what you need to engage your audience for obtaining the best ROI.


Social Media Integration

Our premier social media marketing service will surely boost the brand image and recognition for any company.

Frequently Asked Questions

Stated below are answers to some of the most common queries that we come across. If you have any questions in mind other than the ones quoted below, please feel free to ask.

Branex offers a rolling contract for a period of either 6-months or 12-months.

At the end of your contract, you can continue with our services by simply allowing us to run your campaigns for another 6-12 months. If you wish to discontinue, please let team Branex know beforehand.

Campaigns take 1-2 working days to be completely set up and pick up the pace.

All continual payments are conducted via Direct Debit.

Yes. If there is any specific branding collateral, text or graphics you want us to use in the campaign, we will be happy to read it through and recommend amendments as needed.

Yes. To upgrade your current plan, you can simply contact our support team and they will guide you through the process.

Yes. Payments for all the ads that are run on Facebook will be made to Facebook directly. However, we will guide you how to carry this out.

Our support team will be more than happy to assist you. Please contact us using the contact form or alternatively call us on +971 4 241 7179.


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