“A poor logo doesn’t mean a business will fail, and a good logo doesn’t mean it will succeed – it just helps. Ultimately a good logo is something that people recognize instantly and relate to.” – Matt Mickiewicz – Entrepreneur

The above-mentioned description by Matt is what logo designing is all about. A logo can be deemed classic, modern, youthful or sophisticated to name a few. If a logo is not able to correctly depict the product or service it is all about, then there is no point of making it or splurging a fortune to get it designed by a graphic design firm.

In the past few years, logos have not changed dramatically but a more contemporary design is in vogue now. In 2018, there are certain trends that you need to follow in order to create a great logo. Certainly, you can hire an expert designer in this regard but if you are aware of what goes into creating a logo and are in the know of the most up-to-the-minute logo designing trends, you can come up with a stellar logo that wins over your customers and etch your business message in their minds.

Here are top 10 logo design trends for 2018 that you need to stay abreast of to create a winning logo for your business:

  1. Responsive Logos

2018 is poised to bid adieu to dull and monotonous designs. Designs that were considered “pleasing” in the days of yore, won’t fit the bill anymore. You need to be creative with your approach since your business logo is not just restricted to adorning the home page of a website or your business card anymore. Posters, banners, official stationery, and brochures are just some of the many places where you can proudly display your logo. In addition, with responsiveness taking a center stage and Google openly leaning towards responsive websites, it is important to design your logo which has a propensity to adapt across various screen sizes. As a promotional tool, the logo is one aspect of intentional formal communication, which is why Logo designers have their hands full with making their vectors adapt to any and every user’s screen size and across marketing mediums, so that the rendered logo isn’t stripped of its essence or inherent meaning due to rendering on myriad collateral sizes.

logo design trends 2018

  1. Grid-based logos

Josef Müller-Brockmann laid down the grid-based theory in the year 1981, and since then grids have widely been used in graphic design. The grid portrays logic, control, perfection, and theory in the design. Continuing the trend in the year 2018 – expect the emergence of more grid-based logos, introducing an interesting twist in designs.

  1. Digital Paintbrush Logo

Do you remember the time when you, as a kid, loved to paint? The colors, the design inspired you to try new things. The strokes of the paintbrush were your joy of that moment. In logo design, there is a huge difference between something digital and something that is handwritten. What makes the digital paintbrush appealing is the illusion it gives. The stunning paintbrush textures and the bright color combinations make it even more eye-catching. Their popularity is owing to the fact that digital paint brushes are more versatile, cleaner, and more capable of producing a more natural effect. A plethora of graphic designers have already started producing amazing logos for their brands.

logo design trends 2018 3

  1. Typography with Monograms

As the saying goes ‘there is always a place for the classics’. Recently we have seen the emergence of well-crafted, simple typeface logos complemented with monograms. The designers are honing their time with the old classic typefaces. This involves precise attention to the basic elements of the typography: letter-spacing, kerning, and typeface choice.

  1. GIF logos

2018 is turning out to be the year of moving pictures. We have seen mind-boggling creative tweaks with logos which made them stand out. The placement of the logo, rearranging the tagline, the objects, or even the change of colors. GIF’s are always a medium to entertain the customers and bring curiosity to the table. There is another plus side: they help in an increased users’ engagement on websites and it’s easy to gauge, why – they’re slick, clever and extremely appealing. Your logo design agency should and must know how to manipulate the logos according to the latest trends.


  1. Apt Use of Slices and Negative Space

Slices are simply wide parallel lines that seem to cut through the logo. This trend will be huge in 2018 as slicing adds some air to the logo so that it can be absorbed without any difficulty. A designer can also use this technique with the use of cool effects and visual illusion. This is where negative space comes into play. From logo marks to logotypes, this trend has evolved over the years, and in 2018, it will be a hot favorite too.

logo design trends 2018 6

  1. Color Overlay

In an era where businesses are continuously jostling for attention, boldness has become vital if you don’t want to melt into the backdrop. This is why contemporary audiences welcome brilliant saturated colors with open arms, and designers cannot seem to get enough of the balance of vivid colors and simple designs, which is why vivacious hues have become all the rage. Then comes the need to subdue and flaunt color simultaneously. Welcome color overlays! Most overlay techniques revolve around layering colors with a certain level of transparency. The overlapping sections generally constitute a gradient or a blend. The style is great for introducing texture and dimension to flat logos.

  1. Social Media Optimized Logos

As a business owner, you might be aware of the significance of garnering a viable social media presence and the consistency it brings to the design. This brings us to the last trend, which is that of logos being optimized for social media sites. Consider the most important social media profiles and optimize logos that will look and feel good on your social media posts. For a naturally appearing social media-optimized logo, you need to steer clear of overtly long vertical or horizontal designs. In addition, you need to design a logo incorporating the perfect visual balance between its vertical and horizontal axis. These will display well on Facebook, Twitter, and even Instagram’s circular profile field!

Final Word

2018 will be all about garnering a logo which best represents a brand. With the help of a great logo, a company can communicate an important message, such as what the product is all about and what it can do for the customer. It must also trigger an emotional connection with the target audience. Just a quick glance and a logo should make a person take notice of it. You need to be original and creative while designing a logo, otherwise, the whole exercise will offer nothing but wasting your precious time.

I am sure my readers will want to add something to this based on their own experience and preference. Please go ahead as your feedback will be valuable in making this blog even better in the future.