In today’s world, it is impossible to ignore the importance of digital marketing and without it, there is no success for your business. Period! Strong and successful companies are always looking for ways to steal the most significant piece of the cake by coming up with unique digital marketing techniques by which they can connect, narrate a story and build a strong bond with the customer.

Digital marketing offers unimaginable ways to access which elements of the strategy are working and which are wasting time, energy, and money of brands.

Simple new digital marketing techniques give every company – be it a four-person startup or a multinational corporation – the chance to make an impact online.

With that in mind, here are some digital marketing techniques in 2020 that will help you get started.

Create an emotional appeal

Kevin Roberts, in his masterpiece book, Lovemarks, talks about emotion in much detail. The crux of the matter is that human beings are powered by emotion, not by reason.

Building an emotional appeal is a must technique for digital marketers. It is one of the most persuading techniques to build a relationship with the customer.

Time and time again, we’ve seen videos, ads, and even social media campaigns that are used as vehicles to incite human emotions. But whatever emotion you evoke, it must relate to your brand personality.

Look at this beautiful example from TOMS shoes.

Get good at Search Engine Optimization

Not having a website in this digital world is out of the question. But the most important factor that website owners need to focus their efforts on is Search Engine Optimization (SEO). After the launch of the Google BERT update, it is impossible to rank your website with stuffed keywords or even low-quality backlinks.

Whether you are writing product descriptions or page content of the website, it is necessary that you use the power of storytelling to engage, inspire, and entice your users. The more time the user spends on your website, the greater will be the chances that they will make the purchase.

The best advice is to hire a professional digital marketing agency that will take care of your marketing woes in the digital world.

The point is that even if you upload a YouTube video, ensure that your title, tag, and even the description is SEO-optimized.

Keep track of the traffic on your website. Note which of the backlinks are giving you the most traffic. Work hard to generate more backlinks. Instead of producing low-quality content, focus on developing high-quality persuasive content at each touchpoint that can inspire a user to act in the desired way.

Be on every Social Media Channel

We live in a world where 3.4 billion people are already on social media. If you are not on every social media channel, you are missing a lot out there.

Facebook is already one of the most popular social media channels, Instagram launched a feature where people can buy products directly from the photo, and brands are using Twitter to drive traffic on their website.

Is Snapchat better than Twitter or Tumblr? It is hard to say which of the platform will be right for your audience. For example, don’t try to build an audience for B2B hospital products on Snapchat, a social network popular for teens and young adults.

Get Influencers on your side

In a study by eMarketer it was revealed that 84% of the marketers expect to use at least one influencer marketing campaign in a period of 12 months.

Influencer marketing is quite effective even for startups. And the best part is that it is inexpensive as compared to traditional marketing channels.

Let’s look at some of the reasons why influencer marketing can benefit startups.

  • Traditional marketing is quite immune to most customers, so a change is necessary.
  • Influencer marketing is less expensive than most of the traditional marketing strategies.
  • Influencer marketing is easy to implement.
  • With influencer marketing, word of mouth travels fast and builds trust for your brand.
  • Consumers will engage with your brand because of the authenticity of the influencer.

If you are a startup and cannot afford a high-value influencer, you can always go for micro-influencers for your brainchild.

Trust me influencer marketing will give a boost to your sales and leave some memorable audience engagements associated with your brand.

Blog your Expertise

Do you want to know the quickest way to earn the trust of customers? Create a value-oriented blog and make people subscribe to it.

We are living in an age where you never know who your customer is. It can be your neighbor or even someone from across the street.

When you start blogging as a company, people will know that you have something valuable to offer. When customers start trusting you with information, you can always direct them to your service pages, where they will be happy to make a purchase.

Do you think that Amazon needs a company blog? Of course not. Everyone knows Amazon unless you live in a cave far far away.

But Amazon did it to show a point. It wants to help people genuinely and in doing it, help people become a bridge between the consumer and the brand.

A successful brad blog will generate thousands of new readers every day, and this will eventually boost your sales.

Use Video to Win Heart & Soul of Visitors

A study suggests that 76.5% of marketers and small business owners are getting results with video marketing. Just like blogging, video marketing can be used to inform visitors about new things or give them free video tutorials about the product.

Coca Cola always uses some innovative approach to market their product on a global scale. Every ad they create is crafted to perfection.


Those video ads are then promoted on social media channels, and the brand can increase its presence on a global level.

Final Thoughts

There were a few advertising techniques that you can keep in mind when planning your next digital campaign. Hopefully, this will be helpful for you. Do remember that the best form of advertising is to be relevant and useful to your customers.

January 13, 2020

The Ultimate Guide to Digital Marketing Techniques in 2020 (for startups)

In today’s world, it is impossible to ignore the importance of digital marketing and without it, there is no success for your business. Period! Strong and...