Did you know only 2.86% of visitors convert into paying customers? It clearly shows that driving traffic to your ecommerce website is simply not enough. You need to make some extra effort to stay ahead in the cutting-edge online competition, reduce the shopping cart abandonment rate and embrace new technologies to boost ecommerce sales. Today, many marketers are leveraging WhatsApp marketing for ecommerce businesses to increase user engagement and increase sales.

WhatsApp is the widely used messaging app, now serving as a marketing platform that has a 98% message open rate. Businesses are using WhatsApp for reaching their customer base directly on their mobile devices. With WhatsApp marketing, you can improve sales 5X more compared to email and SMS marketing. Marketers can use this messaging platform to provide excellent customer service via audio and video calls. Most importantly, many ecommerce businesses rely on WhatsApp as messages are end-to-end encrypted, leading to secure ecommerce payments.

If you haven’t leveraged WhatsApp marketing for your ecommerce business, now is the right time to promote your products and increase sales. Let’s discover the benefits of WhatsApp marketing for your ecommerce business and some effective strategies to try to maximize user engagement and ecommerce sales.

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Why Choose WhatsApp for Promoting Your Ecommerce Business?

WhatsApp Marketing Strategies for Ecommerce Businesses

  • ·        Add a WhatsApp Button to Your Online Store
  • ·        Add Special Promotions and Offers
  • ·        Detailed Product Information
  • ·        Personalized Product Recommendations
  • ·        Collect Feedback and Reviews
  • ·        Order Confirmation
  • ·        Delivery Tracking
  •   ·      Return and Refund
  • ·        Easy Payment and Billing
  • ·        Run WhatsApp Ads
  • ·        Cross-selling and Upselling

Are You Ready to Integrate WhatsApp to Your Ecommerce Marketing Strategy?


Why Choose WhatsApp for Promoting Your Ecommerce Business?

Believe it or not, WhatsApp has now become the most effective marketing platform, especially for ecommerce brands to promote products to a wider audience. Since the platform is direct and highly secure, making it a number one choice for business communication. From sending promotional messages and personalized recommendations to providing customer support and order tracking, WhatsApp can be used for a number of reasons.  

·      Reach a Large and Engaged User Base

WhatsApp has more than 2 billion active users, making it the most popular messaging app in the world. It gives brands a great opportunity to reach a large and engaged audience. Marketers can craft compelling and creative messages and campaigns to a wider audience.

·        Increase User Engagement

Sending a WhatsApp message to your customers can increase user engagement. Thinking how? Basically, it is delivered directly to your customers’ phone. It makes WhatsApp a more personal and engaging channel compared to other marketing channels, such as email or social media.

·      Instant Customer Support

WhatsApp allows brands to interact with their customers in real time to provide the best possible customer support. You can answer their queries, provide instant support, guide them on how to place an online order, and resolve their issues quickly.

·      Secure and Reliable

WhatsApp can protect user’s privacy by using a highly secure method of end-to-end encryption. The highly secure approach ensures that no one else can read messages that you send to each other. It encourages secure payments and increases customer’s trust.

WhatsApp Marketing Strategies for Ecommerce Businesses 

Add a WhatsApp Button to Your Online Store

In this digital era, customers browse websites and Facebook pages to search their favorite products. You can direct your potential customers from your website and Facebook to WhatsApp chat and ask questions related to your products. It is always a great idea to embed a WhatsApp button on the page for customers encouraging customers to communicate with you directly. It will improve click-rate and allow you to communicate with your potential customers. WhatsApp allows you to add chatbots and live chat options to your website, so that customers can easily inquire about discount deals, promotions, place an order, track their orders, and ask any question.

Add Special Promotions and Offers

Ecommerce businesses can send WhatsApp messages to their opt-in customers to promote new products, special offers, and discounts. You can use WhatsApp Business Chat to notify your customers about your new products, upcoming sales, and share business updates. Product catalogs appear at the front of the WhatsApp chat, which will encourage customers to check them out.

Moreover, WhatsApp has introduced a broadcasting feature that allows marketers to send promotional messages to an unlimited number of people. Whether it’s a special discount on seasonal products or limited time offer on the newly launched product, you can share deals and discounts to your customers and convince them to explore further. With clickable CTA buttons, customers can initiate the conversation and purchase the products.

Detailed Product Information

WhatsApp is the best medium to share important features and qualities of your products with your customers. You can send images, videos, Gifs, and other details related to your products to your potential customers on WhatsApp. Users may show their interest in buying your product by checking catalogs images and other interesting information. By sharing product details and integrating clickable buttons, you can increase leads and conversions up to 3X times.

Collect Feedback and Reviews

If you are an ecommerce business owner, you can clearly understand how important it is to know what your potential customers say about your products. Collecting customer reviews and feedback through WhatsApp can help you in this regard.

For instance, WhatsApp allows you to send questionnaires and surveys to your customers. It makes it super easier for your customers to share their experience and any suggestions to improve their products’ quality. You can also create a dedicated landing page for displaying customers reviews on your website and social media platforms. It will encourage potential customers to get a better understanding of your products and make a well-informed decision about future purchases. In fact, it is the best strategy to build brand credibility, a positive brand image and customers’ trust.

Order Confirmation

It is one of the most effective WhatsApp ecommerce marketing strategies for your online store that can increase user engagement. Now, online businesses can share an order confirmation message with their customers and allow them to confirm or cancel their order. Furthermore, customers can easily access their order details and other details like shipping address, payment method, etc. With WhatsApp, you can share the shopping receipt in an image format. It will allow customers to stay on top of their bank transactions.

Delivery Tracking

Delivering an amazing customer experience is the ultimate goal of almost every ecommerce brand. Therefore, ecommerce marketers do their best to help customers place and track their orders. Thanks to WhatsApp, you can provide your customers with the exact status of their orders. You can send order updates to your customers so that they know their order is placed, shipped and about to arrive. Sending a WhatsApp message to confirm payment and give them delivery updates throughout the shipping process will improve the buyer journey and create a positive impact about your business.

Return and Refund

In an ecommerce world, order return has become a normal phenomenon. People return purchased products due to a number of reasons and request a refund. WhatsApp can make the process of return and refund easier and hassle free. Simply integrate a chatbot and your ecommerce marketing team can easily track the requests of return, exchange, or refund.

Cross-selling and Upselling

WhatsApp can be used for ecommerce upselling and cross selling. According to a survey conducted by Marketing Matric, selling products to existing customers is easier than new customers and chances of conversions is 60-70% is higher. Therefore, it is always a great idea to cross sell and upsell your products to your existing customers as it is more convenient and effective to convert your existing customers than new customers. Using WhatsApp marketing, you can send customized messages to your customers and encourage them to buy more products from your ecommerce store.

Send Automated Cart Reminders

WhatsApp is an amazing channel that allows you to send a cart recovery message to your customers so that they can get back on their cart and purchase the item. With the help of a WhatsApp chatbot, you can send automated gentle reminders to the cart abandoning customers.

Run WhatsApp Ads

Running WhatsApp ads is another result-driven ecommerce marketing strategy that can increase the customer engagement rate, generate leads and more sales. Ecommerce businesses can easily create ads that click to WhatsApp, from WhatsApp Business App (in the catalog section). Facebook Ads Manager and Instagram Ads manager also allow you to create ads that click to WhatsApp, create targeted campaigns, and choose WhatsApp as the placement option. Like Facebook and Instagram ads, you can choose from a variety of formats, such as images, videos, carousel ads. You

Easy Payment and Billing

With WhatsApp, ecommerce marketers can provide their customers to easily fulfill the payment process. Once the customer places an order, he can add the payment details and make payment by using the payment button. The chatbot integration will make it easier to share the payment link and redirect the customers to the payment platform.

Are You Ready to Integrate WhatsApp to Your Ecommerce Marketing Strategy?

Integrating WhatsApp to your ecommerce marketing strategy is one of the most sensible decisions that can help you earn more profit and sales. If done right, you can fulfill the ever-increasing demands of shoppers, manage customer conversations, offer customer service, and drive more conversions.

A digital marketing agency in Dubai can help you create a robust WhatsApp ecommerce marketing strategy for your online store. The team of professional marketers will guide you on how to use this popular messaging app for ecommerce marketing and make huge sales this year and beyond. 

October 4, 2023

WhatsApp Marketing for Your Ecommerce Business

Did you know only 2.86% of visitors convert into paying customers? It clearly shows that driving traffic to your ecommerce website is simply not enough. You...