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Whether you are a start-up or a fortune 500 firm, your business logo forms an elegant brand identity that distinguishes you in a sea of competitors. This unique visual identity is crafted only for your brand. This is why it is important for your custom logo design to look contemporary, professional, memorable, and above all, approachable.

You know your business. We know design that becomes the talk of the town, turn heads, and make eyes pop. As a top logo design company in Dubai, we have the best logo designers and creative illustrators, extensive industry experience, and just the right amount of creativity to take your brand sky high. Be it a typographic, animated, illustrative, dynamic, or iconic logo, a lot of creativity, ingenuity, and passion go into every design that we create. You need a logo that echoes your brand values, and we know exactly how to make that happen!

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Featured Logo Design Projects
Masaar; A healthcare system that serves to boost efficiency, transparency and convenience.

Masaar is one of its kind e-services systems in the UAE for clinical and commercial services, and is projected to be a remarkable improvement in licensing for healthcare professionals and business set-up in the free zone. The client asked for a symbolic logo with a combination of pure and distinct shapes and natural colors to resonate with the company’s work and mission. Branex being a stellar logo design company, maintained a coordinated logo design process with the client that fueled the creation of an astounding logo design for Masaar.

Hyphen; a global human development practice based in San Francisco

Hyphen revolves around the concept that humans perform at their best potential only when they are connected with the root cause and this is exactly what Hyphen does superiorly. The client wanted Branex to create an imminent online presence along with an integrated brand identity for Hyphen that included the creation of a logo design in UAE firstly, followed by a professional website design and development along branding collateral and a stellar stream of content. Branex came up with a professional color theme to give the logo a trendy look, while still conforming to the corporate boundaries.

ACE; Specialized Armored Solutions within the armored vehicle industry and its associated products.

The company has achieved a consistent and reliable reputation within this armored industry by offering the highest quality products available in the market place and offering cost effective solutions to our customers. The company wanted a logo that reflects on the sturdiness and high-end quality of their armored products and convey to the client a sense of safety and reliability. Branex designed a stellar logo for ACE, capitalizing on the color blue to evoke a feeling of trustworthiness and durability, and incorporated the shield icon in the logo to reflect the nature of the business.


Our logo design process

Build a Lasting brand affinity and make your brand timeless with a professional, streamlined Logo design process:

The logo design process kicks off with a meeting with the client to better understand their business, their industry and gain an insight into what they have envisioned for their new logo. This will help us gauge client’s preferences and expectations and tell us what to focus on with logo design in Dubai.

Next up, we scout the industry and dig deep into what your competitors are doing. The extensive research allows our logo designers Dubai to curate, and handpick the very essential elements that should go into a successful logo design. During this phase, we discover reasons, opinions, and motivations, and uncover preferences and opinions.

As part of our logo design services, we leverage fast, crude sketching to explore ideas quickly and without regard to a “finished” quality. Free-hand sketching makes sure that every creation is unique and original to the core and bears no resemblance to the ones created before. This step gets our creative juices flowing.

Once we have narrowed down a few concepts, our team of design gurus proceeds to craft a preliminary design draft. This is where we breathe life into our sketches and create tangible concepts. Multiple concepts according to the selected package are made at this point.

The initial concepts are shared with the client. After rounds of gathering feedback, tweaking, and perfecting, we finally create the awe-inspiring logo design that your business deserves. We keep tweaking the final logo design elements and presenting you with multiple iterations of your logo, until perfection is achieved.

Lastly, we refine the logo to create vector format graphics that are infinitely scalable without quality loss or pixilation. Once a logo is complete, it’s time to hand over the final design files.

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Logo Design & Branding

How Do Our Logo Designs Boost Your Business?


The importance of having the right logo

Whether you are starting from scratch or revamping your brand`s existence, a professional logo builds trust and gets people to stick around. Branex helps you garner eye-grabbing logos that steal viewers’ attention and tell your brand story in a captivating way. We make sure your business logo connotes trust, professionalism, and reliability. Remember that custom logos make all the difference between a memorable and an instantly forgettable brand.

Garner A Professional Logo that says all the right things

Since your logo acts as a visual ambassador for a brand, it should create a first great impression that is hard to forget. A well-thought-out logo is one of the most important tools in your marketing arsenal that evokes a sense of connection between your brand and consumers. As a professional Dubai logo design company, we meticulously create a brand identity that is a perfect reflection of what you stand for. We fully understand what your company means to you, and we make sure your custom logo design draws interest, inspires loyalty, and distinguishes you from everybody else.

Gain Access to the Best Logo Designers in Dubai

Custom logo designing in Dubai help you connect with your target audience and make the right impression. We are well-equipped with a team of highly ingenious, professional and robust logo designers who are highly adept at creating hand-crafted designs for your company. Our team of logo design experts invest painstaking efforts in understanding what impression you are trying to create, and diligently research market trends and fads. This extensive process, extending all the way from ideation to creation, makes sure that your logo is as unique as your business and truly represents your brand identity. Our logo design Dubai gurus set the perfect tone with stellar iconic, geometric, and minimalist logo designs that form the foundation for your branding efforts.

Increase your Brand Value with Affordable Logo Designing Dubai Services

As a leading Logo design company Dubai, we strive to ensure our client’s foothold gets stronger in a sea of competition. We don’t like to brag, but we have the right talent, the experience, and the stroke of ingenuity to give your brand wings – and that too while strictly adhering to your budget. Since our inception, we have carved out hundreds of successful brand identities for SME’s and multinational corporations alike. To us, all clients are equally important and we make sure to provide 100% customer satisfaction rate. If we fail to make your jaw drop, we will return your payment.

Bespoke Logo Designs to Cater to your Unique Needs

We don’t believe in creating one-size-fits-all solutions. Instead, we boost your brand awareness with a meticulously crafted custom logo design that is exclusive to your brand and portrays the core values and offerings of your brand at a glance. The secret to a perfect logo lies in how aptly it delivers the intended message that resonates with the target audience. When you choose Branex, you work hand-in-hand with a dedicated logo designer Dubai to transform your ideas into marvelous creations. Acing the iconography, typography, and the color palette, our custom logos help your brand get noticed. Our scalable logos look equally good on your website, packaging materials, ads, social media platforms, businesses cards, emails, marketing collateral, and letterheads.


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