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November 26, 2019
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logo design trends 2020

When Patrick Jane reached the crime scene, Teresa Lisbontook a deep breath and showed a sign of relief. Teresa Lisbon played by Robin Tunneyin the hit tv series TheMentalist knew that with Jane (Simon Baker) in the room the case will be solved in minutes. Why? Because Patrick Jane is not an ordinary crime consultant for the California Bureau of Investigation, he is actually a psychic who understands patterns more than anyone else.

As humans, we are hard-wired to look for patterns in everything. So, when it comes to designing a logo, it is natural to look for identifiable trends.

But on the same token website owners often get confused about whether the trend actually exists or not. This is where we step in. Branex – a logo design agency in Dubai is here to discuss the logo design trends 2020 that will help you differentiate from your competitors.

  1. Responsive design

As we approach 2020, it is necessary that we take some of the previous trends with us. One of the logo design 2019 that will stick is a responsive design. There are and will always be devices that will share your brand space. So, it is important that you design logos in a way that they look good on different screen sizes and devices.

logo design trends 2020

It is not just about the scalability; a truly responsive design will vary based upon the information of the user. For instance, when the user is signed-in, it will be different and when the user is signed-out logo will differ slightly.

  1. Clean logos

Some design trends are considered evergreen. Something like simplification which has been a core trend fora few years is not about to change anytime soon. The reason behind is that simple shapes are considered more impactful.

logo design trends 2020

A simple logo will reveal all the details and meaning for the brand in the most basic manner. Any other intricate details will disappear. Just like in the logo above the text and even the small symbol depicts what the brand is all about and everything else remains hidden to the common man eye.

  1. A Twist in Geometric Logos

At times a geometric design is labeled as unfriendly, cold and even a style that tries hard to dominate. This doesn’t mean that the logo design trend will be forgotten in the year 2020. In fact, a different approach will be followed.

A good twist is going old-school. No colors with a new shape. You might try using light colors with geometric shapes and playing with the thickness of layers. This is one sure-shot way that will continue in 2020.

  1. Multi-layered Graphics

In a way, this might feel a contradiction with the first trend, but multiple-layers is a trend that is quite as essential as the previous trend. Some of the core benefits of using a multi-layered graphical logo are the details that we include is the geometry and the shapes that we use. Another is about colors.

logo design trends 2020

The only problem that a brand might face is that at times, the background might feel indecipherable. Moreover, additional layers typically damage the legibility of the dominant top layer.

  1. New Angle to Color psychology

The colors actually give meaning to your brand. When used smartly, they can establish a reputation of your brand conversely if they are used in a negative sense, they can damage your reputation too.

logo design trends 2020

In the previous year, colors were used randomly, but when you are moving ahead for logo design 2020 the colors must be more organized and well-planned.

  1. Negative Space

Imagine the Google Fi logo. You can feel that something is missing in the logo, but the logo is complete. It carries great deal importance inconveying a good brand message for its users.

logo design trends 2020

  1. The Minimalistic Logo Trend

Minimalism is not just a trend for website design, it is of vital importance when designing a classy logo in 2020. The brands understand that people are now more comfortable with a simple logo with an impactful message. So, it is essential to remove the unnecessary elements in the logo and keep it memorable instead of making it complicated.

logo design trends 2020

The End

Whether you are a startup or a well-established business, 2020 is the year in which you can change the reputation of your brand. And you can begin that by developing an enticing logo. Let us help you design a memorable, impeccable logo for your brand that will be remembered for generations.

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