The healthcare mobile app market is growing and evolving. Investing in mobile healthcare app development is a worthwhile choice to deliver exceptional healthcare services and earn more profit.

With the advent of the latest mobile technologies (IoT, wearable devices, blockchain, AI, ML) the way we communicate with doctors and access health care services has totally changed. Now you can take care of your health and get remote health services in a convenient mode. The digital transformation in healthcare is shaping the medical field and opening many exciting opportunities for patients and doctors.  

The global healthcare app market is expanding and expected to reach &111.1 billion by 2026. Integrating mobile technology into the healthcare industry is a sensible approach to improve patient’s lives, create better outcomes, and better interact with patients. Today, many businesses are thinking of investing in healthcare mobile app development to create better digital healthcare solutions.

Healthcare mobile apps offer convenience and personalized patient care. These apps empower patients, provide excellent patient care and boost engagement. From patient monitoring to chronic disease management, healthcare apps can provide more advanced solutions and lead the industry towards betterment.

Let’s discuss what is healthcare app development and how it is creating a great impact on the medical industry.

Table of Contents

  • What is Healthcare App Development?
  • Benefits of Healthcare Apps
  • Types of Healthcare Apps
  • Important Features of Healthcare Mobile Applications
  • Healthcare Mobile App Development Trends
  • Important Steps to Build a Healthcare Mobile App
  • How Much Does It Cost to Develop a Mobile Healthcare App?

What is Healthcare App Development?

Healthcare mobile app development is a process of building an app for patients and healthcare professionals. The goal of a medical mobile app is to facilitate early detection, effective treatment, and immediate healthcare measures. App development for the healthcare industry can allow doctors and patients to make the most out of many time-saving features and manage health issues in real-time.

The wide utilization of mobile devices has increased the demand for healthcare apps, helping hospital and healthcare organizations to provide highly advanced digital solutions. Mobile app development teams can create digital solutions to track, monitor and analyze the patient’s conditions. With a healthcare app, you can collect medical data for accurate diagnosis, deliver online prescriptions and arrange online appointments.   

Benefits of Healthcare Apps

Building a healthcare app offers innumerable benefits for patients, doctors, and healthcare organizations. From improved healthcare delivery to better patient outcomes and quality healthcare services, there is a long list of benefits of mobile healthcare apps.

  •         Easy and quick access to healthcare services
  •         Improve patient engagement
  •         Remote patient monitoring
  •         Optimize healthcare processes
  •         Effective communication
  •         Personalized treatment plans
  •         Patient monitoring and health management
  •         Empower patients to take care of their health and make well-informed decisions


Types of Healthcare Apps

When it comes to building a healthcare mobile app, it is important to identify the right type of the app. There are thousands of healthcare apps available on Google Play and Apple Store. Creating a perfect healthcare app development solution will become easier when you know the right type.

Apps for Patients

  •         Fitness apps
  •         Mental health apps
  •         Health monitoring apps
  •         Medication tracking apps
  •         Dieting apps
  •         Symptom tracking apps
  •         Healthy lifestyle apps

Apps for Hospitals and Doctors

  •         Medical records apps
  •         Medical prescription apps
  •         Telehealth apps
  •         Medical billing apps
  •         Medical networking apps

Important Features of Healthcare Mobile Applications

A healthcare mobile app packed with advanced features is the key to your app’s success. A medical app is designed to create a patient-focused healthcare journey, improve patient communication, foster patient empowerment, and improve administrative tasks. A highly experienced team of mobile app developers can ensure the development of a feature rich healthcare app that perfectly aligns with the ever-increasing demands of patients and hospitals.

  •               Secure user authorization and authentication
  •               Electronic Health Records (EHR) Integration
  •               Search and filter options
  •               Appointment Scheduling and Reminders
  •               Ratings and reviews
  •               Video and voice calls
  •               Telemedicine and Video Consultations
  •               Medication Reminders and Management
  •               Health Metrics Tracking
  •               Health Education and Resources
  •               Emergency Assistance
  •               Secure Messaging and Communication
  •               Integration with Wearable Devices
  •               Personalized Health Recommendations
  •               Data Privacy and Compliance
  •               Payment options
  •               Online chat


Healthcare Mobile App Development Trends

The healthcare app development industry is experiencing remarkable growth and the market size is expected to reach 49.2 billion in 2023 and 105.9 billion by 2030.  Mobile healthcare apps are creating a significant impact on the medical industry. Thanks to the latest technologies that are fueling the growth of healthcare app development.

Here are a few cutting-edge mobile health app development trends:

Artificial Intelligence

Today, integration of artificial intelligence into mobile apps, especially healthcare apps can help app developers to incorporate more complex features. With the help of some AI tools, app development teams can analyze big data and understand the complexities of clinical cases. With the help of this latest technology, you can provide medically approved suggestions, and achieve a high degree of accuracy in symptom tracking and other medical conditions.  

Internet of Things (IoT)

It is one of the most advanced technologies that is making groundbreaking changes in the healthcare industry. Implementing IoT technology in healthcare apps allows IoMT devices to collect patient data, facilitate remote patient monitoring, help perform complex procedures and robotic surgeries – to name a few. With the help of sensors, connected inhalers and other medical devices, healthcare apps can play a key role in early diagnosis and provide an efficient treatment process.

Wearable Devices

Wearable technology in healthcare is gaining significant popularity as it can perform many administrative and healthcare responsibilities. From early detection to sending medical reminders, and providing timely treatment, wearable technology can provide a huge list of benefits. Wearable devices in healthcare can provide primary care and reduce hospital visits. With the help of wearable devices, you can monitor vital signs, record activity levels, and maintain health related data.

Blockchain Technology

Integrating blockchain technology into mobile healthcare apps is a worthwhile decision that can store a patient’s medical history in real-time and maximize convenience. From health data accuracy to health data interoperability, drug traceability, remote patient monitoring and drug supply chain tracking, there are a number of ways blockchain is making significant changes in the healthcare industry. App developers are implementing blockchain technology into mobile healthcare apps due to its high level of data accuracy and data security.  

High Level of Personalization

Artificial intelligence and machine learning are the amazing technologies that can develop a highly personalized mobile healthcare app. From customized medical treatment plans to personalized recommendations, accurate diagnosis and treatment, this technology can help developers to deliver AI-powered, personalized healthcare mobile apps. 

Steps to Build a Functional Healthcare Mobile App

Healthcare app development is a comprehensive process that requires a number of steps to create a robust healthcare mobile app. If you are thinking of starting your healthcare mobile app development project, here are some important steps you need to follow:

Come up with a Mobile App Idea

If you want to make your app successful, you need to come up with a great idea that solves real problems for users. Identify your target audience and their paint points and offer a solution that will make their lives easier.

Here are some healthcare apps ideas that you can try for your next project:

  •               Reminder apps
  •               Appointment apps
  •               Fitness apps
  •               Telemedicine apps
  •               Dieting apps
  •               Electronic medical/health records apps
  •               Medical reference apps
  •               Database apps
  •               Health tracking apps
  •               Networking apps
  •               Medical education apps
  •               Healthy lifestyle apps
  •               Diagnosis apps

Market Analysis

Performing in-depth market analysis will give you a clear idea of how to make the app unique. Identify the features your competitors are already offering, their weak and strong points and target audience’s preferences. Furthermore, conduct interviews and surveys to get a clear idea of all the pain points of your target audience. This information will help you come up with some unique features that can stand out in the competitive mobile market.

Find a Mobile App Development Agency

Once you have completed research work and identified the specific goal and type of app you want to build, it’s time to find a mobile app development company in Dubai to build a healthcare app. A team of professional app developers and designers can help you create a user-friendly healthcare app with unique features and advanced functionalities. Branex has a team of experienced designers and developers who can create an awesome design and next-gen technologies for your healthcare app.  

Create a Killer App Design

Healthcare apps are designed for patients and doctors. Make sure to create an app design that is easy to use and save a lot of time and money, while increasing their efficiency, accuracy of diagnosis and treatment advice. So, create an appealing user interface design that guides the users to the endpoint smoothly. Focus on easy navigation, app’s flow and usability to create an optimal user experience.

Choose the Right Technology

It is one of the most important steps for building a robust healthcare mobile app. In today’s competitive marketplace, you need to create an app that fulfills functionality and security requirements. A team of professional app developers will guide you on how to choose the right technology stack for your healthcare app development project. From operating system to database management system, programming languages, development frameworks and libraries, app development team will help you choose the cutting-edge development technologies for your healthcare app.

App Testing

Testing the app’s functionality, performance and security are the most important steps to ensure a bug free and secure app. An agile development methodology and rigorous quality assurance will help your development team to build a high-performing healthcare app. Your quality assurance team can implement different encryption techniques and secure authentication to create a secure app.

Deployment and Maintenance  

Once the development and testing phase is completed, it’s the right time to deploy the app to the app stores. It is recommended to monitor user feedback and track app performance to fulfill users needs. Implement the latest mobile app development technologies and security standards to make your app relevant and up to date.

How Much Does It Cost to Develop a Healthcare Mobile App?

When it comes to building a healthcare app, app development cost is the most important thing to consider. How much does it cost to create a healthcare app is the most important question for many startups. However, the cost of developing an app depends on various factors:

  •               Features
  •               Complexity
  •               Development technologies
  •               Time
  •               Platform computability
  •               Third-party integrations
  •               Regulatory compliance
  •               Customization required

Each project is unique, requires exclusive features, integrations, and specific requirements. The cost of a simple healthcare app with some basic features range from $15,000 – $40,000. However, the cost of an advanced healthcare app with complex features, advanced functionalities, integration can range from $50,000 – $70,000.

Final Thoughts

Healthcare app development allows you to create more personalized healthcare solutions to shape the future of the medical field. Thanks to the latest mobile app development trends that enable mobile app development companies to come up with a healthcare mobile app with advanced features. Working with a professional mobile app development company in Dubai can help you find the app development cost and create an innovative healthcare app to improve patient experience and healthcare delivery. 

October 25, 2023

Mobile Health App Development: Building a Better Future of Healthcare

The healthcare mobile app market is growing and evolving. Investing in mobile healthcare app development is a worthwhile choice to deliver exceptional healthcare services and earn...