There is no denying the fact that Java is the most commonly used programming language for Android app development. The feature-rich programming language is easier to execute and has gained tremendous popularity among the developers’ community. Though you can use different other programming languages such as Clojure, Scala, C#, C/C++, Kotlin is an alternative programming language for the Android mobile platform that is getting the attention of more and more mobile app development companies.

This not-so-popular, official programming language of Google is gradually becoming the preferred choice for many established organizations such as Uber, Pinterest, Evernote, Coursera, Corda, Gradle and more. Different companies are exploring this language because of its outstanding advantages which are far better than Java and use this language for developing their mobile apps.

If you are going to start your next app development project and thinking which programming language is the best fit for your project, here are some key features of Kotlin and Java that help you make the right decision.

Why Use Kotlin for Developing Apps

  • Easy and Concise Coding

When it comes to choosing the programming language for your app development project, keep in mind that Java and Kotlin both perform the same functions, but Kotlin is comparatively more concise than Java. Many developers find it difficult to read through the Boilerplate code as it takes more time to come up with a bug-free code. The succinct nature of Kotlin makes the developer’s life easier by reducing the amount of boilerplate code that they need to write,i.e. findViewBylds.

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Writing large projects becomes easier with Kotlin, as it requires fewer code lines and gives you more freedom and power to write every line of code. The syntax is concise which eventually increases the efficiency of your mobile app development team and get your app developed quickly.

  • Java-Interoperable Programming Language

Interoperability is the key feature of Kotlin that makes it a preferred choice for Android app developers. Programmers can write modules in Kotlin that work best within existing Java code. By eliminating the Bytecode, a Kotlin compiler makes it possible to use two programming languages in the same project. This allows companies to train their developers on Kotlin instead of hiring a new team of Kotlin developers. Mobile app development companies that have a large Java code base can take maximum advantage of this interoperable programming language.

  • Inbuilt Safe Architecture

Kotlin has an inbuilt safe architecture that is tailor-made to eradicate e the NullPointerException from the code which decreases the chances of the mobile app crashing mid-operation. Nullability is common while working with Java and Android uses null to represent the absence of a value. Null Point Exception can destroy your app, but thanks to Kotlin, which has an inbuilt null safety feature that saves developers from writing extra code and lets them use null.

In Java, developers need to manually check the link to make sure whether it is null or not null. If null is missed, it shows that your app is crashed. However, when you use Kotlin, every object is automatically set to be Null. You don’t need to check the link manually; there are automatized checkups for the NullPointer which makes sure code is working properly without it.

  • Android Studio Support

Kotlin is developed by JetBrains, and it’s no surprise that Android Studio offers incredible support for Kotlin. With the help of Android Studio, developers can easily configure Kotlin in their project. When you configure Kotlin for Android Studio, your integrated development environment (IDE) can easily understand, compile and run Kotlin code. In addition, you can convert the Java source file into Kotlin file without any hassle.

  • No Checked Exceptions

Another major benefit of using Kotlin for your app development project is that there are no checked exceptions. Many developers dislike checked exceptions as they are forced to deal with the code to identify an error that never occurred. Kotlin completely removes the hassle of checking exceptions while minimizing verbosity and improving type-safety.

Why Use Java for Android App Development

  • It is easy to learn and understand.
  • Java works well for native and cross-platform apps.
  • There are many video tutorials, blogs and articles available that make it easier to clear your concepts.
  • Java apps offer faster experience.
  • Java apps are more compact.
  • It has a wide open-source ecosystem.
  • It yields a faster build process that allows developers to code in less time.

Over to You

Both Kotlin and Java have a lot of pros and a few cons, choosing the right programming language and upgrading your skills according to the latest mobile app development trends is the key. It’s no wonder that Java is the best Android programming language, but Kotlin is the official Google language for Android development that can make the life of programmers a lot easier with its awesome features and functions. Now is the time for app developers to start exploring this new programming language and start building apps in a more concise way while making the world of Android development more promising.

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