Have you recently come up with a great idea for a mobile app?

That just sounds amazing and would rope in thousands of downloads.

Quite a lot of us get these ideas every day. But these ideas never see the light of the day. To see them through, here’s what you need next… Someone who can build a mobile app for you.

You want someone who’s abreast of the latest technological trends, someone who holds sound technical knowledge, someone who can effectively communicate.

In short, you want someone with the expertise to build an outstanding mobile app experience for your customers.

You want something that sells!

Now, being a part of a mobile app development firm, I have realized that more than 40-50% of the individuals coming to us are coming from a bad experience.

So what do I mean by “bad experience” here?

It means that they hired someone who over-promised and under-delivered. They were too good to be true and since the clients had no prior experience of app design and development they were misled with false promises.

Sounds unfortunate, doesn’t it?

When we have such great plans, we certainly don’t want to see them go down the drain. Sometimes someone else got the same app idea developed and was an instant hit just because they got it developed from the right people.

I’ve witnessed my share of disgruntled clients who were duped into investing big money by tall promises made by their previous vendors. And their disappointments made me thinkabout writing a piece that would save my readers from going through similar or deals. Therefore, today I am going to cover some important elements to consider before you hire a vendor to develop your app.

So, without further ado, let’s begin.

1) Set the Stage for Discussion

hiring a mobile app developer

Hiring a mobile app developer is no a child’s play.

Firstly, creating a mobile app is a time consuming task which needs a thorough analysis. Hiring a mobile app developer certainly does not mean, you pick one right from the bunch and get the task done. It is a steady process which requires you to set a stage for discussion.

When your agenda is to create a mobile application, you need to clear your head and a define the vision of your mobile app. Even, if your mobile app is as simple as facilitating the payments of over-speeding tickets, it is highly important that you should be well aware which of the features you want in it.

You need to brainstorm who your target audience is going to be and how your mobile app can best serve to fulfil their needs. I am sure, you are now all clear regarding the pre-requisites. The next step is to find the right people who can build an app that fulfils your dream.

Secondly, your budget is important. Mobile apps don’t come cheap. Hence, when you are planning to invest a good amount of money on them, it is necessary that you cherry-pick the one that promises to deliver you a product beyond your wildest imaginations.

Although, you can hire an expert freelancer from a platform such as Upwork, Freelancer, or PeoplePerHour, but getting a freelancer to get a team’s job done will only give you a product which has gaping holes in its development process. What you require is a stable firm that has ample amount of experience to build a glitch-free premium product.

You have Google Search Engine which provides you insight on some of the best firms in the market or you can resort to business listings on craigslist, take part in forum discussions or search through Reddit and Quora. You can even consult your LinkedIn connections, as there are a ton of professionals there who can point you in the right direction. Speaking of LinkedIn, while reading the Pulse, I found these firms which sound pretty savvy.

Take a look:

Top 10 Mobile App Development Companies In Dubai You Can Hire In 2018

Your agenda is to create a mobile app that not only benefits you, but it benefits the people by offering them service, information or entertainment. And in order to create the perfect marvel, make sure that you document everything important before you plan to go all in with the idea of hiring a mobileapplication development company.

Just make sure you pen down everything.

2) Ask Them for Their Portfolios

Ask Them for Their Portfolios

Now, before you even plan to start discussing your multi-billion-dollar idea with the development firm you are about to hire, ask them to show you some of their flagship mobile app solutions. Most firms have remarkable portfolios in store that speak their values without words. Who knows that by just watching a few of their marvelous designs, your mind gets set on hiring them as a full-time resource for your project.

I know you have that question in mind…

Why should I ask them for their portfolio?

So just answer me this! Can you judge a cook before you taste some of its dishes? Can you trust a fashion designer unless you see a dress or two designed by them? Similarly, if you want to take onboard a mobile app developer makes sure to ask them for their portfolio first hand.

Insights from their work is which assists you in making that judgment call.

But, wait! Can you completely put your faith in a firm based on what they show you as a part of their portfolio? It’s important that you always stay on your toes.

John Alton, one of our customers, had an amazing way of testing our credibility and reliability which really intrigued us and we urge our customers to do the same. Before we settled up on his vision, he asked us to prove our worth to him by simply dictating a logo design and wondering if we can follow up! It practically did not cost us much of our time, but we spent hours in perfecting it for him. Until, John wasn’t completely satisfied, we didn’t let go of him. Our motive was simple, whatever we should provide to our customers, it should be something above his expectations. But, that’s just our way of convincing customers.

If you want to learn how a development agency is performing on the market, you can always resort to reviews and how they are rated. You can search it up on the Internet.

3) Find Someone Who Quotes Adequately

If we are talking about a mobile app, you should make up your mind. You will need to invest a good amount of money in order to get the best results. There are mobile app developers who can offer you a meagre rate to begin with, but if you are willing to work with the experts! It’s better that you come all prepared.

After all, you want to make an investment that’s worth a long shot! So invest all in to make something legendary. Most mobile app development firms on the Internet will ask you a good amount of price for a simple app, but are they able to deliver those features which they are promising to deliver? Do you think that they have the right mindset to capture the idea that you are pitching? Always remember, experts talk business first and then move on to the budgeting. We also don’t want your bank accounts to run dry so just to give you an idea what an average cost looks like in the mobile app firm, we did the research.

According to Clutch, it has been revealed that the normal cost of a mobile application in Dubai range in between $25-$49 per hour which is quite a nominal rate to begin with. However, if the budget is your concern, then we best advice to go for an app development platform rather than going for full custom development. Also, it is important to analyze how they calculate their pricing? In order to get that, you can ask them to send you a Work Breakdown Structure (WBS) which most probably contains a detailed report in how your money will flow. A legitimate firm will not hesitate to send you one, once they are on the same page.

4) Measure Their Level of Expertise

If you claim that you are an expert, you might as well prove yourself to be one. Isn’t that a common phrase we hear from people every now and then?

As an entrepreneur, it becomes highly important that you make sure that the mobile app development agency you choose is capable to add every feature and functionality you desire in your mobile app.

An experienced firm will listen to what you have to propose patiently and then make suggestions in order to improve that experience more.

Teams that are reluctant to work for you holding a deeper concern to deliver will invest their heart and soul into the project.

For an expert, it’s easier to get into the detail of things; they usually don’t beat around the bush. They readily steer the discussion towards important things such as which software integrations do you opt-in to choose and what frameworks are you looking to create the base for your mobility solution.

If a team you are onboarding is interested in discussing all these aspects in detail, it clearly hints that they hold interest and the right expertise to create the perfect mobile app for your business.

5) Use Cross-Platform Technology to Build Mobile Apps

Build Mobile Apps

One of the best thing about having a native app for your online business is that it provides you better device capabilities. You can market via push notifications, you can optimize mobile apps on location-based GPS tracking systems and streamline other multiple operations.

However, when you are working in a rather large market where different operating systems and devices are the target, you may find a number of operating systems on which apps are built. Some of the renowned platforms are iOS, Android and Windows.

If you want a mobile app that features on each platform’s store, would you hire individual mobile app developers skilled in creating compatible mobility solutions for each? My guess is, you will go for someone who can create mobile apps on cross platform technology.

Why having a mobile app on a cross platform technology is a better option than a native one?

Ask yourself! Are you savvy with paying separate amount of money for the development of two different versions of a single mobile app so it features on the Apple Store and Android Play at the same time? Or would a single mobile app created on a hybrid platform will be enough to suffice your needs? It will not only provide you a seamless experience, but it will also save you a good amount of money and stop your bank accounts from running dry. If you ever want to issue updates, you will only have to update a single version instead of multiple versions.

6) You Want Something That’s Profitable

Ask yourself? What is the primary goal that fueled you up to create a mobile app for your digital business? 95% of the people would have only one answer; generate better revenue streams for their businesses. When hiring a mobile app developer, make sure that they have the proper knowledge on how they can create an app that is more profitable.

You could choose to build a mobile app experience based on pay-per-download model where you can charge customers or you can simply place mobile display ads, in-app purchases or create paid subscriptions through which your audience can help you earn better in the long run. Afterall, today, it’s all about experiences and if you can provide a customer, personalized experience, there is a high chance they will ever wonder why paying up for it is not a good option.

The Wrap Up

The most basic mobile apps in the B2B sphere initiate at a starting cost of around $1,500 to $5,000 but based on the level of complexity and the number of features you wish to see in your mobile app solution, these numbers gradually increase. You will also want regular maintenance or upgrades, once the app is out into the market and for that you need someone who’s available constantly.

Now, you can hire a mobile app developer and pay him by the hour, but that will shave off a significant amount from your pockets and it’s the last thing you want to experience. So, it’s always better to make a single time investment in a B2B market.

Where Should I Make My Investment?

Professional digital agencies such as Branex makes sure your mobile apps are created in a sound environment under the supervision of some of the best development and management experts. Our developers pass the mobile app prototype through various development stages and send out beta versions until it is crafted to perfection. Are you seeking some of the best professionals on the market?

Let’s get connected, we can help you build the dream together.

July 20, 2018
6 Things to Consider Before Hiring a Mobile App Developer For Your Business

6 Things to Consider Before Hiring a Mobile App Developer For Your Business

Have you recently come up with a great idea for a mobile app? That just sounds amazing and would rope in thousands of downloads. Quite a […]