Although the term must be circulating the market for quite some time, I recently came across what marketers are coining as “Account Based Marketing (ABM)” and as a matter of fact, I had the urge to explore what it’s all about. Hence, I took my time to perform my research and came to the following conclusion.

“Account based marketing is a term specifically used in the business to business marketing environment where businesses usually custom design highly personalized marketing campaigns to create the best engagements with individual accounts.”

Moving into 2021, what I have learned so far is that now that this type of marketing is now becoming more streamlined & well-optimized. It’s one of the reasons why I believe that ABM is becoming quite a popular concept among B2B marketers and have a clear chance of being used abundantly in the coming time. It will have a maximum effectiveness ratio in the coming days. As far as the statement goes, why will it be such a cherished marketing strategy in 2021? Well here are some clear facts to address.

  • According to Hubspot, more than 67% of businesses leverage the power of ABM marketing.
  • According to Engagio, 29% of the overall marketing budget went to ABM marketing back in 2019.
  • Topo Researched that there was a 41% increase in the ABM budgets in the year 2019.

The stats above are pretty evident why brands presently should focus on enhancing ABM strategies. Such account alignments can propel the future of sales and marketing strategies, especially for B2B companies. What are the long-term advantages of implementing Account Based Marketing in business?

Here are a few.

Benefits of Account Based Marketing for B2B Markets in 2021

Optimize Personalization Effectively

The future is all about personalization. And with the passage of time, personalization is becoming a key player in marketing. Using ABM strategies, a business becomes capable of developing and creating highly personalized business campaigns that can target single potential clients. Marketers are more well-equipped with the needs and want of the customers, which allows them to create eye-catching creatives that are specifically designed to suit the potential customer requirement. In the near future, B2B marketing will significantly rely on personalization, and here’s where ABM can win audiences better.

However, when personalizing don’t invade anyone’s personal space because it’s unethical.

Account Based Marketing

It Will Align Sales & Marketing Effectively

If you want to succeed in B2B marketing, you need to establish a clear and concise way to align sales & marketing under a single roof.

Account Based Marketing

When it comes to winning an audience, it is essential that marketing & sales should work in unison to achieve a common goal, that is to provide the best customer experience. With ABM in effect, the sales team can work more effectively with marketing by sieving out the most potential customer profiles and key accounts, and then create customized campaigns for the following accounts. Customers will eventually feel more empowered when tailored campaigns will make them feel special. And the chances of taking action will become more imminent.

It Will Speed Up the Sales Pipeline

One of the increasing benefits of opting in for the ABM marketing and sales approach is that it allows you to target only the key customers who are the most influential decision-makers within the firm. By custom tailoring campaigns to specifically target a few key accounts, you will get a significant boost in your sales pipeline. It’s one of the reasons why ABM is of great benefit when in the future of B2B marketing.

Account Based Marketing

How Does ABM Marketing Works?

When it comes to ABM, it all starts with creating meaningful segments and utilizing powerful marketing tactics to reach out to potential key account holders. You can reach these individuals through a number of channels such as social media, paid media, landing pages, lead magnets, and emails.

There are three phases to accomplish Account Based Marketing (ABM)

Phase # 1: Find Out Key Account Holders

Search up potential accounts of individuals who are decision-makers within a respective industry. You can easily find out some people who have a central role in operations and business dealings.

Phase # 2: Invest in Building a Powerful Content Strategy

Next up is content creation. You have to be smart when creating a powerful content strategy that can help you convert visitors without breaking a sweat. When pitching high-end customers, you don’t want to sound too salesy or you don’t want to come out as somebody with a blatant pitch. Focus on the needs & wants of the key accounts that you want to reach out to. Do whatever you can to communicate value to them. To do so, you may have to perform thorough long-term research on your clients.

Phase # 3: Now Identify Ways to Reach Them

Once you have found out the key account holders and authority figures in your specific niche, and you have created a powerful content strategy, it’s time for you to find out ways in which you can reach them. Start by searching where your key account holders mostly spend their professional time. One place to look for them is LinkedIn. It’s where they usually associate themselves with businesses. Now use your well-optimized content strategy to reach out to these individuals. Use measuring tools and other forms of metrics to analyze how your content is performing. You can do all that with the help of a CRM.

In a Nutshell

If you want to upscale your sales game, then you should understand how you can leverage the power of ABM to make the most out of your efforts. When talking business, it’s all about how effectively you can communicate with your target audience and how you can provide value to them. Is your business in Dubai seeking to put together a powerful B2B marketing strategy?

Branex Digital is interested in helping you bring qualified leads and generate sales abundantly.

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