Twitter is a powerful social media platform that can easily be used to promote your business or products. You can run a social media marketing campaign successfully using this platform that can help you make money. There are various techniques that you can use for getting more leads through social networking sites like Twitter. Create a Twitter account for your business and gather thousands of followers interested in your products and services. You can share links of interesting content to offering your followers information that is worth reading. You can simply announce your promotional offers and advertise your services using this effective medium.

If you are thinking of getting more leads with your Twitter account by selling advertising, affiliate marketing and sponsored links, here are a few effective ways to get more money on Twitter.

1. Sponsored Tweets

It is a well-known service for Twitter that allows you to choose price-per-click for ads that you share. There is a list of ads that you can choose from to tweet. For getting this service, you must have minimum 50 followers, 100 tweets and an account that is active for 60 days as a minimum.

2. Rev Twt

This is a Twitter based advertising service that promote pay-per-click. The more followers you will have and the more Twitter standing you have, the better chances of having access to higher-paying campaigns. Payment is made via Paypal account once you have reached $20 in earnings.

3. My Likes

MyLikes is an extensive platform that can be used for different social media channels like Twitter, Tumblr, YouTube and different blogs. You have to choose ads from a number of advertisers and get to schedule the time you want your advertisement to be posted from your account. You can have potential to earn $.42 per click and you can get out a payment weekly.


It is another advertisement service that let you send promotional ads in your tweets. In this service you don’t get paid-per-click, instead, you can have an option to create a profile and then promoters use the account to publicize a campaign. Once you are agreed to send out a particular number of tweets on a specific time, you get a single payment.

5. Twittad

This advertising platform is one of the sponsored tweet networks that allows you to set your own cost-per-click. Once your bid is accepted by the advertisers, you can identify the particular niche so that promoters can match the products appropriately. Again payment is made via Paypal once you have earned $30.

There are many other ways to get more leads with your Twitter account. You can promote different promotional banners on your Twitter profile page, set your own rates and sell directly sponsored tweets. Moreover, you can charge to sending a direct message to your followers or to gaining an access to the list of your followers. These promotional techniques can also help you earn money through pay-per-click advertising which can be extremely worthwhile if you have a great number of followers.


December 25, 2015
earn more with your twitter

How to Earn More with Your Twitter Profile? 5 Effective Techniques

Twitter is a powerful social media platform that can easily be used to promote your business or products. You can run a social media marketing campaign...