Halloween is a fun holiday, but sadly it falls on a busy time of year when majority of businesses are investing their time and efforts in Black Friday and Cyber Monday campaigns.

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But it doesn’t mean you should skip the festivities and Halloween celebration at your office. Take a deep breath and think, how many days of the year are you motivated to dress up and goof around at work?

Probably, not a single day.

So, Branex wants all entrepreneurs, digital marketing companies, website design companies, SaaS companies, and other businesses and startups to have fun this Halloween.

Here is a list of 19 amazing and insanely clever last-minute DIY Halloween costume ideas that are easy, cheap and work appropriate.

Let’s get right to it.

1. 404 Page Error

Probably you have encountered many funny 404 error pages, you can use this idea for your Halloween costume. Make it funny, grab a paper sheet, write Error 404, Costume Not Found and tape it to your outfit. Sounds crazy?

2. SEO Ninja

To become the SEO ninja, you need to dress in all black, put on a black ski mask and tape keywords all over yourself.

3. Facebook

Get some face paints or an eyeliner and write book on your cheeks and become the famous social media network this Halloween.

4. Mobile App

If you are looking for some ideas to holding an appetizer, cheese, crackers, chips, or whatever you have on your hand, why don’t you become a mobile app. Sounds interesting? This costume helps you to introduce your brand and make more brand followers friends at a Halloween party.

5. Instagram

Another insanely clever last-minute DIY Halloween costume idea is to turn giving out food into a costume. You can dress up like a hipster and distribute graham crackers.

6. Snapchat Filters

An amazing group costume idea for Halloween is Snapchat filters. You can become a vomiting rainbow, cat and dog ears, a flower crown, face swap or any filters that sounds interesting to you for your DIY Halloween costume.

7. Ghostwriter

If you are a content marketer or curator, simply grab a white sheet and make a hole for your head and arms. Now shed some ink spots on the sheet and get a book and a quill and you are become a ghostwriter.

8. Copycat

Okay, the next last-minute DIY Halloween costume idea is become a technology spin on this fun day. You need cat ears, eyeliner-drawn whiskers and sheet of paper. Write Ctrl + C on the paper, tape it to your dress and become a copycat.

Copycat -Branex -ae

9. Whitespace

Why not dress in all white? You can add white face paint along with a white wig if you really believe adding whitespace is important for your website. You can add a pinch of color in the outfit, like wear a colored tie or scarf, or simply add a paint splotch. That color spots will make the white space more obvious, transforming you into whitespace.

10. Unicorn

Another amazing Halloween costume idea for digital marketers and tech geeks is double entendre costume. Become a tech unicorn and make your own version by simply adding a unicorn horn.

Unicorn halloween costume - branex ae

11. Instagram Filters

Your social media marketing team can try Instagram filters costume to make this Halloween more special and fun. You need white t-shirts and markers. Sketch an Instagram photo frame on the shirt and each team member can write different Instagram filter’s name inside the Instagram photo frame. Your team come up with a frame props of Instagram filters

nahalloween-Instagram Filters-branex-ae
12. Alt Text

You don’t even look dressed up if you have a casual office dress code and you can easily blend in. You need a dress in 90s alternative garb – jeans, boots and a flannel. If you want to follow the clever approach for alt text, you can simply put something more descriptive such as alt-text.

13. Python

If you are a mobile app developer, then Monty Python costume is a perfect idea. Dress up in something snakelike in your closet, add olive green accessories and snakeskin clothing, put vampire teeth to complete the look. Adding coconuts and a gold cup can help you represent Monty Python and amp up the look of this costume.

14. Google Algorithm Update

Find your colleagues and try Google Algorithm Update Halloween costume theme this year. Wear costumes of Panda, Pigeon, Penguin and you are all set to have fun at Halloween day.


15. Phishing Emails

Phishing emails can threaten your technology and data security. On Halloween, you can come up with an easy DIY Halloween costume idea and dress up as a play on phishing emails. You need a stick, a piece of string and an envelope, and you are done. Complete the look with a bucket hat and vest.

16. Snapchat Ghost

Become a Snapchat ghost. This is simply an amazing and super easy Halloween costume idea for your marketing team. Take a white sheet and choose which ghost you like the most.

Snapchat Ghost - Halloween - Branex-ae

17. Nerd

Nerd costume is unique and effortless. You can try the amazing nerd look at this Halloween. Whether you are a tech nerd, video game addict, or a book nerd, show up wearing glasses with your favorite spectacles, book, lightsaber, or anything that serves your magic wand to complete the ensemble.

18. Evil Kermit Meme

Try this popular meme as your Halloween costume. For this you and your colleague need green shirts and one of you wear sa black hoodie on top. If you want to complete the look of the costume, use some green face paint. Walk around the office together, facing one another to give the maximum feel.

kermit halloween Branex -ae

19. Black and White Hat SEO

Another amazing idea for SEO team is to come up with a Black and White Hat SEO costume idea. Wear a black hat for one and a white hat for the other and having SEO written on each one.

So, here you go.

These 19 last-minute DIY Halloween costume ideas that are marketing and technology related will definitely make your Halloween more special. Try them out.

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