Running a small business is daring even at the best of times. The online economy is booming which makes it challenging for a business to thrive. Even cutting down on costs has its own limit, and at some point, you must increase your revenue to keep the business running smoothly. And to do so you need to avoid these website design mistakes that can be life-threatening for your brand.

In the throes of modern-day times, an online presence is the most essential element of your brand. To attract new customers and to retain the ones you already have, you need a viable web presence to make your way through the herd.

Building a website is a tedious job, but what is more soul-crushing is to create a website that people hate. Here are 7 life-threatening website design mistakes that can cost you a fortune:

1) Too much to take-in

The tech-savvy and spoilt-for-choice users of today have a limited amount of time to peruse through your website and gauge if it’s worth their time. One of the most critical mistakes that new business owners and website designers make is filling the page with too much fluff. While some info is necessary to educate the viewers, it is compulsory to grab the attention of the users, and nothing drives them screaming away like a brimming over with content page.

An accomplished website design agency doesn’t make these website design mistakes and knows that giving away too much information on the main page or even any internal page, will only confuse the visitor. Avoid those busy design themes, or even if you’re going for a custom-built website, avoid the design plague to stay significant.

Busy website design mistakes


2) Too little to notice

Minimalism is trending and every designer is keen on compliance. When done right, it can do wonders for a business. You can always try a simple approach and make some small changes to tweak your design, but in doing so, you don’t want to downgrade your design or even display fewer things which don’t even hook in the user.

You must create a balance when going for an artistic website.e design. Small businesses often fall into the trap of over imagination and move away from the one thing that users are looking for on their website, in their desire to do it all.

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When some visitor lands on your website, they are here because something is bothering them. They need to solve a problem, and for that, they are visiting your website. If in the first few seconds, they don’t get what they’re looking for, they are prone to calling it quits and moving on into the loving arms of your competitors.

Refrain from using images with no direction and content with no call-to-action. Your visitor requires your service and you need to show them how you can help. You cannot afford to make these website design mistakes.

3) Too Bamboozling

This is the most common mistake that most small businesses make while they design their website. The problem usually occurs when brands don’t even know what service they need to focus on & what core brand values they stand for.

Caught up in the throes of such a scenario, this confusion reflects in the website design, such as via the use of various discordant typefaces, turning your website into a kaleidoscope of colors with no regard for connotations, and even inconsistency in the theme throughout the design. My friend who owns a website design agency in Dubai shares his first few years in the design industry.

“When I started, we used to get clients who were offering more than 20 services, and they demanded us to highlight every service on the homepage. Out of courtesy, we did what they said. But time after time, we saw that the brand came back and told us that customers are still confused on what they are offering.”

Pick two to three services that lie at the heart of your business and highlight them on the main page. If you pick any more services, even Google will get confused on what to rank you on and how to differentiate you from your competitors.

The best approach is to use one theme, two to three harmonious colors, one logo, and even one typeface on the main page. Throughout the website, repeat this with little variations to stay consistent.

deceptive website design mistakes

4) A horrible CTA

Your CTA is the only portal to your brand. It either commands or in some cases does nothing. Click here! Get your quotation now! Sign-up! Learn more about us! These are just obvious CTAs which are ageless and never get old. But there is a thin line between being helpful and being obnoxious. You cannot infuriate the visitors with an unlimited amount of CTAs sprawled all over the webpage. This is one of the most common website design mistakes that new website designers make.

The main goal of a CTA should be to coax the user into taking action. If the CTA is not doing any such thing, it is a good time to make the necessary changes. Make it more compelling. Make the design more appealing. Or even introduce some delays before they get bombarded with the CTA show up on the page.

call-to-action website design mistakes

5) Miserable Content & the teasing Whitespace

Indubitably, content is the crucial part of a website design. No website is complete without engaging and bewitching content backing it up. Content is what users will read and it will tell the users what products you’re offering. If the content is weak, how will it attract your visitors?

You need to pay vigilant attention to grammar, the punctuation, and even the font of the content. One of the most common website design mistakes which website owners ignore. How is the overall content laid out on the page? And one of the connecting areas of importance is the use of whitespace. When done right, it can make your content appear more enticing than lackluster blocks of text.

Make the right use of whitespaces and even that rather unsavory huge block of text will look subtle and bring your eye to the key elements of the website. If you have a lot of text to describe your service, try breaking it down into digestible chunks with the help of white spaces, so that it doesn’t overwhelm the reader.

WhiteSpace website design mistakes

6) Horrible & Displeasing images

Photos and images create a long-lasting impact on your visitor. If the images are from Shutterstock, you cannot expect people to cast them a second glance. Just to cut the cost of a professional graphic designer, small business owners prefer to go for images from stock websites. If your target is to reel in robots, feel free to go with those images. But, for humans, you need to add the human element to your images.

Instead of using low-quality images, capitalize on images of actual people using your product or pictures of people who seem interested in using your service. To grab the attention of your audience, you need to tap into the emotions of your visitors.

misleading website design mistakes

7) Complex navigation

If there is one thing that can kill your website’s popularity, it is irrefutably poor navigation. We live in an era where people prefer impulsive buying. People want things that are easy to do and buy from websites that are simple to navigate.

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Making your navigation menu too complex is highly unlikely to impress the end-user. Have you ever seen a website where you were unable to find the search bar? How exasperating it must have felt! You don’t need to make your users go through the same frustration.

complex website design mistakes

To wrap things up

Your website is either making sales or not. Either way, you can avoid these website mistakes & turn-around the way people see and perceive your website. A good website is a representation of focused brand values. Ensure that you don’t sidestep these website design mistakes from now onwards.

June 5, 2018
website design mistakes

7 Grave Website Design Mistakes that can save you a fortune

Running a small business is daring even at the best of times. The online economy is booming which makes it challenging for a business to thrive....