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Search engine optimization improves your rankings on popular search engines by building traffic on your website and helping your business to achieve success. SEO is an internet marketing strategy that enhances your online visibility by staying on top of search engines. Branex is one of the top SEO Dubai companies that help businesses grow by providing professional services related to SEO in Dubai. We have a team of highly skilled SEO experts in Dubai that ensure your business website always stays on top search engines.

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Our Approach to SEO
Toronto Condo

Toronto Condo is the leading choice in Canada to provide dream condos & quality spaces for people to reside in. The firm came to Branex with the objective of leveraging the organic traffic domain by getting well-sketched out and workable SEO strategies that work.

50.41% Organic
35.67% Direct
15,788 Paid
Windsor University

Windsor University School of Medicine is a leading medical school located in the midst of the picturesque Caribbean islands. With an internationally recognized medical degree, Windsor University offers its students quality education at affordable prices, due to which it attracts students from around the globe.

50% Traffic
4k Total visitors
per month
400 leads
per month
Dubai Monsters

Dubai Monsters is UAE's top web design company offering a wide array of digital design and marketing services to help business grow. With a long list of local and international satisfied clients at its back, Dubai Monsters helps you increase brand recognition and sales with their state-of-the-art solutions.

9k Visitors
per month
95k unique visitors
per year
500 Leads
per month
VIEW ALL CASE STUDIES is the first and only social network created exclusively for the dance community. A community for dancers, by dancers.

9k 3 months
95k Total unique
401k 3 months
50k Total unique

OUR Search Engine Optimization PROCESS

A unique SEO process that delivers par excellence results and makes your business shine on search rankings.


Professional and Affordable SEO Services in Dubai

Branex is the perfect place to get professional SEO services in Dubai. Our targeted and effective SEO campaigns help increase website traffic, encourage customer interactions and eventually help boost sales. We guarantee results beyond expectations. As a leading SEO company in Dubai, our skillful SEO team is determined to get your brand recognized on search engines. We carefully assess the requirements of our clients and provide the best results as we prefer quality over quantity.


Improved business ranking

  • SEO for improved business ranking
  • Well-defined SEO strategy objectives
  • Keyword market research
  • Website structure
  • Content creation & optimization
  • Competitor analysis
  • On-site SEO guidance

Increase Your Website Traffic with Our SEO Services

The objective of SEO is to determine the keywords that your customers will use to search for your products or services. Keeping this in mind, our professional approach and unique strategies result in progressive increment in sustainable traffic to your website. SEO is not an easy task, it is considered to be a long-term business strategy, however once done properly, it can have and company’s bottom-line. For SEO in Dubai, you can choose Branex that has a qualified SEO team, providing solutions to rank your website high.


Let Our SEO Professionals Handle Your Website

Our specialized SEO Dubai professionals consider a number of comprehensive strategies that are counterproductive. From keyword research to the competitor’s analysis, Branex keep an eye on all dimensions. Being the best SEO company in Dubai we know all the regional search patterns and implement strategies to enhance your site’s visibility. Once the keywords are finalized according to the content, it is time for our SEO specialists to start building links for your site to build maximum traffic. Building links is no science, there is no formula to put in, it is an art which takes years to stand out, and we are proud to have the best SEO Dubai specialists.


Reach business goals & generate customers by improving your website’s ranking!

Branex, leading SEO Company in Dubai, helps you generate more traffic by leveraging the organic traffic. Nobody does SEO in Dubai better than team Branex. We bring your website at the top on all noticeable search engines. Our process to creating a holistic SEO strategy that helps your business enjoy top website ranking is simple:

Business & Competitor Research


Search engine optimization Dubai experts, at Branex, ensure that we provide customers with the most results-driven SEO campaigns for which we begin our process with understanding our customers, target market and the competitors in the market. Our SEO specialists then deploy the information using a plethora of processes to devise a strategy that works.

Strategy Planning & Prospecting


After completely understanding your business, target market and competitors, our SEO Dubai team identifies the most lucrative and workable terms for your business. We then devise the best plan to approach the campaign to be able to help you leverage the keywords in ranking higher in the shortest time possible. At this stage, we identify websites to be reached out in order to create secure backlinks for your website.

Building of Links


At this stage, as part of our SEO services in Dubai, we leverage the backlinks identified & contact each of the websites. The approach we will use will depend upon the type of link that is being secured.

Monthly Progress Reporting


As the leading SEO company, we keep our customers informed at every step of the campaign. We display the success of our campaign in the form of a detailed report to help you gauge the SEO campaign results. Our team will keep you updated about new links, website ranking, overall traffic, etc.

Why Choose Us?

We Implement the Latest SEO Strategies and Marketing Techniques


SEO Experts at your service

As one of the premium SEO companies in Dubai, we use a unique blend of conventional and latest marketing techniques to ensure optimum results. Our SEO Dubai team will ensure that your brand gets the highest ranking on search engines. Branex believes in excellence and quality, this is the reason we have hundreds of satisfied clients. Your satisfaction is our gratification.

Frequently Asked Questions

Stated below are answers to some of the most common queries that we come across. If you have any questions in mind other than the ones quoted below, please feel free to ask.

Branex’s standard SEO package works on a 1-month rolling contract. The length of the contract is dependent upon the services required & is agreed upon mutually with the client.

All continual payments are conducted via Direct Debit.

Team Branex will direct attention on as many keywords as are necessary for the working of your campaign, your budget and your opted package. We work on the cumulative generated traffic, rate of conversion and the ROI instead of restrictinlg ourselves to only a few keywords.

SEO is a time-taking and gradual process done gradually to avoid all undue penalties. The timescale vary from industry to industry. A general rule of thumb for results to become apparent is generally between 6-12 months.

Additional SEO boosters are value-additions and totally as per the customer’s discretion. For some campaigns to work, SEO boosters can prove to be very useful. Depending upon your campaign, we will suggest if your campaign needs an additional SEO booster to ensure that your profile looks natural.

Yes. Domain Authority (DA), a metric created by Moz, envisages how a website will rank on the search engine result pages (SERPs). DA is measured in scores ranging from 1 to 100 where higher DA scores mean a stronger website. To maintain a natural link profile, we recommend seeking guidance from Branex’s SEO experts.

After we have helped you secure leading positions across all major search engines, we can then explore other means with the client to tap onto workable mediums that makes the website SEO friendly. Our specialist SEO team is there for your disposal to help you if/when you need an additional SEO booster.

Our support team will be more than happy to assist you. Please contact us using the contact form or alternatively call us on +971 4 241 7179


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