Designing a logo is one of the most important parts of branding that can create a positive, memorable impact on your business. It is the first thing that comes in people’s mind when they think of your brand. So, it should be professionally designed and truly reflects the core values and mission of your band. Hiring a professional logo designer is a sensible choice to get your brand logo designed.

A logo designer has in-depth knowledge of fonts, colors, symbols, icons, and the latest design techniques that help them understand the type of logo you need for your business. An experienced logo designer knows the secret recipe of making a logo unique and attractive. With a single picture or symbol and a high dose of creativity, a logo designer can create a logo design that speaks volume of your brand.

A professional logo design team can better understand how to give your business’s mission and vision to life and create a modern logo. By using simple illustrations and symbols, they can attract buyers and deliver a timeless logo.

In this blog, I have compiled a list of the famous logo designers and their amazing logo designs. Let’s check out the top 10 famous logo designers of all time and their iconic work.


  1.       Paul Rand – IBM
  2.       Rob Janoff – Apple
  3.       Carolyn Davidson – Nike
  4.       Paula Scher – Citi
  5.       Ruth Kedar – Google
  6.       Saul Bass – Continental Airlines and United Airlines
  7.       Aries Moross –
  8.       Chip Kidd – Amazon
  9.       Peter Saville – Calvin Klein
  10.   Michael Bierut
  11.   Max Miedinger – Panasonic


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Top 10 Famous Logo Designers

1.       Paul Rand – IBM

Paul Rand is one of the most influential and famous logo designers worldwide, famous due to his impressive graphic design and visual identity work. He was a founder of the Swiss Style of graphic design, which solely emphasized functionality and clarity. With his visual arts and commercial design skills, colorful combinations, and amazing typography combinations, he has created a long-lasting impact on the graphic design industry.

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He has created many modernist style magazines and book covers. Logo designing is one of the strong attributes of Paul Rand and known as a master of typography and corporate logo designs. He has created many instantly recognizable logos, such as IBM, UPS, ABC, Enron next, – to name a few. Paul Rans was truly a legend of the graphic design industry and his work created a long-lasting impact on the field.


2.       Rob Janoff – Apple

The creative mind behind the Apple logo is Rob Janoff, who has set the trend of mediumistic logos in the world of technology and communication. The Apple logo has created a lasting, memorable impact on the consumers and has become one of the most recognizable logos in the world. Though the logo has been redesigned several times, the form remained the same.  

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Rob Janoff has also designed logos for Kodak, AT&T and received the AIGA medal and the highest honor from American Institute of Graphic Arts. He is running his own studio, Rob Janoff Studio and is taking many graphic design projects.


3.       Carolyn Davidson – Nike

Carolyn Davidson is a famous logo designer who is best known for designing a distinct swoosh logo of Nike. She was paid $35 for creating this iconic logo when she was a university student. She was the one who portrayed the symbol of positivity and delivered emotion in the logo. Davidson was inspired by the wing of the Greek goddess of victory. The check mark shape logo is dynamic, athletic, and graceful, indicating speed and movement.  

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In addition to the Nike master logo, Davidson has designed amazing logos for different companies. She is currently working as a founder of the design firm, Carolyn Davidson Design.


4.  Paula Scher – Citi

Paula Scher is one of the most famous logo designers in the world, considered as the master conjurer of the instantly familiar. She was the one who introduced pop culture and fine art in her work. Her eclectic approach to typography is highly influential and her brand identity systems, promotional materials and packaging designs have gained significant popularity.

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Scher designed many graphic identities, including Citibank, Tiffany & Co. and corporate identity materials for Coca-Cola, Bloomberg, Microsoft – to name a few. She has worked as an art director for different firms and co-founded the design company Koppel and Scher.


5.   Ruth Kedar – Google

Ruth Kedar is one of the influential logo designers, famous for creating the legendary logo of the search engine giant Google. She is an art director, hands-on designer with extensive knowledge of creative design elements and a sophisticated aesthetic sense. Kedar created many innovative solutions that deliver truly memorable branded user experiences.

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Ruth Kedar designed the Google logo using sans serif typeface, colored in a rainbow of colors, which represented the diversity of information available on Google. She has also designed book covers, posters, and many other graphic design projects.


6.  Saul Bass – Continental Airlines and United Airlines

Another well-known designer who is famous for making revolutionary changes in the graphic designing industry. Saul Bass is famous for his amazing logo designing skills, unique and minimal style, and iconic creations. He has created many master logo designs, including AT&T, United Airlines, Kleenex logos and many other iconic corporate logos.

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Bass’s work is characterized by its simplicity, clarity, and use of symbolism. He was a master of typography and used it to great effect in his logos. He was also a pioneer of the use of animation in title sequences for films.


7.  Chip Kidd – Amazon

Chip Kidd is considered as one of the most famous graphic designers, best known for his amazing book covers for graphic novels. If you are wondering who is the mastermind behind the famous Jurassic Park logo, Chip Kidd is the answer. The logo is a true depiction of creativity and legacy. His design portfolio includes many big names in the industry, such as Amazon, Columbia University Press, Grove Press, Farrar Straus & Giroux.  

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In short, Chipp is the iconic designer in the book cover design industry who created many playful designs. He worked as an art director for famous magazines and designed book covers for many famous authors.

Kidd is well-known for using irony, humor, and surprise to create designs that are eye-catching and thought provoking. He has the ability to create visually striking book covers, logos, packaging and advertising materials with his creative design process and typography. He is the author of many books and his innovative and playful work is creating a major impact in the industry.


8.   Peter Saville – Calvin Klein

Peter Saville, one of the creative designers in the music industry, known for designing minimalist and experimental designs.
He is the master of using typography and photography in innovative ways. Saville is famous for designing the most iconic record sleeves for Factory Records artists. His designs are inspired by art history, philosophy, and current events.

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He has also worked in the fashion, advertising, and architecture industry. He is the creator of the famous Calvin Kelin logo. Saville has also worked on a variety of other projects, including Pringle, EMI, Selfridges, etc. In 2022, Saville was awarded a CBE for his services to design.


9.  Michael Bierut

Michael Bierut is the most iconic logo designer who is well-known for his branding, identity, and environmental graphic design projects. He is one of the partners of a famous design agency Pentagram.

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He has completed branding and identity design projects for many established names in the industry, such as The New York Jets, Walt Disney, Saks Fifth Avenue, The Council of Fashion Designers of America. He has also created designs for many magazine billboards.


10.   Max Miedinger – Panasonic

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Max Meidinger is a prominent name in the graphic design world who has made many significant contributions to the design industry. The legendary typographic composer has worked with many advertising and publication companies. He has designed logos for many established enterprises such as Motorola, Panasonic, Harley Davidson, to name a few.

Wrapping Up 

This is the list of the best logo designers who are famous due to their exceptional design skills and creativity. Choosing the best logo designer for your project is no easy feat. With the help of a logo design company in Dubai, you can find the right logo designer for your business and get a professional logo for your brand. 

October 9, 2023

The Masters of Branding: Top 10 Famous Logo Designers

Designing a logo is one of the most important parts of branding that can create a positive, memorable impact on your business. It is the first...