What does anyone seek whenever one’s involved in an accident?

Fast rescue and recovery is the answer.

You would’ve witnessed or heard about accidents where the people involved in a car crash couldn’t survive because the emergency services couldn’t reach them in time.

This situation still prevails in a lot of countries, but not the UAE.

As part of the UAE’s m-Government initiative, Dubai Police introduced a smart app a few years ago for devices running iOS.

Recently, they launched an advanced version of the app for Android users that allows users to instantly report crimes, accidents that warrant an immediate response from the emergency services.

The Police Eye is just one of the fantastic services that are being offered by Dubai police app, which is designed to improve the security of the people living in UAE. With Police Eye, you can report any unsuspicious activity directly to the Police.

There are other security features in Dubai police app which can help you stay safe on the roads of UAE.

Let’s dig deep into some of the most incredible features offered by Dubai Police app.

Report Minor Accidents

dubai police accident report

Courtesy thenational.ae

Gotten into a minor traffic accident in Dubai? No need to worry about it. You don’t need to call the police to sort out the matter. A survey showed that 121,266 minor traffic accidents were reported in the first eight months the previous year. Out of these 9,064 were reported by Dubai Police app.

How to report an accident with Dubai Police App?

Traffic Status Updates

dubai police clearance

The Dubai police app provides you the feature to check the status of the traffic and report and violations along with accidents. Just take a picture of the vehicle’s damaged areas and soon you’ll get a report via SMS and email. Present that to the insurance company and voila you’re good to go.

Dubai Police App will Protect your Home

Are you planning a vacation with no one to house sit? No need to worry. Dubai Police app will secure your home for FREE. When you want to avail the service, provide your personal information along with the address from Google maps. Once you send the info, the patrol will oversee the premises until you return.

“They can send the request on their phone, and it will reach the police station, and CID and the house will be placed under monitoring by police patrols for a specific period,” said Colonel Khalid Nasser Al Razouqi, General Director of Smart Services at Dubai Police

Safe & Secured Traveling for Tourists

The coolest thing about the Dubai Police app is that it isn’t limited to UAE residents. Expats can use the app to launch complaints or locate the nearest police station to file a serious complaint.

Report Lost Items

No more embarrassing, “I’ve lost my phone again” and “No, I don’t remember the color of the taxi roof or the taxi number.” Whenever you lose your item, submit a report in the app. The Lost and Found department at Dubai Police will take care of the rest. Upon recovering your belongings, you’ll be notified.

Bounced cheques

The app allows customers to send photos of bounced cheques to the Dubai police and register their complaints without stepping foot in a station.

According to Dubai police customer service: “The reporting of the cheque is dependent on two conditions; one it should be issued from inside Dubai and two, its validity date of being cashed should not be expired.”

Report double-parked vehicles

dubai police fines

Dubai Police has added a new service to its app to help solve this problem and crackdown on offending drivers. Through the “vehicle obstruction” service in the traffic section of the app, boxed-in drivers can report the car blocking their exit.

All you have to do is input the plate number, category, and code with an image of the blocking vehicle. Police then notify the owner of the illegally parked vehicle via SMS.

The SMS asks them to immediately move their car, as well as warning them against a repeat offense.

Cool things that can be done with Dubai police App

Ask a Scientist

Not all of us have that reliable scientist friend. Also, Google often returns a sea of information that we don’t always know which one is the most reliable. Now, you can log into the Dubai Police app, scroll down to ‘Community Services,’ and tap on ‘Ask A Scientist.’ The Dubai Police will then respond to your query via e-mail.

Virtual Museum

dubai police good conduct certificate

Image Courtesy Khaleejtimes

Have you ever been to the Police Museum? Now you can visit it – virtually. A free tour awaits you under the app’s ‘Community Services’ category.

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