Much have been said about women empowerment across the globe. Keeping that in mind Forbes Middle East have compiled a list of top ten Arab Women Social Media Influencers that are ruling the digital arena. For some celebrities they go for a professional social media agency to do the hard work for them, others  Here is a list of incredible women who made it out:

1. Huda Kattan (21.4m followers)

Huda-Kattan - arab womens - branex - uae


Huda Kattan started her career as a makeup artist. With a YouTube following of 1.9 million followers, Huda is known as the best-known beauty blogger in Dubai.

The parents raised Huda in US, so she had that spark to step up and go for her career. She also runs an immensely famous blog ‘Huda Beauty’ which is ranked number 1 when it comes to beauty tips and makeup tutorials.

Huda’s Advice to young Arab Women:

“I honestly would say to stay happy, try to be as patient as possible (even I struggle with this one at times) and to avoid being negative in any way. Know that you are beautiful, in not in your own way, but you truly are beautiful. One of my favorite quotes is imperfection is beauty and I truly feel that way. I always fancied a slighter different nose, eyes, or lips–that’s truly what gives a face character and nothing is more beautiful than character.”

2. Joelle Mardinian (6.7m followers)

Joelle Mardinian - arab womens - Branex - UAE


An award-winning make-up artist, Joelle is running her own tv-show on MBC, the Joelle Show, for over 10 years. She also has a beauty salon with the name ‘Maison de Joelle’ that have several branches across Middle East.

She is also a well-known Entrepreneur who launched several beauty products under her own brand Joelle Paris.

Joelle Mardinian advice to young women Entrepreneurs:

“They really have to understand if they want success, they can have it. Each time I read an article about someone successful, I see how hard they work. Big athletes who make millions from playing sports must dedicate their life to their career. They probably cannot go out binging on food and go on holidays anytime they want, and they exercise all the time. It’s hard to stay on top. Even if you are a big name, you always must keep reinventing yourself. Before I became a celebrity myself, I had worked with artists such as Jamiroquai and Shakira, and I know the sacrifice it’s taken them to get to where they are now. They’re up sometimes at 4 in the morning to do shows which start at 7, and then they have a ton of media interviews after that. Anyone in the limelight must stay dedicated to what they are doing. Even if you’re a business person, you have to give it all your time and effort.”

3. Hayla Al Ghazal (4.3m followers)

Hayla Al Ghazal - top 10 arab womens - Branex - UAE - Blog


A difficult mother, overprotective brother, and a noisy neighbor. Hayla Al Ghazal transitions between all these characters in her real life.

A Syrian YouTube star, her channel Hayla TV is popular for providing beauty tips to make the Arab Women more beautiful.

Hayla Al Ghazal advice to young influential female Entrepreneurs:

“You need to be determined to change today and now; not delay any longer. Just as I have done, I think the most effective way is to write down what you want to change about yourself or your life and think of all the ways you can make that change possible. Most importantly, keep in mind that nothing happens overnight and let sarcastic comments motivate you not destroy you.”


4. Manal Alalem (7.8m followers)

Manal Alalem - Top 10 arab womens influencers - Branex UAE


Manal Alalem is a star of the Middle Eastern culinary world with 5.5m Instagram followers as well 715,869 subscribers on YouTube with whom she shares her recipes for Middle Eastern and Arabic cuisine. The professional chef also has various cookbooks including Manal Alalem’s Kitchen.

Manal Alalem Center is mrs Manal Alalem first center in Jordan/Amman The center contains different kinds of cooking tools that every woman want to get them and specially Manal Alalem fans so they can use what Manal uses in her show. Manal Alalem center supported by Wilton for cake decoration, so we do cake decoration’s courses supported by Wilton . and the Center also authorized to give certificates, Manal Alalem center do a lot of activities such as competitions, special kind of birthday parties, join school activities and much more .

5. Noha Nabil (4.8m followers)


Noha Nabil - 10 social media arab womens



Social media influencer and fashion blogger who initially rose to fame as a presenter for channels like Dubai TV and MBC. Her Instagram account alone has earned more than 4.8 million followers and she has substantial followings on her Noha Style Icon blog and YouTube channel.

Noha Nabil advice for young Arab Women who are willing to start their career in fashion industry:

“Knowledge is the light upon the dark world. As a woman, you have to stay strong with all your life.”

6. Darin Al Bayed (4m followers)


Darin-Al-Bayed - 10 arab womens


Twenty-year-old Darin Al Bayed, a Lebanese, Saudi-raised creator whose channel AnaWHeya (‘Me and Her’) has 400,000+ subscribers and 30 million views, acts out conversations between men and women from both perspective in a lighthearted yet incisive manner. Meanwhile, Hatoun Al Kadi uses her YouTube channel Noun Al Niswa to document scenarios in which she finds herself, for example with her driver, husband and kids, in the form of short satirical sketches.

“We have the freedom to express ourselves online and create our own rules far away from the judgmental society. Step forward and do whatever you love.”


7. Taim AlFalasi (5.4m followers)

Taim AlFalasi - 10 arab womens


Famous for hosting the online radio program the TaimShow, she also established a highly successful career as an internet filmmaker, vlogger, and celebrity interviewer. She has accumulated over 500,000 YouTube subscribers, over 90,000 Twitter followers and more than 2.4 million Instagram fans.


8. Njoud Al Shammari (1.3m followers)

Njoud Al Shammari - arab womens


Saudi YouTube and Instagram phenomenon who publishes challenge, comedy and other fun-filled videos for her more than 1.3 million subscribers. Her Instagram following is north of 1.3 million.


9. Sondos Alqattan (2.3m followers)

Sondos Alqattan - arab women


Kuwaiti makeup artist and Instagram star who shares her makeup tutorials with over 2.3 million Instagram followers and counting. She has become one of the most followed regional makeup artists being featured in numerous beauty blog and publications.

Advice from her mother:

“My mother taught me to always remove my makeup before bed, no matter how tired I might be. She also taught me to moisturize diligently, even if my skin is oily.”

10. Nora Bo Awadh (2.2m followers)


Nora Bo Awadh - arab women


Nora Bo Awadh is one of the most influential makeup artists in Saudi Arabia, receiving millions of views on her YouTube channel. The makeup artists also have 2.2 million followers on Instagram and continues to teach classes for fashion.

October 9, 2017
Top 10 Arab Womens social media influencers

Top 10 Arab Women that are ruling Social Media

Much have been said about women empowerment across the globe. Keeping that in mind Forbes Middle East have compiled a list of top ten Arab Women […]