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Need some help turning heads? Wish to improve your marketing metrics? Our visual artists harness the power of brand values and eye-grabbing graphics to convey the right brand message to the audience with premium brochure designs.

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Featured Brochure Design Projects
Dubai Porcelain; A bleeding edge porcelain tableware manufacturer that aspires to disrupt the furniture industry with their stellar hand-crafted tableware.

Branex was solicited as a stellar print design company to create a website for Dubai Porcelain that will highlight the core strengths of the brand and tap into a wider audience base. The challenge was to embody the stance of the brand while lending it a fresh face in the digital realm. Our designers & developers scrupulously crafted the stationary and print designs that refined the brand value, and a website was set in place that created an atmosphere of oomph.

Fenyaal; The first Emirati café to combine tradition and modernity!

Fenyaal Café aspired to solicit a print design company to design their stationary reflecting their brand personality, in order to level-up their corporate branding. From brochure design to visiting cards, and even the signboards needed to be well-aligned with the core values and the corporate philosophy of Fenyaal Café. To combine unconventional brilliance with fascinating design work, Branex replicated the upbeat setting from the café and displayed it in the design.

Pure Logic: a construction consulting firm that aims to help people expand their properties in Dubai.

PureLogic felt the need to stretch their boundary and reach more people with a compelling brand persona. They aspired for a brand personality that can highlight the core values of the business to the people of Dubai. Branex crafted some gorgeous and exquisite stationery designs that not only focused on the design part but also highlighted the true essence of PureLogic in their stationeries and represented their heart.


Effective Brochure Design

How can Brochure Design Do Wonders for your Business?

Customers only experience a fleeting interaction with most marketing mediums; they may drive by billboards, ignore flashing banners, swipe away pop-ups, and change the TV channel when an advertisement starts playing. On the contrary, brochures deliver your message to potential clients in a handy and light-weighted, pocket friend format that customers can hold on to and peruse at their own pace.

Customers may not need your services right now, but when they do, they are more likely to skim through a brochure on their table than pay attention to advertisements on the internet.

95% visitors that obtain brochures become aware of a business. Period. Whether you aim to hand out brochures at conventions, stack them on display stands, flaunt your new collection, or send brochures with promotional giveaways, smart brochure design allows you to condense a lot of information in convenient folds and flaps. You get a lot of real estate to include product details and graphics, maps and charts, narrate your business story, your objectives and goals, and add your contact information and unique selling propositions. Imagine all this information sitting visibly in front of your target audience, always in sight.

When you consider the fact that brochures can be distributed through multiple distribution channels such as newspaper, malls, exhibition stalls, and mail, it becomes easier to expand your horizons and reach more new customers. In fact, you should always keep a brochure handy in case you encounter an opportunity to attract a potential client. At Branex, we design truly ingenious promotional, coffee table or corporate brochures that help to reinforce your message and leave a lasting impression.

As a leading Brochure Designing company in Dubai, we have the capability to transform your content into a captivating visual display that customers would like to go through. We make sure your USP, your products/services, your philosophy and business image shine through. At a time when your rivals are vying for attention in an overcrowded digital landscape, our brochure design service helps you stand out and be remembered. Not to mention, printed sales literature is the hallmark of a credible and established business, which instills trust and inspires loyalty in your audience.

Custom Brochure Design

Creative Brochure Folding Formats


Bi-fold Brochures

With 2 folds, the brochure opens like a book and has 4 sections to organize information neatly. These brochures work perfectly for simple product presentations, institutional introductions, and as brand identity collaterals


Tri-fold Brochures

The trifold brochure divides a single sheet of paper into three, giving you overall 6 panels to compartmentalize information. Carrying a treasure-trove of information within their folds, these brochures are extremely portable and neatly fold up for your audience to easily carry along.


Z-fold Brochures

The two overlapping folds of these brochures unfold from opposite sides in a single pull, resembling the letter Z. These portable brochures are most suited for show lists, user guides, and technical specifications.


Gate-fold Brochures

Two front panels open to a center spread in this scintillating layout, which is best for marketing a business or event. These tactile high-end printed brochures are ideal for designs that make use of glossy photos. Our Brochure design experts make the best use of imagery to create utmost impact.

Why Choose Our Brochure Design Service?



We create bespoke brochure designs that embody your value propositions and goals.


We deliver initial design concepts in the lowest possible times.


Fulfilling all your design needs under one roof


We are experts at concocting the perfect blend of engaging, relevant and memorable copy and eye-popping imagery.


A team of hand-picked brochure design in Dubai experts are solely dedicated to your project.


We offer the sweetest deals tailored to our client’s requirements, to make high-end brochure designing assessable for everyone..

Our Efficient

Brochure Design Process:


You pick a design that best represents your brand.


We concoct some stunning initial concepts for you


After rounds of revisions, we perfect your design.


We deliver your final product to you.

We push the boundaries.

We get results.

let’s get to work!


Great brochures persuade, inform, impress. We leverage eye-popping imagery, creative layouts, compelling copywriting and stunning print finishes to help you make an impact!

This might be a digital world, but nothing beats the tactile feel of a beautifully printed brochure when it comes to establishing credibility and boosting your company profile, services, and reputation. From sales brochures, corporate identities, to art pieces, we help you differentiate your business in a crowded marketplace. As one of the leading Brochure design Dubai Companies, we have what it takes to deliver result-driven brochures for any industry, anytime.

A Decade of Design Experience

At Branex, we believe in hiring only the best. Our design team boasts over a decade of experience and skills in delivering innovative brochure designs to clients across numerous industry verticals. Our design gurus take the time to understand your unique needs, your company objectives and goals, your demographic and purpose, and painstakingly strive to translate it into a persuasive and inspiring brochure that delivers the right message to your audience. We don’t like to brag, but our creatives pack an astronomical expertise in typography, fonts, colors, and the psychology behind successful designs, allowing them to blend creativity and technology for fabulous results.

Whatever your Brochure Design Needs, We Make it Happen

Whether you want to capture attention in a busy exhibition hall, attract top graduates to your firm, or are looking for a leave-behind after a successful sales meeting, we provide your customers with a piece of material they look forward to perusing. Whether you need a simple and no-frills brochure to something out-of-the-box, we get it done, right on time, within your budget. From meeting to mailing, you get a hassle-free experience with us.

A Flawless Brochure Design Process

As part of our brochure design service, we work hand-in-hand with you to create the brief, design a few initial concepts, explore creative directions and concepts for your brochure, communicate them in fresh innovative ways, and work on setting the right layout, eye-grabbing imagery and engaging copy. We then narrow down a list of final designs based on purpose, intent, brand values, color palette, typography and layout. Once you approve a design, we get to work on the final draft, tweaking and refining as we go. We then deliver a perfect brochure design that captures all the essential elements for your success and resonates with your target audience.

Excellence Guaranteed

Unlike other brochure designing Dubai companies, we don’t believe in one-size-fits-all solutions. Instead, we aim to design an impactful visual identity that meets all your key aims and objectives, and articulates your message to your audience. We are anxious to please and won’t stop at nothing until perfection is achieved. We only label a project as “complete” when you are 100% satisfied with the end-results.

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