A strong brand is like a dire need for the organizations that tends to survive and strive today. With the ever-growing competition, it has become quite difficult to establish a brand based on its uniqueness, let alone becoming a corporate success.

Brands are those valuable assets that organizations need to establish, nourish and revitalize every now and then. They reflect the company itself which makes the need even more promising on part of the team.

A lot many companies simply fail because they were unable to establish the brand image the way they perceived it. This is a very important element which is often missed and so the brand once imagined was completely different than the reality.

If that has been the case with you lately, then these tips collected from expert strategists from renowned branding agencies in Dubai may help you revitalize your brand:

1. Branding is Integral and Central

A brand and all the branding activities come as a combined effort of the entire organization. This is the reason why organizations today have various departments working for and in support of the many/singular brand. They start from a very basic strategy which has certain milestones along the way. If they are not intact, brand strategy implementation becomes a very complex process.

2. Holding on to the core values

The biggest problem arises when a brand loses focus of what it was built around. This happens when they are trying to be problem solvers for just about anyone, copying all that they see around and hence leading themselves astray from the real purpose of their existence. If you do that, the differentiation element dies and the brand loses its real identity. Stick to the purpose and focus on the qualities of the brand itself rather than being something the brand certainly isn’t.

3. Engaging everyone, regardless of the hierarchy

Each employee acts as the brand ambassador and this is the only way they are going to take its ownership completely and convey the right corporate image of the brand. The more they are engaged, the more dedicated they are, the more life they will add to the brand.

4. Consistency

In an effort to create a brand image and ensuring that the followers are loyal to the brand, consistency is imperative. It applies to all the processes, all the milestones, and reflecting an image on all the platforms. Since consistence contributes greatly to brand recognition, it can fuel loyalty to a greater extent in the long run.

5. Checking in on Competitors

Look up to the competitors for the purpose of adding the missing components into your brand rather than replicating the entire strategy and losing the real brand essence on the way. This can really help you collect that insight on the customers as well for you are in the same industry, and serve the same customers. You can always customize a part of their strategy for your better gains.

A brand should always stir in excitement. Each time a customer buys it or utilizes the services of, they should feel satiated. To do just that, your brand needs to be powerful and full of commitment. Make sure it lives up to more than what the customer expects and only a successfully implemented brand revitalization process can aid you in doing just that.


February 8, 2016
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