Machine learning sounds like something that only computer experts can do, but not digital marketers. However, that is exactly not the case, anyone can use machine learning to improve their digital marketing and branding campaigns.

Machine learning is a vast subject that does things which seem almost magical. But how marketers can incorporate machine learning and artificial intelligence into their branding strategy and how they can use it to get more sales and ROI? I’ve answered all these questions below:

What Marketers Can Expect from Machine Learning?

With many methodologies and applications, machine learning can be used to solve problems by finding patterns that we can’t create ourselves.

As a subcategory of artificial intelligence, machine learning quickly processes huge quantity of data and then learn patterns from the data and information that it holds to make decisions. The results of these machines differ every time because they are capable enough to change their resulting actions based on patterns, trends and data-points.

The more information it holds, the more relevant and personalized and accurate the results are. You can notice machine learning in technologies that might amaze you. For instance, self-driving cars, spam emails filters, character recognition, Super Mario game, search engines and much more.

Machine learning can help eliminate the guesswork for marketers. It can provide you with the most accurate predictions about customer preferences, content targeting and website friction. With using that information, your company can be a cutting-edge business in the market, rather than simply reacting to the latest trends.

Machine learning is a magic, designed especially for a world of huge data. Marketers who want to make the most out of their agencies’ data should understand why it is meant for, what it can do, and what to watch out for while employing it. Obviously, machine learning is not something that comes from another planet. The main goal is to learn the ways to improve your business functions and operations.

Don’t let the technical term of machine learning overwhelm your marketing team. Start with the basics, build upon the knowledge, and then think how you can use it for your branding endeavors.

How Machine Learning Can Benefit Your Brand?

You need to understand the real potential of using machine learning, and how does it exactly benefit your business. For instance, in B2B businesses, machine learning helps digital marketers connect with users by providing recommendations based on customers’ behavior, interest, emotions, interactions and feedback with the development of knowledge graph technology.

Personalization is something that can do wonders in the digital world. Users desire personalization in everything, from emails to products to apps to shopping bags. And if you don’t understand your customers’ needs and interests, your business fails.

Machine learning takes advantage of customer data, it greatly helps you find what information is accurate and why it is occurred. Then, your marketing team can make better customer-centric and data-driven decisions.

Machine learning can serve as a powerful tool for your business that provides branding solutions, but to get the most out of it, you need to access all available datasets. For machine learning more data means accurate results, because new data will enable the computer program to teach and improve itself from time to time.

In addition, employing machine learning can help you improve your marketing strategies with customer segmentation, churn rates and customer value. Many businesses are leveraging machine learning techniques in a majority of areas of their brands. Discover how machine learning can help your brand grow and how to come up with some new avenues to learn more about your audience.

Use Cases

Machine learning is everywhere, and if you haven’t noticed it then start observing it today. It is already being employed in the digital world.

Amazon uses machine learning to offer their customers precise product recommendations. The most famous ecommerce business learns users’ interests based on browsing history and unique purchasing options.

Similarly, Siri, the speech recognition software by Apple detects patterns by learning natural language. This is why, Siri understands what you speak.

Machine learning will begin to be less of a one-to-one interaction in which you ask one question and get one specific answer. We will first see it evolve into learning your preferences and patterns, and from there, it will become more proactive. IA technology will recognize questions that you might not be asking but should be”. The power of machine learning explained by John Bates, Product Manager, Adobe.

Customer Struggle Score uses cutting-edge machine learning techniques to robotically recognize specific areas of a website where customers struggle. This way, marketers can enhance conversion rate optimization, by diagnosing, fixing and optimizing their high-traffic ecommerce websites faster than ever before.

Change the way you do branding, learn from these industry leaders and deliver the perfect customer experience by making changes required to meet their needs.

Get Ready to Transform

It’s high time for businesses to transform their marketing strategy and start implementing machine learning techniques. Because as you collect more data, your marketing team will surely need some automation processes, so preparing for machine learning is key.

With the already profuse data expected to be increased further, there is a great opportunity for marketers to adopt artificial intelligence and cognitive computing to make the most of all the data to drive success for all your marketing campaigns.

Investing in machine learning can help brands to develop targeted display advertisement. This way, marketers can integrate constant testing of customer activity to predict the customer churn rates.

You don’t need to transform your entire business operating system, all you need to make a start from somewhere.

Key Takeaways

Remember, machine learning is not a substitute of strategic marketing and branding efforts. However, it should be used to enhance your current business techniques.

Introduce some machine learning tools to your marketing team. Explain them the amazing benefits to your band. And then start using products already integrated with this latest technology. Combine machine learning techniques into your branding strategy and it will surely double your ROI.


February 14, 2017
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