How different is Marketing from Branding
How Different is Marketing from Branding?
January 7, 2016
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January 14, 2016

Design Your Brand Identity to Prove your Existence

Design your brand identity

It does feels daunting when you are starting a business from the scratch. You have to determine what your brand identity would be, how would you communicate with your audiences and how would you establish a business empire. Startup with your logo design. It is a graphical representation of your company. Apply all your creative skills and create a brand identity that outlast long.

Here are a few tips that may help you develop an attractive brand identity that appeals and make your business shine.

Work with a Creative Brief

If the design is carried accordingly to the creative brief, the end result will fulfill the client’s requirements. Having a creative brief enables you to think creatively and subjectively. A brief that is drawn with clear brand strategy is effective and thus produces an objective and a creative logo design.

Research and Gather Materials

To get started with a brand identity you should first understand the brand’s personality. You should research its history, function and the philosophy behind it. Extract every nuance about the client or company. When designing the logo design remember the targeted market and format perceived.

Meet Clients’ Expectations

It is always valuable to check the expectations of clients, proper exploration of references help enormously in crafting an ultimate creative piece. Keep an eye on your competitors, look at the typefaces and typefaces of your rival, and then create something that outshines them. Think something much more creative and adorable. Use different sizes and colors to set your design.

Never Ignore Your Clients

It doesn’t matter how experienced you are, the client knows its brand better than you. Rushing with a creative art piece may provide a handy response from some people but if the client ain’t happy, it’s of no use. Fulfill the client’s expectations and design according to his needs; never ignore the client’s requirements.

Highlight the Special

Spot what’s special in the brand you are designing for. Identifying something that makes the brand special may help you in designing something that is creative and unique. Attract the audience with this special feature. If you are not doing it right you may lose large audience. Get this right and you will be spot on. Get that wrong you’ll end up messing things around.    

Mir Hussain
Mir Hussain
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