In today’s inbound marketing era where businesses are expected to get to know their prospects, develop buyer personas, maintain an active social media presence, and become more customer-centric, it seems like there is some room to develop a connection between businesses and customers beyond just the transactional.

In the business world, people prefer to do business with people they like and trust. And it is very hard to trust a company. However, when your consumers are reminded there are real humans working behind the scenes, it has become easier for them to trust a company.

Sometimes it is so challenging for businesses to showcase a human touch in their marketing efforts. Perhaps companies want to present themselves as more professional and focus on finding the right keywords to implement throughout their marketing platforms. While some even simply don’t care about their robotic brand voice.

Humanizing your brand has now become a necessity. Because people like making connections, they invest their time and money in people they actually know and like.

So, in today’s competitive business world, businesses are finding ways to connect to their customers and leads through humanization, regardless of the industry.

Think if your company comes off as strictly professional, faceless or cold, it might be the right time to find some ways to humanize your brand in order to engage and retain customers. Learn these tips and tricks to get more engagement on social media platforms by humanizing your marketing efforts.

Make Your Brand’s Voice Engaging and Personal

For many businesses, reflecting themselves as thought leaders and industry influencers is essential to generating leads and gaining credibility. And since they consider it a crucial piece of branding, they don’t even bother to add a human element. The fact is, you can still portray yourself as more professional or share even highly technical content that still incorporates humor, caring, engaging tone.

Use Easy to Understand Language

You might have a few groups of people that make up your customer base. But trust me, none of these consumer groups is interested in reading corporate jargons, lingo, sales talk or overly formal language.

If you are a B2B company, then communicating your audience in an educational, informative tone is a great way. If you are a B2C company, striking an emotional chord is a worthwhile idea. You need to communicate with your audience in a way that you would in your circle of colleagues and family. The good you are at understanding your consumers’ language, the more friendly and human you will appear to them.

Focus More on Giving Something Valuable

In this age of inbound marketing, providing your readers with something valuable and informative is key. If you focus on giving them more informative without the sales pitch, they will seek you out for more. This process will help you create a strong relationship with your audience through trust that is built on your company by offering helpful, credible information.

Inbound marketing focuses on user-centricity and associate with speaking your customers’ language.

While offering valuable information, make sure to convey in a way that most effectively speaks to your audience. You need to make sure to offer the right kind of materials they will actually want to consume. Regardless of what type of methods you use to strengthen your inbound marketing, try to focus on how it will benefit your consumers, not your company.

Run an Official Blog

It is the easiest and effective way to show a human element to your audience. Keeping an active blog on your company website not only help you boost your rankings on search engine page results, but it also helps you stay up-to-date with the current topics in your industry and become more purpose-driven in your efforts. Most importantly, it shows your human side.

Having an active blog allows readers to know that you are active, educational and up-to-date, giving your business website more credibility. Moreover, it strengthens your inbound marketing efforts by offering readers information and educational pieces on topics they are looking for. Trust me, it is a win-win strategy for businesses.

Build a Strong Community

It is important to stay active on social media platforms to build your brand’s online presence. Create accounts on the famous social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, Snapchat, Pinterest and more, share engaging posts, informational videos, infographics, SlideShare and other types of visual content to boost audience engagement.

Besides posting informative posts and visual content, you can sell your services and products by posting ads. Try to engage your audience by asking for their feedback, preferences, running a contest, share a spur of the moment posts, sneak peeks of new products and events to keep them informed about your brand. Let your audience know that they matter most to you and their engagement helps you shape your services and products for improvements and continued excellence.   

Apologize When You Make a Mistake

Being human, we all have some imperfections and flaws. But when it comes to the business world, we often try to hide our mistakes in order to protect our business’s reputation. We should not forget the fact that businesses are made up of humans. So, if your company has made a mistake, admit it and come to your audience with a sincere apology and potential solution to the fault you made. Plus, you should be thanking your fans and customers for helping you reach a milestone can make your audience see you as humans who care more about them.   

Humanizing your brand is not possible without actual human beings willing to do it. In order to build the strongest relationship with your customers, you need to keep your audience in contact with regularly. It is a great opportunity to show that your business has a human side to it and is willing to help its fans and followers get information, share ideas and feel good about promoting your business.

Summing Things Up

Believe it or not, humanizing your branding efforts and marketing strategy is an art, which is hard to master. Not everyone masters this art and instills a human touch into their branding, because some businesses still believe that machine learning and chatbots can best answer customer queries and respond to complaints.

For your online business, be it provides corporate branding solutions, web design services or products, you need to interact with your audience. Why? To make your customers realize that you really care about them. To your audience, your presence is faceless and if you don’t engage with your customers, how will they trust you. Trust me, building trust with your audience goes a long way.

All in all, humanizing your brand has a myriad of benefits, including gaining credibility, building trust and getting your brand’s voice heard.

January 31, 2017
Humanize Your Brand

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