Every design project extends beyond its brief. No matter how detailed the brief is and how straightforward the project is laid out on papers when it begins to create, it unfolds into an environment of complex, closely knitted functions that attached to both humans and technology. This essentially means that a designer’s job is not just to create designs, but to create an environment that nurtures communication between the client and organization along with lasting user experiences through the use of visual elements and typography. At Dubai Monsters, we call it designing involvements.

Design involvements for us at Dubai Monsters are in multiple ways, depending on the size and the scope of the project we are working on, but every design involvement requires us to engulf ourselves into a new design experience that we do to actually feel like the project stakeholders and that also help us go beyond logic to create value for our customers.

And Why shouldn’t we? After all, we stand for complete customer satisfaction. Here are the few important ways we get it done:

Transformative Empathy

Business owners normally face trouble to connect with how the things are going to happen in their mobile phone application. They are not sure of who their target market is, or fail to connect them with the thinking of their customers. When somebody explain them the entire situation and help them in actually picturing them in place of their target audience brings out the resolution to the issue.

Instances, where the app owners can relate to the questions, that a customer would have in his mind before using the app creates clarity for the developer teams. Clear and concise requirements not only clarifies things for the developers’ team but also for the owners, as they are able to align their business goals with the total profit forecast.

According to the CEO of Dubai Monsters: “it’s like making yourself available to your customers, listen to them, trying to gain an insight on their issue and once you do that, it gets so much easier to devise successful customer-centric business plans.”

Collaborative Designing

When we feel that our customer is unable to think according to his customer and is not comprehending a business issue that can be resolved with some tweaks in the projects, therefore in order to protect him from a bigger loss tomorrow, we engage him in our design process.

One such example occurred, when we were creating an app for kids that was supposed to help them in learning basic mathematics. We suggested the idea to keep the app layout colorful and trendy which he did not initially approve to, but after we showed him a comparative analysis of the corporate design that he got made for the app with the colorful design that we created he quickly turned down his decision and vouched for the design we made for him. Our design was more colorful with animated characters and had background music so that it attracts children to play, and learn.

Collaborative designing helps greatly in conveying thoughts easily that cannot be done otherwise.

Share the Vision

At Dubai Monsters, we come across a myriad of clients with disparate visions. In order to align ourselves with their vision, we just converge our interest to one element only, our customers. When the designers and the client both start focusing their customer, their vision gets inseparable and the results that come out are fabulous. At Dubai Monsters, we have seen this happening. A small brief and haphazard design brief turned out a marvel when the visions are aligned, the efforts are collaborated and when we develop transformative sympathy for each other. It’s basically human nature. Give more, expect less and work for others. Awesome results guaranteed!

May 24, 2016

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Every design project extends beyond its brief. No matter how detailed the brief is and how straightforward the project is laid out on papers when it begins...