Dubai is United Arab Emirates’ top spot to spend your vacations. With glitzy and the best shopping malls, this land which was first considered as a desert plain and now it has become one of the most top notch vacation spots  in the world. Dubai is famous for sightseeing attractions. Skyscrapers like Burj Khalifa are one of the most acclaimed spots to have a selfie with.

This city has the perfect fusion of culture with modern add-ons. Below are top 10 must-visit places that make Dubai simply incredible.

10. Burj Al-Arab

This is the tallest hotel which stands an astounding 321m high. What makes Burj Al-Arab special is its location. It is present on an artificial island on Dubai coastline. This place is lit up by choreographed colorful lights to lift your mood up at night.

This hotel is considered as one of the most expensive and luxurious sites costing a mammoth of US $15,000 for one night.

9. Dubai Aquarium

It is the city’s top tourist attractions. Dubai Aquarium hosts more than 140 species of sea life. Enter the underwater zoo and walk in a tunnel with marine life surrounding you.

8. Bastakiya Mosque

This is not the biggest mosque in Dubai but this surely attracts tourist with its glitzy nature. This mosque has an exquisite lattice work which is detailed by the white facade. Nearby to the mosque, you can also see the remainings of the Dubai city walls which were built in the 19th century.

7. Sheikh Zayed Road

This itself isn’t a place to visit, but this road is simply beauty. This wide eight lane highway is rimmed with towering glass, steel and chrome. The courtyard gallery has some fine collection of focused Arabic art.

6. Deira Souks

It is located in the northern bank of Dubai Creek. This place is famous for its traditional markets, tourists from all over the globe take a keen interest in this place and you’ll find some variety of traditional and modern options to customize your design.

5. Jumeira Mosque

This mosque is considered as one of the most beautiful mosques. It is a fine example of Islamic art. The stone structure is built in the Fatimid tradition and two minarets display a fine art in stonework.

4. Dubai Creek

This separates the city into two halves, one Deira and the other one Bur Dubai. Small villagers grew along the creek far back since 400 years. This place has its own heritage and importance. What you’ll see here is loading and unloading of cargo some anchors may be a century old and much more.

3. Sheikh Saeed House

Sheikh Saeed Al Maktoum was once the ruler of Dubai. His residence has been rebuilt and is now restored as a museum. Thirty rooms are built around a courtyard with wind tower. This place is a must visit if you seek history and heritage.

2. Dubai Museum

This place is housed in the Al Fahidi fort which was built in 1787. The walls are built with traditional coral blocks which enhance its beauty and revoke the heritage. The museum entrance is fascinated with old maps. Heading to Dubai? This place is a must visit!

1. Burj Al Khalifa  

Who doesn’t know about the beast? Burj Khalifa the tallest building in the world right now is one of the most visited tourist destinations in Dubai. This mammoth skyscraper stands 829.8m above ground. The view from the 124th floor is much like a bird’s eye view.

So, are you heading to Dubai, these are some places you just can’t miss!     


February 4, 2016
10 Must visit Sights in Dubai

10 Must-Visit Sights In Dubai

Dubai is United Arab Emirates’ top spot to spend your vacations. With glitzy and the best shopping malls, this land which was first considered as a...