Millennials are businesses’ most important demographics, because these are 85% of 18-24 years old individuals having smartphones and spending an average 37 hours per month on mobile apps, according to Nielsen survey. They have dominated in every aspect of life from education to shopping to business world.

Capturing and maintaining customer attention is a huge challenge, but an indispensable one to develop a successful mobile app. Apparently, every problem can easily be solved by using your fingertips and the power of technology, therefore, heightened expectations of the millennial generation make them the ficklest fan and social media critics as well.

These digital natives are the most targeted and important niche for the majority of businesses out there. The millennial generation has grown up with instant connectivity and has witnessed the fastest technological developments in mobile app industry.

Be it’s a matter of education, entertainment, shopping or communication, these individuals are dependent on mobile apps to meet their everyday life needs. These young consumers carry mobiles everywhere, every time. Around 75% of millennials prefer to use mobile apps for online shopping. On average, these young consumers have 20 apps installed in their mobile devices.

This is why, millennials are the target audience for most of the businesses these days and to reach them more and more businesses are planning a mobile app development. The millennial generation’s behavior and preference have increased the need of creating mobile apps for businesses.

While creating a mobile app, it is important to keep in mind that traditional design concepts will no longer work to impress millennial demographics as they are more tech savvy and smart. Moreover, if a mobile app provides a bad user experience, it will prompt them not buy your services or products ever.

Today’s young generation demand seamless user experience with more personalization and creativity. Irrespective to the platform you choose for your mobile app development, be it Android, iOS or Windows, make sure your business app is millennial-friendly. In this blog, I’ve shared some useful mobile app development tips that will help you create an app that will meet millennials standards.

Grab their Attention

As the millennial consumers are tech savvy and have a massive exposure to the app stores’ latest offerings, it is quite challenging for marketers to win their attention. Mobile app developers are advised to design the app in a way that it stands out from hundreds of other mobile apps available in the app stores.

Try to make your business app more interactive, engaging, easy-to-use, with simple navigation. Good functioning and aesthetically appealing user interface are the must-have features of your mobile app development.

Offer Great Convenience

Have you used Uber mobile app? Just a few taps in the app and your vehicle is available at your doorstep. Most of all, the app allows its users to pay directly from their smartphone. Using the e-wallet feature will allow to not adding your credit card details or logging to your online banking service. This is why, offering great convenience to your users is everything, especially when it comes to creating a business app.

There are some other apps that have gain attention of wider audience just because of their convenience. For instance, if you find any news, articles, stories or anything interesting that you want to read, add it to the Pocket app and read it in your spare time. Make sure your app performs well and loads faster as these the crucial factors that can either make or break your app.

Get the Most Out of Social Medial Channels

Unlike baby boomers, today’s digital natives are more influenced by social media networks. The millennial generation prefer checking social media pages of the companies they are planning to make a purchase. When developing a mobile app, embrace social connectivity as it can do wonders. You can allow consumers sign up using one of their social media channels to make it quick for them. In addition, you can allow them to share your mobile app to their social media friends, as this will help you gain more potential users for your app.

Meet their Requirements

For instance, if you are an ecommerce business planning to develop a mobile app, you can allow your regular customers to order products via app and schedule delivery at their convenient time slot. Allowing users to place their order at their convenience while meeting their desires can certainly give you an edge over your competitors.

Carefully find out all the granular level needs of your consumers and learn how to meet their expectations while maintaining quality and offering a great UX. This way, not only you can sell your app to millennials but take your business towards new heights of success.

To Sum Up

Following these mobile app development tips will surely help you capture the millennial market while increasing your brand reach and loyalty. Hire a mobile app development company in Dubai that will transform your idea into app based on your requirements, and make your business reachable to millennials.

March 21, 2017
millennial-friendly app

Mobile App Development Tips to Creating a Millennial-Friendly App

Millennials are businesses’ most important demographics, because these are 85% of 18-24 years old individuals having smartphones and spending an average 37 hours per month on...