I am often asked the question of how do companies can design business to business B2B website in order to maximize lead to sale conversion.

For all those who are not already aware, your lead to sale conversion is the percentage of visitors who are landing on your website and take a desired action. The action could be filling of an email catching form, subscription to the newsletter or downloading an information graphic that you have uploaded for them to take benefit from or any other marketing tactic that could secure them as your prospect customer.

There can be several factors that are associated with maximizing conversions of any website and hence there cannot be any one answer to the solution that will suit every business. however, there are several tips that can apply across the board.

The main key to any smart website is to realize there is more to just making your website look attractive. What is important for business owners to remember is that your company’s website is a tool for you to engage and attract customers. it’s actually a vehicle that delivers a real purpose of your brands products and services. It is a vehicle that delivers the brand message, provides information, shows prospects how they can reach their goals, and leads them through the buyer’s journey until they eventually invest in your products or services.

Here are five tips about how to design your website to help deliver incremental, quantifiable results that can ultimately help you reach your company’s targeted goals:

Design for the objectives you want to achieve

What is the most important design element for a website? Graphics, copy or videos? No, the most important design element is the objective you want to achieve. Each website page should be focused on obtaining a specific response from each visitor.

Design in sales funnels

Keep in mind: your company’s website is a sales tool to attract visitors, convince them of the value of your products and then close a sale. For that reason, approach design with content and calls to action to lead website visitors through the buyer’s journey.

Design with your brand story in mind

It is no secret that brand storytelling is a powerful technique for building B2B relationships. It is a method that draws in readers and makes your business more approachable, giving it a more “human” element. As a result, your brand message should come through in telling your brand story. Website visitors must realize your company is made of real human beings who are interested in helping them reach their goals.

Design for Clarity

How people interact with websites is continuously evolving. Because of these changes, websites need to be designed to accommodate how visitors view websites. Content should be presented in short “snack-able” bites because of visitors’ shortened attention spans and time constraints that cause visitors to quickly scan pages.

“Snack-able” content, or information that is quick and easy to consume, that is displayed in bite-sized pieces typically performs best these days. Visuals, like single photos with a caption, and “card” layout, where content is broken down into individual components and then paired with an image to deliver a desired message are examples.

Design for Mobile Devices

Increasingly, people are getting online every day through a wide variety of mobile devices. More than half of all Google searches are mobile. All websites today should be mobile responsive. It is important to address this issue because designing for mobile devices can have major impact on your customer experience and SEO.

Today’s strategic website design strategies focus on simple interfaces and a cleaner style. But achieving the desired results and meeting your business objectives are equally important.

As you consider the next version of your website design, give thought to the above-mentioned five tips. With this approach, you will have a website that will more easily persuade your visitors to become your customers. for more information on how should your website look like to effectively increase conversions, get in touch with the best website agency in Dubai and ask for a custom quote.


July 12, 2016

Tips to Design Websites that Convert Leads to Sales

I am often asked the question of how do companies can design business to business B2B website in order to maximize lead to sale conversion. For […]