Nowadays, one of the biggest challenges web designers are facing is getting the attention of targeted audience. In the internet world with seemingly endless options, people can switch into bigger and better web design options within a second. They can’t stick around unless you give them a compelling reason. Videos are indeed are an excellent way to pique the interest of your audience and keep them hooked. This is the reason why many web design companies are opting for video backgrounds.

Why Use Background Videos in Your Web Design – The Benefits

Though online videos are not exactly the new concept, it is still unpredictably under-utilized. Using background videos in your website can clearly tell your clients about:

– Your brand vision

– Clearly state the strategies of your business

– Allow potential clients to easily connect with your business in a more personal yet professional way.

– Increase engagement and conversion rates

– Convey the complex idea visually, simply.

– Grabbing the attention of users.

– Give your website a modern look and feel.

Though these benefits can also be delivered through traditional messaging videos, but using background videos can greatly accomplish the same mission. Moreover, such type of videos evoke a real feeling, and help to halt the obstacles that exist in an online corporate world. In short, videos make a web-based business seem more real. That reality bring more trust, which in turn leads to more conversion rates. And this is obviously a plus point for any business website as this feature is solely focused on conversion, i.e. more sales.

Some Drawbacks…

While offering many positive effects for your website and have potential to keep users on your website, video backgrounds have some drawbacks as well:

1. Page Loading Speed

Users are now very smart and they will not stick around a page that takes forever to load. You only have two to five seconds before you lose your real users, so be careful about the file size. As if you can’t control the internet speed of your users, so be careful about the website loading time.

2. Distracting to some extent

An accurately executed video can greatly enhance the user experience, while on the other hand, a video with excess colors, or two much irrelevant content can potentially distract users from what you are trying to convey.

3. Not Work for Mobiles

When your most of the audience are mobile users, you simply can’t expect them to have access to Wi-Fi every time, as we all know about the mobile packet data speed.

How to come up with an Excellent Background Video?

Video background only work best when they clearly tell what your website offers, or the real meaning or vision behind it. It is recommended not to overdo it with crazy colors, movement and images. It works best if you use a muted, homochromatic color palette. If the workspace is being captured with too many colors or seems cluttered, you can apply editing with CSS.

You can use a semi-opaque coat to make it more subdued, or you may use a subtle pattern to subdue the overall color scheme. It will hide any undesirable pixelation that might result from a compressed video.

While shooting the video, keep the movement minimal and controlled to prevent any distraction. Since you never know how good or bad the mobile internet connection may be, it is suggested to provide a still image for mobile browsing.

Final Thoughts

Using videos on your website can produce incredible results. You can simply tell your story, create a mood and build trust with your intended audience. Undoubtedly, it is the most enduring web design trend for some very good reasons. But benefits are only as good as the execution.

By making it right, and developing a high-quality video that maintains a subtle tone, your aim is to get the attention of users and let them grasp a glimpse of your services and products. And that connection is more than anything else that will make a real connection between a user and a customer. Keep all these things in mind and make the most out of your website’s videos.

February 26, 2016
Web Design Trend of Video Background

An Emerging Web Design Trend of Video Background

Nowadays, one of the biggest challenges web designers are facing is getting the attention of targeted audience. In the internet world with seemingly endless options, people...