Amazon is a big online marketplace and too many businesses take benefit from the online ecommerce portal. But it’s a densely populated world that has too much to do and manage and too much to keep track of. As an amazon seller, your life is nowhere going to be easy. Fortunately, for the sellers of today, the market is full of tools that are going to help you in clearing your way among stiff competition on Amazon.

Here are the most prolific 12 Amazon Tools that you should know about:

Feedback Genius

Put yourself in your customers’ shoe and think what could have helped you if you were shopping online?

The answer could vary, but we believe it’s the reviews that could change your mind. Modern customers tend to search for online reviews as they plan to purchase any item online or offline. It’s a good thing that Amazon does offers a review system. But, a good system doesn’t worth it if your customer is not using it. This is where Feedback Genius comes in. it’s a tool that automatically contacts your customer once the product is successfully delivered ad ask to write a review politely. Feedback Genius is designed by and for Amazon sellers. The tool also work its magic behind the curtains. It uses marketing automation to send emails so that your customers can connect with you and your products in a more improved way.

Jungle Scout

Do you want to check what products are hot on Amazon these days and what are the popular niches? If yes, then Jungle Scout is the tool for you. Jungle Scout is also been called the “best resource for data driven research” by Forbes. It offers a product database to sift through to find out what items are selling. The database provides all the key information that a customer requires to make a buying decision. The tool also offers a product tracker which you can use for product research and save you time. Additionally, it can also be used to track your competition. Competition on Amazon is cut-throat and a tool is definitely needed to gain the advantage.

AMZ Tracker

Keyword tracing is as important to Amazon sellers as it is to any other Seo professional. AMZ tracker was the first Amazon keyword tracker.

This tool goes beyond simple keyword tracking and help companies in gaining the keyword advantage and in scoring more sales. Beyond seo, this tool also provides you an opportunity to improve your keyword rankings. A negative review monitor and customized email reports feature are a plus that you will receive with AMZ tracker tool.

Keyword Inspector

Not just a single tool, but a suite of tools, it can tell you all the keywords that a specific ASIN ranks for. This tool also features an indexing tester which will help you in ensuring that your product listing is successfully found by your target customers. This tools comes with a couple free-treats as well. The Amazon suggestion tool that helps you in finding long tail keywords along with Amazon search terms optimizer that maximizes your visibility.


Scope is yet another Amazon’s keyword and product research tool. Scope helps you in determining popular keywords that your competition is ranking upon. In addition the tool also helps you in optimizing your PPC campaigns through keywords that are likely to get you the best results.

Scope also shows you niches that can offer a high profit margin with limited competition. Finally, Scope helps with risk management by showing you estimated sales velocity, monthly revenue, and profit after Fulfillment by Amazon (FBA) expenses.

Unicorn smasher

Your perfect partner to dominate your competition on Amazon. Unicorn smasher provides you comprehensive data that includes pricing, best seller ranks, reviews and more. Additionally, Unicorn smasher also provides you a database that lets you manage all of your research in a single place. It also offers up to date revenue estimates for a gazillion of products for you to use that information to realistically forecast sales. Unicorn smasher is a great tool that let sellers save hours of their work and put a stop to analysis paralysis. It can also be integrated into the aforementioned AMZ Tracker.

Merchant Words

Would you like to know what search terms Amazon shoppers are using every day? If so, then have a look at MerchantWords.

Not only does MerchantWords collect Amazon keywords, it also gathers keywords from other sites, like Jet and Walmart. That kind of info will give you more insight as to what shoppers are searching for online.

The tool also helps you find similar keywords that will help you improve sales.


Just when you thought you couldn’t find an Amazon tool with a name crazier than Unicorn Smasher, along comes camelcamelcamel.

What is camelcamelcamel? In a nutshell, it’s an Amazon price tracker.

You can use the tool to send you alerts (via email or Twitter) when the price of a product you’re watching drops.

Additionally, camelcamelcamel also provides historical price charts for more than 18 million Amazon products.

Finally, the tool also offers an add-on so you can see price history within your Web browser.


Keepa is another Amazon price tracker. It enables you to do the following:

  •         View price history graphs
  •         Set price drop and availability alerts
  •         View historical info within your browser
  •         Compare prices on Amazon
  •         See the latest deals

Keepa also offers international support. You can use it to view pricing history in 11 different countries.

Seller Logic

It’s too often the case that marketers overlook one of the 4 Ps of marketing: price.

SellerLogic optimizes your product price on Amazon. It helps you find the price that’s most likely to land sales but also ensure that you earn a healthy margin.

The tool enables you to optimize your pricing using one of several strategies:

  •         Buy Box: The price that will land your product in the much-coveted Buy Box position
  •         Position: The price that will put you in a specific position in the search results
  •         Sales: The price that will get you “the maximum” in sales
  •         Same Price: The price that matches your competitor

There are other strategies as well. If you’re looking for a great tool to help you set just the right price for your Amazon products, be sure to check out SellerLogic.


Another tool you can use for pricing strategy is Appeagle.

According to the website: “Appeagle empowers Amazon sellers with strategic automated repricing and critical insight, elevating their ability to outsmart and dominate the competitive landscape.”

Appeagle will automate your repricing strategy so you don’t even have to lift a finger to set the right prices on a day-by-day basis.

As an advantage, Appeagle also supports the Walmart marketplace in addition to Amazon.


The last item in the list is also a pricing tool: RepricerExpress.

The website for RepricerExpress promises that you’ll win more Buy Boxes without constant attention. In other words, the tool combines the best of both worlds: marketing automation and pricing optimization based on up-to-date data.

In addition to helping you land your products in the Buy Box, RepricerExpress optimizes the prices so they end up in the “More Choices” box as well.

The tool also allows you to set price based on one of several different strategies:

  •         Beat a competitor’s price by a specific amount
  •         Match the price of a competitor
  •         Raise your price so that it’s higher than a competitor
  •         Ignore competitor prices

RepricerExpress also lets you exclude certain sellers as competitors.


So, this is the list of the 12 most prolific, Amazon marketing tools that the world is still unaware of. We urge you to start using them if you want to make your fortune go big on Amazon.

August 9, 2017

12 Powerful Amazon Marketing Tools the World is Still Unaware of

Amazon is a big online marketplace and too many businesses take benefit from the online ecommerce portal. But it’s a densely populated world that has too...