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The client wanted to develop a fantastic network for service providers/brands to promote deals to attract customers, as well as save money of customers with too-good-to-be-true deals. The client approached Branex to help them develop an innovative platform where sellers can upload coupons and discount codes against each product/service and buyers can redeem the coupon when they physically visit the store/shop/restaurant. Similarly, the client wanted to give users the ability to send gifts remotely by directly purchasing items on the platform and sharing the generated coupon code with their loved ones, which the giftee can then redeem at a brick-and-mortar store. As soon as these coupons are redeemed the app will send notifications to customers, vendor and admin. Master admin panel will have record of number of coupons downloaded and number of coupons redeemed per user. Overall, the client wished to provide all the end-users with an optimum and seamless user experience on the platform.


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  • Login /Register
    User will be able to register and create account by entering the first name, last name email address, and phone number.
  • Location:
    User will be able to add their location. Products/Sellers will be shown within a fixed radius.
  • Product Search:
    User will be able to browse categories and products. When the user clicks on Products categories, they will be able to view the relevant products with descriptions. Free Coupons for each category will be displayed at the top of the list with the details of the seller.
  • Add to Favorite:
    User will be able to add a product/seller to the favorite list.
  • Send Gift
    User can select multiple products and quantity of the product and make payment outside the app. As soon as the payment is clear, user will receive a coupon code which they can share with their friends via app or SMS.
  • Select Coupons:
    Customer can view all the discount/free coupons and have an option to pick a coupon. Once a user selects a coupon, they have 10 minutes to cancel. If they don’t cancel, the cancel button changes to “redeem”. When you click Redeem, a redemption code is generated, which needs to be shown to the store retailer to redeem offer benefits. Unless a chosen coupon is redeemed, another one cannot be picked.


  • Manage product details/inventory
    Sellers can create, modify and delete their products and descriptions under the categories created by the admin. Seller will be able to change the actual and Sale Price of each product for discounted items.
  • Approve/Disapprove Gift
    Seller will be able to approve/disapprove gift orders.
  • Product Search
    Merchants can create new coupons/deals with all required details. Seller will view the coupon code physically (to be shown by the buyer) for redemption and update the status inside the app.

Technologies Used



  • Users can create an account using Facebook or Google account.
  • Users can search for geo-location-based classifieds listings, Discover “Ads near you” or even view ad listings by real-time location. Users can apply different filters to narrow down their search queries to help them get specific results. Users can also view the related product at the end of the product page.
  • The app allows users to create wishlists and favorites, and add products to their wishlist, as well ask a query regarding a listed product.
  • Users can send invites or share ads on social media.
  • Buyers will be able to view contact number and the email address of the seller or agent and contact them via call or whatsapp.
  • Sellers can post an ad by entering complete product details, pictures, as well as contact information in addition to selecting category from the list and the purpose. For instance, if user selects the category “Property” then the user chooses the attribute (e.g. for sale, for rent etc.) from the list. Sellers are required to select location by entering postal code or selecting via google map, enter their personal details and hit “post my Ad” to finish.

Here comes the results

Branex delivered an app with stellar performance and impeccable features that added value to the business of our client. We delighted our client with the fast pace development process and delivered the project beyond expectations.




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