Being a web designer is no child’s play. There’s lot of creativity that is required of you as a designer, working as part of a web design agency or independently, and the schedule is super busy. With so much on your plate it is easier to become prone to distraction. This affects the work and performance, causing delays and corrections and nothing could be more frustrating than that.

What’s happening to you gradually is that your work routine is killing you, causing you to gain weight and eventually slow-death of your web designing skills. While the work is not physically demanding, there is a dire need to clear your head as sitting all day glaring at a screen to meet deadlines can exhaust your brain muscles.

However, the process is reversible and by taking the right measures, you can fight it all the way to eradication.
Find out how you can hone your web designing skills to work perfectly.

1. Healthy Diet

Since the job requires you to sit all day, this could be damaging for your diet. If a poor diet is followed by being a couch potato, it could really take a toll in the long run. So think before you eat and maintain proper eating schedules. Also, incorporating fruits and vegetables in your diet can work wonders in getting those rusty brain muscles to work appropriately.

Keeping your energy levels high is of utmost importance to keep you going all day. Since alertness at work has a lot to do with staying fit, do what you need to do to feel sharp and active. Go to places that stirs in energy and gets your body working up. If your body is tuned up, your mind will be better prepared to take on the tasks at hand. Balance this connection well in your everyday routine.

2. Take Breaks

Studies show that our brain works best in a pattern, allowing us to focus for 90 to 120 minutes before it is in need of a break. So take breaks every 90 minutes. What would you do in this break? Watching something from your favorite YouTube channel doesn’t count as a break as you are still glued to the monitor. Get up from your seat, stretch or take a walk to get yourself some coffee from the nearest coffee shop.

3. Work for No More than 8 Hours

There could be nothing more devastating than working long hours. It may be the norm in many places, to work for 12 hours a day, especially startups, but if you can accomplish just as much within 8 hours, you will really do your health a favor.

4. Plenty of Rest

In order to ensure a proper function of the brain, another favor you can do to yourself is getting enough sleep. Be on the bed by 10 and get up at 6 and you can see for yourself the drastic changes taking place in your performance. If you don’t provide plenty of rest to your eyes, brain and body, your health will slowly begin to deteriorate, making it easier to lose focus at work. Since focus and concentration are your best assets, conserve enough stamina to exert your energy for them while at work.

Follow practices that are necessary to keep your mind and body going. It will lead to a great deal of alertness while you are at work, resulting in improved productivity. So abide by the above-mentioned points and notice the difference within days!

June 2, 2016

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