Online shopping has made our lives easier. Today’s consumers want to purchase things on the go and from the comfort of their home. Thanks to ecommerce apps, they act like go-to shopping places where you can buy your favorite items, dresses, shoes, skin care products, electronic items and even furniture items. Ecommerce apps offer a lot of convenience and ease, allowing many business professionals to develop their own app.

Today, many famous ecommerce apps such as Amazon, IKEA, Noon, Walmart, Carrefour, etc. are performing outstandingly and making huge profits. These ecommerce apps offer exceptional customer service, high quality products and have earned a large, loyal user base.

Due to the rising popularity of ecommerce apps, many entrepreneurs and businesses are planning to develop their own ecommerce apps. Developing an ecommerce app is not that difficult as it sounds. All you need is an amazing mobile app idea and get all the necessary information about the ecommerce app development process.

If you are planning to enter the ecommerce market and want to build an ecommerce website like Noon. Here is an easy guide on how to develop an ecommerce app like Noon app and how much does it cost to build an app like Noon. Understanding the process of ecommerce app development, important features and advanced technologies will help you build a successful ecommerce app.

Let’s get started.

Table of Contents

  •     Ecommerce Apps – Market Overview
  •     What is a Noon App?
  •     Famous Ecommerce Apps in Dubai
  •     Why Should You Create an Ecommerce App like Noon?
  •     Important Features to Add in Ecommerce App
  •     How to Make Sales by Building an Ecommerce App?
  •     How to Develop an Ecommerce App like Noon?
  •     Tech Stack to Build an Ecommerce App like Noon
  •     How Much Does It Cost to Build an App like Noon?
  •     Partner with Branex to Create Your Own Ecommerce App


Ecommerce Apps – Market Overview

Why is the ecommerce market getting popular day by day and achieving tremendous growth? There are a number of reasons driving the growth and popularity of the ecommerce industry. Ecommerce market statistics will convince you to build an app like Noon.


Source: Forbes

It is interesting to know that revenue in the ecommerce industry reached $6.310 trillion in 2023 and it is expected that retail purchases are expected and the revenue will reach $8.148 trillion in 2026. This amazing data clearly tells that the ecommerce market is growing at a rapid rate and investing in ecommerce app development is a sensible choice to stay competitive in the market.

What is a Noon App?

Let’s learn about the Noon app. Noon is one of the most popular ecommerce apps in Dubai. According to Statista, Noon is the most famous and widely used ecommerce app, known for its quick delivery and fast shipping time. Noon is a Dubai-based ecommerce platform; however, it offers its services to UAE, KSA and Egypt. The ecommerce app in Dubai is making tremendous sales, US $290.7m in 2022, and it will increase in the future with the increasing demands of products.

Image Source

The Noon app offers a wide variety of products in a number of categories, including fashion and beauty products, baby products, electronic items, home décor and much more. You will find many amazing discounts and offers on the app. The app follows a delivery model called Noon-Now. The user interface is so intuitive and offers a seamless shopping experience. These amazing features and qualities will persuade many businesses to build an ecommerce app like Noon.

Famous Ecommerce Apps in Dubai

When it comes to creating an ecommerce app like Noon, it is important to perform in-depth research on the most popular ecommerce mobile apps in the UAE. By carefully analyzing them, your ecommerce app development team will gain a clear idea of what advanced features and functions you need to include in your upcoming ecommerce app. Remember, market research will help you develop a unique mobile app that stands out in the competitive world.


Here is a list of the famous ecommerce apps in Dubai, UAE.

  •         Amazon
  •         Noon
  •         Alibaba
  •         AliExpress
  •         Dream Dubai
  •         Mumzworld
  •         Carrefour
  •         Namshi


Why Should You Create Your Own Ecommerce App like Noon?

Building an ecommerce app like Noon is a great idea. In this ever-evolving ecommerce market, investing in an ecommerce app is a profitable idea. Creating a shopping app like Noon can increase your chances of getting more brand visibility, earn a loyal fan base and generate more revenue. You can hire Android Developers online and discuss your ideas with them. The team can better understand the market trends and deliver you an intuitive and advanced ecommerce app like Noon.   

Here are a few reasons why you need to build a unique ecommerce app like Noon:

  •         Creates a memorable shopping experience
  •         Build brand loyalty and strong relationship with your audience
  •         Gain more brand visibility and recognition
  •         A profitable, long-term investment to grow your business

Developing your own ecommerce marketplace is a strategic move that can prepare your brand to achieve a unique identity in the competitive online shopping world. If you want to position your brand in the online ecommerce world and want to achieve long-term success, then you should partner with Branex to build your own ecommerce app.

Important Features to Add in Ecommerce App

When it comes to ecommerce app development, it is advised to know the most important features of an ecommerce application. There are three panels of an ecommerce app – User, Vendor and Administrator.

Let’s discover the most important features of each panel.

User Panel

  •         Registration & Login
  •         Products searching
  •         Order Submission
  •         Order Status and Tracking Options
  •         Wishlist
  •         Payment Options
  •         Loyalty Schemes
  •         Real-Time Notifications
  •         Feedback and reviews


Vendor Panel

  •         Registration & Log In
  •         Inventory Control
  •         App Subscription Plan
  •         Payment Evaluation
  •         Product and Order Management
  •         Management of Multiple Stores


Admin Panel

  •         Dashboard Administration
  •         Product and Category Management
  •         User Administration
  •         Deals and Offers Management
  •         Analytics and Reports


List of Some Advanced Features

  •         One-click Purchase
  •         Use of AI
  •         AR implementation
  •         Chatbot integration


How to Make Sales by Building an Ecommerce App?

Building a feature-rich and highly-functional ecommerce app can help you earn profit and grow your business on a large scale. Fortunately, there are many effective ways to earn money and male great profit through ecommerce mobile apps. There are many monetization strategies that can actually work and help you earn more revenue.

Here are some monetization strategies for your ecommerce app.

In-App Advertising

It is one of the most effective monetization strategies for your ecommerce app that is considered as a straightforward path to earn profit. You can place ads in your app without costing users directly. You can obtain profit from ad buyers who pay for displaying ads to your app. From banners to videos, playable or native ads, there are numerous formats to choose from for in-app advertising.  

Subscription Model

It is the most common monetization method for your ecommerce app. Many famous apps such as Netflix, Disney and other apps are using this model to their advantage. By charging users to pay some amount to access the app’s advanced features, you can get the consistent flow of cash. With the right incentives and features, your subscription-based app monetization method can work in the long run.

Freemium Model

As the name suggests that Freemium, provides basic features at no cost. It encourages users to engage with the app without any initial financial involvement. Users can enjoy an ad-free and wide range of functionalities by opting for a premium subscription. To get full access to all the advanced features of the ecommerce app, users need to subscribe to the Premium model. However, the freemium model encourages users to try the app without any cost, which will lead to higher user engagement and potential user referrals.  

How to Develop an Ecommerce App like Noon?


Here is a step-by-step guide to build an ecommerce shopping app like Noon.

  •         Competitor Analysis
  •         Find a target audience
  •         Hire a reliable app development team
  •         Define the feature set and concept
  •         Create an Intuitive UI/UX Design
  •         The MVP development approach
  •         Integration with Third-Party Services
  •         App Testing and Launching
  •         Support and Maintenance

Competitor Analysis

It is one of the most important steps of an ecommerce app development that can help you shape your vision. By performing in-depth competitor analysis, you can identify the latest technologies, app development trends, UI/UX trends and explore revenue models perfectly fit for your solutions. You can find the strengths and weaknesses of competitors’ apps to make your app better and smarter.  

Find a Target Audience

Identify your target audience who actually needs your app. Perform a detailed analysis to identify their likes and dislikes, shopping behavior, buying pattern and other important information to make your app development successful. Identify the unique feature that your audience will love to use and catch their interest. It will make your app unique for the specific user base.

Hire a reliable app development team

Finding an experienced mobile app development team can help you make your ecommerce app development project a big hit. The team will guide you on how to gather app requirements, use the latest development technologies and create a workable solution for your audience.

Define the Feature set and Concept

It is the most important step of your ecommerce app development that needs your full attention. Discuss the mobile app idea with your app development team and they will transform your app idea into a full-fledged solution. Identify the must-have features and advanced functionality to make your ecommerce app unique. Keep in mind that the set of features and functionalities can help the development team to figure out the ecommerce app development cost. If you want to know how much does it cost to build an app, discuss it with our team.

Create an Intuitive UI/UX Design

Creating a beautiful and intuitive app design is important to improve the functionality of your app. The UI/UX design team uses aesthetically pleasing colors, micro interactions and flawless transitions to make the app interface more intuitive. Make sure to keep the design minimalist and follow the advanced Ecommerce web design trends as well as app design trends to deliver an exciting user experience.

The MVP development approach

You have a team of Android app developers and iOS app developers that are well-versed of all the development techniques and platform requirements. The team can create an MVP that will get you a clear idea of the current market and the interest of the audience. Once you get feedback after the launch of an MVP launch, you will know the reaction of the target users. It will minimize the risks and help you complete the development project successfully.

Integration with Third-Party Services

If you want to add highly advanced features to your ecommerce app, it is advised to integrate third-party services. From multiple payment gateways to mapping, authentication, analytics and messaging, you can integrate with popular third-party services to make your ecommerce app feature rich.

App Testing and Launching

Your mobile app testing team will conduct a detailed analysis to check the app’s performance, functions, complexity, installation and other features. The testing phase will ensure that your app is error-free, working smoothly and ready to launch.

Once the app testing process is completed, your app development team deploys the app on the suitable platform. After launching, your app is available to download and use.

Support and Maintenance

Your shopping app needs technical assistance to ensure the app is working well. This is the last step of the ecommerce app development that is essential for the smooth functioning of your app. Whether the app needs any update or any kind of maintenance, a mobile app development company provides constant support and maintenance services to make your app functioning well.

Tech Stack to Build an Ecommerce App like Noon

When it comes to choosing the tech stack for your ecommerce app, it is advised to select the ecommerce tech stack carefully. Ecommerce stacks include tools, frameworks, platforms, applications and programming languages. The technology stack supports different workflows and helps run your ecommerce store. Choosing the right stack can create a memorable user experience and distinct shopping experience.

Here are some important ecommerce tech stacks you need to build an app like Noon.

Front-end Ecommerce Technologies:

  •         CSS
  •         HTML
  •         JavaScript (Vue, React, Angular, jQuery)

Back-end Ecommerce Technologies:

Operating systems


  •         Kotlin
  •         Java


  •         Swift
  •         Objective-C

iOS Mobile Development Tools:

  •         AppCode
  •         XCode

Cross-platform Programming Tools:

  •         Flutter
  •         React Native
  •         Xamarin

Programming Languages:

  •         Ruby
  •         Java
  •         Python
  •         Scala
  •         PHP

UI Frameworks:

  •         SwiftUI
  •         UIKIt


  •         MongoDB
  •         MySQL
  •         PostgreSQL
  •         Firebase by Google
  •         DynamoDB by Amazon


  •         Firebase storage
  •         AWS

How Much Does It Cost to Build an App like Noon?

It is one of the most important questions many entrepreneurs ask before building an ecommerce app. Mobile app development cost is the most important factor that can have a huge impact on the business’s goals and requirements. It is difficult to estimate the exact cost of an ecommerce app like Noon, as the development cost is determined by a number of factors.


Factors-of -Cost
Here is the list of some factors that can have a huge impact on the cost to build an ecommerce app like Noon.

  •         App design
  •         Mobile app platforms
  •         Complexity of app structure
  •         Number of features and functionalities
  •         Development team
  •         Development time
  •         Location and charges of developers
  •         App hosting and security

The average cost of building an ecommerce app like Noon would be around ~AED 70,000 to AED 1,35,000. The cost estimation will increase if you add more advanced features and complex functionalities to get the cross-platform app.

Partner with Branex to Create Your Own Ecommerce App

Branex can help you build an ecommerce app by integrating a number of advanced functions to make your app super successful. We have a team of expert iOS developers and Android developers that truly understand the current market needs and provide a robust ecommerce application.

Partnering with Branex is a sensible approach as we assist you throughout the ecommerce app development process. We leverage the top mobile app development technologies and tools to integrate advanced features and custom functionalities. The team has extensive technical knowledge that will help you build an app like Noon that offers a bug-free experience. You can discuss your mobile app idea with our development team and we will help you build a full-fledged ecommerce mobile app.

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