Websites today are strikingly different than they used to be back in the day. They are no more digital brochures and serve a greater purpose. From a mere creative design that simply attracts the visitors to content publishing platforms and marketing hubs, websites sure have come a long way.

One point that can be extracted from the transformation that a website can never get your business up and running if its only just design-driven. All top website designers are on to reverse engineer the process around ideal clients’ searching behaviors as well as their content consumption behavior.

If you are to redesign your website around that, it’s best to take search engine optimization into account as well so that we can feed on the customers’ behaviors. With the world of online marketing growing rapidly, it is challenging to keep up with it. SEO is evolving too and can have a positive impact on your redesigning needs if you include it early in the stages. Here’s how and what you can do about it all:

Efficient Keyword Research

Keyword research aids in determining the content and pages as it impacts site navigation, page count as well as content. While it may sound like a lot, it’s not all complex but still not many implement it when drafting website content.

Right when you are to design your website and make a content strategy, include the keyword research as part of the entire plan. Use Google AdWords from the beginning to look for the keywords that your niche is conducting search on. You can kill two birds with one stone here: You can find out the most searched words in your niche as well as the competition for commercial competition amongst the words. Grab a list of words from there and include in your website copy alongside the marketing plans.

Craft Useful Content

Your content team needs to know what they are to write about. Therefore, as soon as you are through with keyword research, now is the time to call in content team and inform them of the objectives. They can produce better content if they have a fair knowledge of the goal of weaving keyword targets in the website copy. Remember, it’s a team work.

Best Practices for SEO Coding

Best practices should be conveyed amongst all without any delay. As you are getting the website redesigned, ensure that it is optimized right from the first line of website code. You may also have the developers take a look at Web Developer’s SEO Cheat Sheet by Moz.

Overall Website Layout

The overall layout of your website needs to be affixed as well in order to better convert via optimization. This means content placement above the fold, CTAs (Call to Action buttons) are placed where they are visible and the right copy of content is using the best code. Also ensure that you are not just stuffing content. Break it into parts and be precise about making your point since the beginning because you are not just designing for the SEO but for the visitors as well. Other content also needs to be included which may or may not include downloadable PDFs, embedded podcasts and YouTube videos and images to add more life to plain content.

When SEO is not taken into account in the early stages of website design and development, your website will never fully be able to reach organic search engine potential. We all want to know How to Rank Higher on Google but seldom do we try. Your website needs the eternal combination of SEO and design so that it doesn’t become a victim of lower rankings on Google and other search engines.

August 8, 2016

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Websites today are strikingly different than they used to be back in the day. They are no more digital brochures and serve a greater purpose. From...