Let’s find out what your audience is talking about your brand and turn mentions into your loyal customers with the right social media listening tools.

Social listening is not a new trend in 2023, but still it is considered as one of the most proven strategies for brands to craft their digital marketing strategies. Today, online reputation plays a key role in making or breaking your brand image. Social media listening can help brands gain valuable insights of their existing and potential customers. 

With the advent of social media tools, now customers have more power to share their point of view about products, services, company culture and other details that they like or dislike. It also helps brands understand what others are saying about their offerings, allowing them to respond immediately. 

According to recent digital statistics for April 2023, there are more than 4.8 billion active users on social media platforms. Thanks to social media listening tools, now you can easily discover what your customers have to say about your brand. Social media listening tools give you an excellent opportunity to monitor your brand mentions and stay updated on what is trending.


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The best thing about these social media listening tools is that they can help you understand what your customers feel about your brand. This way you can improve your emotional connection with your target audience. show the brand mentioned, regardless of the size and level of competition. If you want to improve your digital marketing strategy, monitor brand mention across multiple platforms with social listening tools.

Let’s check out why brands should use social media listening tools and the list of the top social media listening tools for 2024.

  1.       Brandwatch Consumer Intelligence
  2.       Brand24
  3.       Digimind
  4.       Agorapulse
  5.       Mentionlytics
  6.       Audiense
  7.       Keyhole
  8.       Talkwalker
  9.       Meltwater
  10.   YouScan


 Why Should Brands Use Social Media Listening Tools?

Social media listening tools are becoming increasingly popular among brands of all sizes and types. These tools give brands the ability to track and analyze conversations about their products, services, and competitors across a variety of social media platforms. Social media listening tools can help brands to understand what their customers are talking about their offerings, both positive and negative.

Many digital marketers use this data to develop new products and services, create more refined social media marketing campaigns and adjust existing marketing campaigns to grow their brand. Here is a list of benefits of using social media listening tools:

  •         Understand customer sentiment
  •         Identify emerging trends
  •         Track the effectiveness of marketing campaigns.
  •         Improve customer service
  •         Build relationships with influencers


1.  Brandwatch Customer Intelligence

Brandwatch is one of the best social media listening tools that many brands use for building better understanding about their consumers. It is considered as the top consumer intelligence platform that helps you collect posts, comments and conversations that are relevant to your brand.

With Brandwach, you can get the historical and real-time consumer data to improve your digital marketing strategy. The smart AI system will allow you to perform image analysis, AI-powered search, and automatically segment data to fit your needs.

You can track data by keyword or phrases, demographics, influencers and content type.  Sentiment analysis will help you track neutral, positive and negative engagement. You can use data for creating social media strategies and achieve brand growth.



  •         Sentiment Analysis
  •         historical and real-time consumer data
  •         Trend Tracking
  •         Influencer Identification
  •         Report Customizability
  •         Powerful Social Analytics
  •         Shared insights
  •         AI-powered search
  •         Instant reporting


2.  Brand24

Brand24 is an AI-based social media listening tool that can help discover customer insights and protect your brand reputation. Whether you want to brand mention or measure your brand awareness and presence, Brand24 is the right choice for tracking reach and engagement. With this tool, you can better understand your customers and learn what they like or dislike about your products or services.

You can access honest customer feedback and utilize valuable insights to make well-informed decisions about your company. Brand24 allows you to track hashtags and measure the effectiveness of your hashtag campaigns. You can find industry influencers and collaborate with them for your next digital marketing campaign.



  •         Track audience reach
  •         Measure brand awareness
  •         Automate reporting
  •         Measure hashtag reach and volume
  •         Advanced sentiment analysis


3.  Digimind

Digimind is a social listening and market intelligence tool that can help social media marketers to fully understand consumer insights. You can stay on top of the latest market trends and learn how to stay relevant in the competitive digital environment. The amazing Digimind tool has the ability to collect, process and enrich billions of content pieces to provide you with the relevant analysis.

It has an amazing AI sense that can prepare in-depth reports on any topic. You can access real-time social data and use it to make meaningful changes in your marketing campaign. From measuring brand reputation to accessing consumer intelligence, identifying industry influencers and competitive intelligence, Digimind can act as your reliable social listening partner.


  •         Brand reputation
  •         Competitive intelligence
  •         Consumer insights
  •         Influencer identification
  •         Trend tracking
  •         Campaign analysis
  •         Reputation management



4.  Agorapulse

Agropulse is a social listening tool that can find out what people are saying about your brand and your competitors. It is a great tool for individuals, businesses and established enterprises. You can access social conversations about your company, competitors and respond to urgent conversations. The easy-to-use and straightforward user interface allows you to set up relevant brand listening parameters.

You can listen to relevant conversations about your company and refine YouTube, Facebook and Instagram searches. Its Boolean operators provide you exactly what you want. The interface allows you to label important content and discover new feedback with unlimited saved searches.


  •         Analytics
  •         Automated Publishing
  •         Contact Management
  •         Content Management
  •         Conversion Tracking


5.  Mentionlytics

Mentionlytics is one of the best web and social media listening tools that can help you monitor keywords in both social and web sources. With Mentionlytics, you can identify positive as well as negative mentions with highly advanced sentiment analysis.

You can filter social listening results by source, country, keyword and language. It also identifies industry top influencers in your industry. With its advanced filters and Boolean searches, you can narrow down what matters for your brand. Mentionlytics allows you to identify the trends in your industry so that you can craft more creative social media campaigns for your brand. Mentionlytics also allows you to monitor your competitors and their online activities.

You can improve your customer service by identifying and responding fast to your customer feedback, inquiries and complaints. The smart social intelligence advisor can help you analyze the results of your social media campaigns.


  •         Worldwide search
  •         Access mention insights
  •         Find industry influencers
  •         Grow your brand’s reputation
  •         Track mentions to your brands, competitors and industry
  •         Real-time charts and feedback 
  •         Manage your brand’s online reputation
  •         Get mention insights and grow sales
  •         Sentiment analysis


6.  Audiense

Audiense is another famous social media listening tool for your small business. You can understand what your audience wants, identify insights and make data-driven decisions. The tool provides you with audience intelligence data that you can use to build a strong communication strategy.

With its useful customer’s insights, you can understand segments of consumers and unlock cultural insight to improve connections, conversions and customer experience. It allows you to build data-driven personas and create campaigns that perfectly align with your ideal audience. Its intelligent audience segmentation will allow you to understand your customers on a deeper level.


  •         Audience insights
  •         Understand niche audiences
  •         Identify the right influencers
  •         Segment audiences by interests


7. Keyhole

Keyhole is a real-time brand monitoring and social media insights tool that can let you analyze brand mentions, marketing campaigns and influencers. The tool is used by many digital marketing agencies, nonprofit organizations and global brands. It provides you all the relevant data you need to make well-informed decisions about your brand.

Keyhole lets you know about what people are saying about your brand so that you can engage with your leads and customers instantly. The tool lets you examine your social media campaign performance in real-time. It also helps you analyze your profile growth and engagement and optimize your social media strategy.


  •         Audience Segmentation
  •         Competitive Analysis
  •         Configurable Alerts
  •         Customer Engagement
  •         Influencer tracking
  •         Explore the latest trends
  •         Conduct market research
  •         Profile analytics
  •         Find brand mentions


8.  Talkwalker

Talkwalker is a next-gen social listening tool that can help brands discover customer insights and manage online reputation. The tool can collect solid and reliable data from more than 30+ social networks and 150 million websites. Talkwalker lets digital marketers take strategic initiatives and unlock access to larger conversations around your brand.

  •         Get actionable, real-time social insights
  •         Make customer centric decision in real-time
  •         Analyzing social media conversations
  •         Enhance brand’s social presence and engagement
  •         Extensive coverage
  •         Advanced Boolean catalog
  •         Sentiment analysis
  •         Influencer identification
  •         Comprehensive demographics
  •         Visual analytics


9.  Meltwater

Meltwater is a social listening platform that is exclusively designed for unlocking the powerful insights for your business. With this amazing social listening and analytics platform, you can easily capture brand mentions and uncover useful insights. The intelligent system helps you understand your consumers and collect data that you can use for your social media marketing campaigns.


  •         Capture brand mention
  •         Daily, weekly and monthly reports
  •         Capture historical data
  •         Powerful customizable alerts
  •         Image recognition and analytics
  •         Sophisticated Boolean search tools
  •         Accurate sentiment analysis
  •         24/7 global customer support
  •         Export data with API
  •         Build custom dashboards
  •         Image recognition and analytics

10.  YouScan

Youscan is a social listening platform that provides you with real-time consumer insights and complete visual analysis. The tool lets you collect all the brand mentions by using keywords, logos, and even text on images. You can get access to more than 500 billion historical conversations through Youscan. The AI-powered data segmentation allows you to sort brand mentions by subjects, categories and trends. You can easily find posts that contain customers’ appreciations, complaints, opinions and even comparisons in a matter of seconds.

With Youscan, you can get instant insights about the cutting-edge trends and conversations, collect customer feedback and compare user-generated visual content. Furthermore, you can easily find influencers and brand ambassadors for your social media marketing campaign. Youscan also allows you to monitor and evaluate your influencer marketing campaigns and measure the impact on your brand position and success.


  •         Get relevant data
  •         Slice and dice data
  •         Classify the data
  •         Focus on unique posts
  •         AI-powered data segmentation
  •         95% sentiment detection accuracy
  •         Get instant insights about the emerging trends


Wrapping Up

Social media listening is an ongoing process, and it is important to review your data on a regular basis. This will help you to identify trends and make adjustments to your marketing campaigns if required. Contact a Digital marketing agency in Dubai to create a plan for how to collect and use the data for making adjustments to your social media marketing campaigns and reach your brands to new heights of success. 


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