Creating content with a big budget is really a piece of cake. Even targeting the audience and reaching out to them sounds sanely easy for them. However, producing something specifically for the right market, on the right channel and in the right direction, and that too within a limited budget is where it becomes tough.

With resource constraints and other challenges, small businesses usually go through a lot before they become a top-notch business. This is where your motivation should come from: Every large business was once small and a beginner – just like you. All you ever have to do is recreate the strategy, work on it, work harder as the days pass by and you will get there.

If you happen to be a small business looking forward to producing content on a budget, here are 10 hacks that can guide you the way.

1. Visuals matter

People today don’t have a lot of time to read just about everything that they see online. They filter out or just go about the headlines. What else is there that would grab their attention? Visuals. If you ever invest, invest in getting the right visuals in this digital marketing age, sometimes they come really cheap. Create good videos, infographics and tell stories. The more you incorporate the visual elements, the more people are going to ReTweet what you said and share away your post, which brings us to the next step.

2. Utilizing social media channels

Contributing to social media channels is a must. If you do not have a presence over the most popular channels, remember, you are missing the most populous of the places where you are supposed to find your target market. Disseminating content becomes easier when you have various social media channels. Make use of them.

3. Events are chances

Every time there is a local event, or even global, make sure you cover it with your content. This way the results crawl up on Google and hence create a chance for your content to go up in the rankings, provided you are using the right keywords and search engine optimization technique, SEO.

4. Keywords

Since search engines like Google are everybody’s go-to medium for just about everything today, you need to rank up higher there. In order to be able to do that, you need to research on the keywords that Google takes into account as people look them up. Conduct a research on this and use various SEO tools to calculate traffic and see how you are holding up. Most of them are free of cost.

5. From presentations to SlideShare posts

Product presentations are usually kept away, PowerPoint presentations that are never used again until today. Turn them all into SlideShare posts and make it a blog post summary. They are visual as well as are now becoming a part of a larger network. Fulfill both the points mentioned above which means that nothing goes on a solo mission ever.

6. Blog posts via videos

If there are any videos that are lying around for various products or brands within the company, make use of them. Study them, add in a few more pointers and convert it into a blog post. It saves you the time of creating a unique blog post. All the research that you ever need is there in the form of videos. Elaborate it and recreate it by simply producing the content for it.

7. Stay updated with the trends

Write a blog post on trending topics, it works like wonders. Take some time out to research over what’s trending currently and write posts accordingly. Craft fascinating headings that are real head-turners but incorporate your very own writing style to keep it unique.

8. Sharing away your own blog posts

All the blogs that you write, it is best to share them away on all the social media channels, and everywhere else you can think of. If your writing style makes blog fun and interesting reads, chances are they will get read often, providing you the reach and penetration you need.

9. Keeping a log

In order to keep a log of all things that you blog about, create a website, a portal. Keep on setting and placing everything that you can in order to create a log that can help you later in NOT repeating all that you write.

10. Stating facts

Any content that holds facts, stats and lists will have more weightage over the one that doesn’t. All those materials within your content support the authenticity of your content. Use them with great care.

So here are 10 tips on a budget, a perfect fit for any small business. Simple, right? Incorporate them today to experience radically positive changes in your content marketing results.


February 29, 2016
Content Marketing Tips on a Budget

10 Content Marketing Tips on a Budget

Creating content with a big budget is really a piece of cake. Even targeting the audience and reaching out to them sounds sanely easy for them....