I am sure you don’t have a second opinion on it: the Facebook business manager is downright confusing. The mystified permission levels, enigmatic roles, and the ambiguous ad accounts make Facebook business manager even more obscure than Facebook ads manager.

But having said that, there are some serious myths about Facebook business manager floating in the social media cosmos. Deletion of ad accounts by mistake which caused employees to lose data, creating multiple pixels and losing track of what to conclude with them.

So, let us clear some mist over the dark clouds that are surrounding your business. In this blog post, we will be debunking some misconceptions and myths about the Facebook business manager.

Hold your horses and brace yourself for the social impact.

Myth 1: Facebook business manager is complex than Ads Manager

Remember when you were a kid and you were first introduced to the concept of sentences. At first, you were confused with so many alphabets bundled together to make something out of it.

The Same scenario is replayed when first see the interface of the Facebook business manager. With Facebook Ads manager it was a simple interface with limited options.

But just like your childhood, when you started understanding the meaning of alphabets it was piece of cake for you.

Here the piece of cake is getting familiar with the interface of the Facebook business manager.

Once, you’re comfortable with the setting of Facebook business manager, particularly within the Power Editor, then you will also be able to navigate the Business Manager with ease.

Keep in mind that whether be it Facebook business manager or Facebook Ads manager you cannot use one and ignore the other. Both need to use simultaneously.

The Facebook Ads manager directly connects with your Facebook business manager to centrally locate all the assigned tasks, employees, and their associations. For an effective marketing campaign, you need all the spices in one place, and business manager has them all in one place.

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However, one feature that irritates most new users is the outset of permissions in the business manager. There are Business Manager Admins, Page Admins, Ad Account Admins, and the list goes on.

Facebook, sadly did a poor job of assigning permissions in a simple way. And that is why people sometimes, prefer Ads Manager over Business Manager. But, for you, go for both.

Myth 2: Switching to Business Manager is a tedious process

The world is a place of uncertainty. And often we need to do things that seem uncomfortable to us. Same goes for Business Manager. It is not a choice, but a necessity of modern business.

Previously it was a real pain for the ads agency to access ads via client’s personal Facebook account. But with the Facebook business manager, the discomfort converted into ease.

With the new business manager, within an hour, you will have more transparency over your actions and client will be happy to pay you the price which you deserve.

Let us help you get viral on social media.

What you need to understand and make your clients understand is the way new Facebook business manager creates transparency for all to see the impact of the campaigns.

Myth 3: You can operate limited accounts with Business Manager

The Facebook business manager gives you limited account option.

Don’t really know where this myth came from but people are taking it seriously.

There is no such thing as having a limited number of accounts in Business Manager.

Some of you may have run into this limitation issue in the past, as there once was an ad account limit and Facebook would “whitelist” various accounts. If you are still facing issues with ad account limits, it’s clear that something within the Ad Account isn’t linked to the Business Manager properly, or it could be a bug.

Myth 4: Be friends with the client if you want to operate Business manager account

This one is a total fabricated myth which needs to stop right now. While in the past you were required to be friend with the client to run ads for them, and on top of that your client had that option to do the edits in the add, now it is not possible.

The Business manager gives the advertiser complete authority to edit alone without getting interrupted by the client.

This, in fact, is a great feature which lets the advertiser complete control and gives the desired results with their efforts.

Myth 5: Business Manager doesn’t improve your ROI

What gets measured gets improved. And Business manager will help you realize this fact and prove it right.

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As a project management tool, Business Manager will help you and your team save time, which in turn saves you and your client’s money. It helps make your workflow more efficient and aids in managing employees more effectively while holding everyone more accountable. With Business Manager, you can quickly check in and take the temperature of all your accounts, all within one interface with less room for error. It brings greater transparency all around and proves your professionalism from the outset.

To conclude it all. You need to understand the latest happenings in the social media fraternity. It is no longer a matter of choice to leave Facebook business manager, but instead it is time to blow with the wind.


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November 13, 2017

Read with Caution: Facebook Business Manager Myths Just Got Busted

I am sure you don’t have a second opinion on it: the Facebook business manager is downright confusing. The mystified permission levels, enigmatic roles, and the...