When it comes to website redesign, businesses invest thousands of dollars to get a more appealing web design, hoping that it will lead to more conversions and sales. But do you think website design really matter for your business success? Is a simple web design more crucial than persuasive design? What factors can make your website great? What users really want? Does adding a wow factors leave a positive impact on your audience, does it impact the bottom line?

Minimalist vs. Crowded Websites

Is simplicity the key factor that can make your website design a big hit? Or does a crowded web design with a lot of information and images on each page work the best?


A study conducted by usability.gov says, “Having a credible looking website scored 4 out of 5 on the relative importance scale”.

There are many common question that many business owners might have when it comes to website designing.

In this blog, you will learn a few key web design principles to keep in mind and what factors a website owner should consider to create a website design that generate more sales and profits.

What Makes Your Website Credible?

According to different researches and surveys, having a credible website is key. Here are some effective ways explained by usability.gov that you can do to make your website credible.

  •         Arrange your website elements in a logical manner
  •         Add references in your blogs, infographics
  •         Provide complete author’s bio and his/her social media links
  •         Make sure your website looks professional
  •         Make sure you regularly post fresh content on your blog
  •         Provide outbound links and give credit to research and statistics for references
  •         Add a FAQs section

Why Avoiding Crowded Website is Important?

Having a minimalist, uncluttered website is crucial, especially if you really want to make your website look more professional. Making it clean and simple is an important yet overlooked aspect of websites. Moreover, it is important to be consistent in terms of website positioning.

Arrange all the important items on your website in a way that it will make it easier for users to use your website, thus providing a great user experience and improving web usability. Make your navigation simpler and easier and use them on the same location on every page.

Remember: creating a consistent website is key.

Check out the example of cluttered, crowded website:


And have a look at this clean, simple web design:


Now ask yourself, which one looks more credible? Which one are you more likely to open your wallet? It simply helps you understand that uncluttered, minimalist website design is important for your business.

Help Users to Make Faster Purchase Decision

Providing users with the details of different packages is key so that they will compare your packages. This will make easier for users to weigh the pros and cons of packages without going to different pages on your website to know the details of each package. Let users check the important details they want to compare.

Here is a good example of pricing packages that usually SaaS business mention on their website.


Moreover, you can also allow users to easily compare your products to make it easier for them to make a fast purchase decision.

Try using similar strategy for your website and see what kind of response you get.

White Space Matters Most

It is important to incorporate some white space in your website design and allow your content and design elements some room to breathe. It will make your website a clean, fresh and sophisticated look.

Eliminate All Pop-Ups

You will surely agree with the point that pop-ups are annoying and interrupt web usability. So, it is important to not just remove all popups, but avoid any irritating graphics that get in the way of users. A website with minimal distractions can provide a more seamless user experience, while increasing your chances of getting more leads.

Focus on Quality Content

Engaging, high quality content appears to be one of the most important factors for your company website. Consider investing your time and efforts on producing quality, great content that persuade users to take action.

Be the influencer in whatever field you are in by just participating on different forums, Twitter and Facebook. By acting as an influencer, people will follow you or ask for advice when they are looking for products related to your industry.  

This way influencer marketing can work, rather than writing useless content that have no takeaways. Remember, your official blog us a direct reflection on your business, products or services you offer. If you have a company blog, update it regularly, and provide real solutions to your prospects’ problems.

Meet Users’ Expectations

The importance of having a website that offers great user experience can’t be denied. According Hubspot survey, 76% of users say the most important element of a website is website usability.

A website that is easy to use can get you more sales and revenue. Think, why would customers prefer your frustrating website if your competitor offers a painless, easy to use website? A website that is user-friendly can improve the user experience and allow users to get their tasks efficiently and quickly. Set your usability goals and satisfaction rate that how long it should take a user to find their desired product on your website.

There are some tools that help you gather feedback from your potential and existing customers. These tools that can help gather feedback from users so marketers can get the idea of how usable their website is:

Website design is important and depends on region to region and demographics. But what doesn’t vary at all is website usability. Make sure you are using the right tool to test your website.

An Appealing Website Design Leads to More Conversions

Believe it or not, improving your business website design leads to more revenue. But it happens only when your website provides clear design, great content, easy navigation and awesome user experience.

Get customer feedback by conducting surveys, perform tests and perform constant iteration to increase your website usability. Ultimately, you will be able to declutter your website, improve your website design aesthetics, and increase the credibility of your site.

If your company website doesn’t satisfy you and your customers, hire a web design company in Dubai to do some beautification work and find a design that you really want for your business.

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