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Stunning WordPress Website Design – A Collection to Inspire Your Creative Spirit


Are you seeking inspiration to create your next big digital solution? 

Whether you’re building a new site or giving an old one a much-needed facelift, inspiration is significant. 

Today, we are going to show you some of the most exceptional examples of WordPress web designs which not only excel in aesthetics but also stand a class apart in functionality. 

These successful cases will spark ideas and guide you in making your WordPress site not just user-friendly but also visually appealing. So without further ado, let’s unlock the endless possibilities. 

Without further ado, let’s explore the latest web design trend and get right into it. 

Get Inspired from These eCommerce WordPress Website Designs 

Implementing the best WordPress web design strategy can dramatically improve your eCommerce site’s performance. Not just that, but it can also make your site more appealing. If you want to draw inspiration from successful examples, here are a few creative and visually captivating yet user-friendly interfaces which can dramatically increase user experience. 

Following are a few examples that will illustrate how strategic design choices can make your WordPress site stand out. From easy navigation to eye-catching visuals, learn from the key ingredients for an impressive & profitable online presence and build a similar one for your business. 


MarmotMarmot is an established US-based apparel company specializing in outdoor gear, particularly jackets, and related goods. With a rich history spanning over three decades, Marmot is rooted in a passion for adventure. Their extensive product range includes jackets, tops, and accessories designed for climbing, hiking, and various outdoor activities. Marmot’s commitment to a world-class website that showcases its brand, culture, and products led to a dynamic & visually appealing online platform for customers. 


AwayAwayTravel, a modern travel and lifestyle brand, revolutionized the industry with its thoughtfully designed luggage and travel essentials. Launched in 2016, Away quickly became one of the fastest-growing consumer brands globally, offering high-quality luggage at an affordable price point. Their success stems from a dedicated focus on transforming travel experiences and building a community of global citizens passionate about exploration. Away’s strategic use of content, including a travel magazine and podcast, increases its stylish & aspirational character, creating a strong connection with its target audience.

Goorin Bros.

Goorin BrosThe Goorin Bros, a renowned milliner, experienced a surge in popularity when its unique Pork Pie hat made a starring appearance on the iconic TV show, “Breaking Bad,” worn by none other than Bryan Cranston himself. What sets The Goorin Bros apart is its dedication to creating an engaging user experience, especially on mobile platforms. Their strategic approach to content marketing is evident in the “Services & More” page, a comprehensive guide that educates customers on determining their perfect hat size. By providing valuable information, The Goorin Bros expertly guides users through the sales funnel, ensuring an enjoyable shopping journey.

Dollar Shave Club 

Dollar-shave-clubDollar Shave Club‘s eCommerce WordPress website is a masterpiece of design and functionality. The site captures the brand’s playful and irreverent tone with witty copywriting and rustic imagery, setting it apart from its competitors in the razor industry. The design is purposefully minimalistic, avoiding overwhelming users with excessive text, and instead utilizing negative space to draw attention to key elements. The result is a website that not only reflects the brand’s personality but also provides a user-friendly experience, making it a standout example of eCommerce web design.


BoseBose, a leader in the audio industry, showcases its expertise through a beautifully designed eCommerce WordPress website. The homepage immediately captures attention with its bold colors and unique layout, setting it apart from traditional e-commerce sites. Every element on the page has a purpose, from the brand logo to the language options and share features. Bose’s website utilizes a clever hover effect on its products, allowing users to focus on one item at a time & offering an immersive shopping experience. 


Target-website Target‘s eCommerce website redesign has transformed the way customers interact with the brand, offering an omnichannel experience. Before 2016, the website served as a supplement to the in-store experience, but the retailer revamped its digital strategy, particularly in response to the challenges posed by the pandemic. Today, Target’s website is better known for its functionality and intuitive layout, considering the variety of products which Target has to serve up customers online. 

MVMT Watches 

MVMT-Watches MVMT Watches has revolutionized the world of timepieces with its fresh and innovative eCommerce website design. The brand’s online platform contains the very essence of the MVMT name—a dynamic and contemporary take on traditional watchmaking. The website’s aesthetic is clean & minimalist, with a sleek interface that showcases the watches in a way that appeals to a modern audience. The strategic use of negative space and a neutral color palette highlight the products, drawing attention to the intricate details of each timepiece.


SolasieSolasie, a renowned European fashion brand, presents a vibrant and distinctive eCommerce WordPress website. The Solasie website is a masterpiece of design, showcasing a blend of vintage charm and modern aesthetics. The homepage greets visitors with a burst of color and a dynamic layout, reflecting the brand’s upbeat and eclectic style. The strategic use of WooCommerce and WordPress plugins enhance the user experience, offering an intuitive interface for customers to explore more effectively. 


Mowellens Mowellens, a pioneering CBD wellness brand, presents a beautifully crafted eCommerce website that reflects its commitment to conscious living & natural healing. The website, designed by the creative studio Phoenix, is a testament to their unique approach to eCommerce, blending stunning visuals and creating a better overall user experience. The Mowellens website immediately captures with its large, breathtaking photographs showcasing the brand’s products in a way they feel inviting & authentic. The use of WordPress/Woocommerce is a surprising yet effective combination for online shoppers. 

Write Decently with the Best WordPress Blog Website Designs 

WordPress is known for its excellent CMS platform. It’s not only for bloggers, but also offers a state-of-the-art WordPress web design. These are a few impressive websites that we have taken as an example that amalgamates both, highly engaging content and beautiful WordPress web designs. We offer an inspirational resource for those who are looking to recreate their blogs & bring back its life. 

Let’s explore a few of the websites that will become a new go-to source for WordPress web design. 


99% Invisible

99%-Invisible99% Invisible offers a sleek overall look with a minimalistic design aesthetic. The website features a simple color palette of black, yellow, white and shades of gray. The layout of the website is clean and is very less cluttered. It has a navigation bar which offers users a chance to easily browse through multiple sections of the website. The homepage features a prominent podcast player, with a list of the latest episodes displayed below, each with a brief description and the option to add to a queue or download. The use of typography is elegant and easy to read, with a mix of serif and sans-serif fonts that create a sense of contrast and visual interest. 99% Invisible website creates an intuitive user experience, with a design that is both aesthetically pleasing and highly interactive yet functional. 


The TED Blog 

TED-BlogThe TED Blog is a content-rich website that showcases a multitude of thought-provoking ideas and discussions. One of the interesting things about the TED Talks website design is its modern look putting a strong  emphasis on typography and a minimalist approach to layout. The color palette is predominantly white, with accents of the signature TED red and shades of gray, giving the TED Talks website a visually stunning appeal. If you scroll through the website, you will find the web offers an easy-to-read interface. The homepage also has a dynamic feed that gives readers insight on the latest blog posts. If you’re looking for an immersive experience with a structured content block that offers the perfect sense of balance, the TED Talk blog packs quite the punch for most online readers.  

The New York Times Corporation 

The-New-York-Times-Corporation The New York Times website offers a sophisticated WordPress web design that reflects the reputation of the iconic organization. The New York Times is a news outlet which comes with  a clean & uncluttered layout with prominent white space. The website’s page allows its content to take the center stage. The color palette is mostly black, white, and shades of gray with subtle accents of color. The typography elements were a mix of serif and sans-serif fonts which took a traditional yet modern approach. The homepage offered a dynamic feed with the latest news stories, a balance of text, images & a variety of multimedia elements. Ranging from different sections including World, US, Politics, Business & Opinion, The New York Times website is one such place that brings high level interactivity. 

WordPress Website Design Based Off on Brands 


ProskeProske brings a visually stunning WordPress website design that introduces a unique approach to website design. The site leaves a distinct impression by using asymmetric layouts, bold color choices, and leverages the power of experimental typography. Just going through the homepage, it welcomes visitors to create a striking hero image and a playful navigation menu which boasts interaction. The website comes with different shades of pink, green, and yellow. Such colors create the perfect energy. The site clearly focuses on typography and its creative use. It offers a combination of grid and free-form arrangements to add more interesting visuals. The website also features animated transitions, hover effects, and other such interactive elements which makes it a marvel for users visiting online. 

The Walt Disney

The-Walt-DisneyThe Walt Disney website is a magical yet immersive website design that captures the true essence of the iconic brand. The website offers a playful and vibrant aesthetic, with a color palette that draws inspiration from the classic Disney characters and stories. The Walt Disney website welcomes users with a stunning visual of the iconic Disney castle, setting the tone for a magical journey. 

The intuitive navigation menu offers exploration of Disney’s offerings, from movies and theme parks to products and travel experiences. The robust site design captures the perfect essence of Disney with elegant typography, reminiscent of the signature style, and a mix of curvy, whimsical fonts. Interactive elements and animations, such as floating icons and parallax effects, bring the web pages to life. 

The well-organized layout balances text, images, and white space, giving the perfect user-friendly experience for all ages. The website successfully translates Disney’s magic into a digital realm creating a memorable journey for incoming visitors. 

The Rolling Stones 

The-Rolling-Stones The Rolling Stones website captures the energy and spirit of the iconic band, showcasing their enduring legacy in the music industry. The design aesthetics bring a bold and dynamic approach, reflecting the band’s rebellious and timeless style. The color palette is predominantly black and red, with accents of white, creating a visually striking impact. 

The homepage features a full-screen background video of the band in action, immediately immersing visitors in the world of The Rolling Stones. The navigation menu is simple and intuitive, allowing fans to easily explore different sections of the site, including music, tours, news, and exclusive content. The use of typography is a mix of modern and retro styles, paying homage to the band’s long-standing history all the while adding a contemporary edge. 

The website incorporates interactive elements and engaging visuals, such as animated transitions, parallax scrolling, and a dynamic gallery showcasing the band’s iconic album covers. 

Mercedes – Benz 

Mercedes-Benz The Mercedes-Benz website reflects the brand’s luxury and sophistication with a modern and elegant design. The color palette showcases signature silvers, blacks, and blues, with stunning visuals and an organized layout. The navigation menu allows users to explore a variety of different vehicles, from sedans to luxury models. High-quality images, immersive videos, and interactive features, such as configuration tools, they all cumulatively contribute to enhance the user experience. The website’s design also conveys luxury, innovation, and performance, coming in-line with the renowned Mercedes-Benz reputation.

Create an Immersive Experience with Interactive WordPress Design  

WordPress introduces a range of interactive design elements & robust plugins that allow users to have a more immersive user experience. Not only do such websites offer increased user engagement, but also promote interactions and make your business website standout from the competition. Let’s have a look at some of the impressive examples of interactive WordPress web design that inspires creativity. 

Cultivated Wit 

Cultivated-Wit Cultivated Wit introduces a playful and unconventional approach to web design, reflecting the brand’s fun and creative nature. The website makes a bold statement with a simple yet impactful design, centered around a compelling color palette of black, white, and vibrant shades of pink. 

The use of contrasting colors and the purposefully unstructured layout creates a dynamic arrangement of text and images which adds an overall quirkiness of the website. 

Site navigation includes a simple menu which invites users to explore the different brand offerings. The website uses typography bringing in a mix of fonts that reflects wit and humor. The content is presented in a concise and engaging manner, with a focus on short, snappy text and visually appealing graphics. 

This impactful design and conciseness delivers a unique and entertaining experience leaving behind a lasting impression for readers. 

Velvet Hammer 

Velvet-Hammer The Velvet Hammer reflects an innovative approach to music and management. This website design features a sophisticated use of typography with a mix of serif and sans-serif fonts. It brings a contemporary vibe with a color palette that’s neutral with shades of black, white, & gray making the layout well-structured. The website has a prominent menu which makes it easy for the user to explore different sections of the website. The homepage has the perfect balance of text and images. The white spaces add the perfect sense of openness and give more breathability to the overall design. 

In fact, one can find interactive elements and multimedia content as well within the site design. It also has videos and audio clips which altogether creates a more immersive experience for visitors.   

We Virtually Are 

How-Can-we-helpWe Virtually Are offers an interactive web design, one that offers exceptional & high-end fluidity. The website is designed by Herdl which takes interactivity to the next level. Whether you’re looking to engage with users or you want to scroll the web in the right direction, We Virtually Are takes in all the moving content and makes it creatively interactive. The homepage welcomes users with a clear and concise introduction to the brand and its services, highlighting their expertise in virtual assistance. We Virtually Are’s online presence effectively communicates the brand’s promise. 


Your site design plays a central role in winning the customers over. 

Whether you’re an individual or a business owner, if you’re looking to display a creative expression, some of the above WordPress web designs can offer you the perfect inspiration. 

Have you come across any outstanding WordPress design themes which have inspired you? 

Feel free to share it with us and let us know what you have in mind… 

At Branex, a WordPress Development Company in Dubai, we build remarkable WordPress website designs that offer business worth millions. Do you want a website that captures more attention and delivers an outstanding user experience? 

Allow us to help you standout and achieve your goals. 

Ashad Ubaid
Ashad Ubaid
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