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The Ultimate Guide for Newbies in Web Design


Internet has successfully revolutionized businesses today to the extent that how customers interact online has evolved. Every time we are to find something, we seek help from the Internet.

Given how the customers are finding what they need online, it has become quite mandatory for businesses to make themselves discoverable. Since a search engine is the first place to hit, search engine optimization plays an active role in making all this possible.

But for starters, all of this will happen if you have website. Because only a website will act as the home of the product or service that you provide. Without it, you do not exist to the world digitally, which also means missed opportunities.

Now, talking about the website, it may have seen like a daunting process some five years ago but today, it is no longer expensive or complex. The advanced technology, any top-notch web design company to offer its expertise and online site builders are there to help you out in the basic website building process.

But how would you organize everything if you are completely new to the idea? Here’s how:

Plan it

It is almost impossible to organize anything without a plan, let alone achieve desired results. Pen down all the objectives of actually creating a website. Think of what would you like to achieve out of it and what should it be able to accomplish. Gather a list of inspirations that are close to how you imagined your website to be. A plan will help you stay on track in terms of what you want and how your goals will be measured accordingly.

Think of a name

All the websites need to have a domain name in order to be accessible. It also acts as the first impression of the website. Therefore, it is important to think of a name that describes your profile or your business. This is the part where most brainstorming efforts are required because it is more or less the same as a thinking of a business name. Even if you have an existing business, for an online identity, you need to think of a name that is precisely short, sweet, easy to find and promote.

In most cases, your company name is your domain name. If the domain name in the name of your business is already taken, you can purchase it from the owner. And if that isn’t a possibility then you can get creative with the generic top-level domains followed by .photography. This is also an amazing opportunity to define your business/product/location.

Choose a provider

There are some providers that have online tools to help you build a website. While others have other integrated tools and solutions to help you with which may or may not include domain name registration, security tools or other website building tools.

However, what you primarily need to watch out for is the kind of customer support that your provider has in restore for you. A 24/7 support will do you good so that there is someone you can speak to when the need be. Furthermore, you can also look into other marketing and productivity tools to aid you in the growth of your business.


Coding is something we all run from when we are only just creating a website for the first time. Well, the good news is that there are easy-to-use tools available today that help in creating stunning websites. The simple drag and drop model that they work on is best for beginners. Just choose a template of your choice, drag and drop text and images in accordance with how you have wireframed your websites or picked up from inspirations.

If you are still unsure about it, then take your plan to a web design agency and let them take the lead. The first thing that you need to put into consideration is to go for a locally renowned agency. If you happen to be in Dubai, look for services that have professionally proven the quality of their services in the region locally.

Design it

Website designing has no set rules. You will decide how you want your story to be told to the world which means it may vary from one industry to another and from one business to another. How you would want to set the various elements of a website is up to you but seeking inspirations will help you figure out how the best have done it and make notes from their success pointers.

While there is no formula to a perfect website, there are certain pitfalls that you need to be wary of. Take a look:

  •         Ensure that your website is uncluttered with the right contrast of colors in terms of background and fonts. The purpose of the website should strike to the user within the first 10 seconds that are the make or break of it.
  •         If you want your prospects to be able to explore your website without any hassle, give them an easy-to-use navigation that is simple and easily recognizable in terms of the categories that you have put in.
  •         The copy of your website should be unique, in a tone that is meant for your particular audience and includes accurate information to help your customers find what they are looking for.
  •         Make yourself reachable by putting contact information in the footer of each page, with social media icons for a proof of existence there as well.
  •         Since most websites today are accessed from devices other than the desktop, thanks to how the smartphones, tablets, and other smart devices have stormed the market, you need a responsive design. Instead of the visitors tweaking their screens to get the information that they require, give it to them in an organized manner, or they will abandon your website.

Final Word

Building a website is super easy today. There are a variety of options available alongside affordability that allows the overall process to become easier. Just plan everything, organize it all, and you can too build a website that will be the true asset of your business – a digital presence that will home to your company on the Internet.

Mariya Sabeen Irshad
Mariya Sabeen Irshad
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