When it comes to return-on-investment, search engine optimization outperforms the digital marketing every single time. A well-thought-out search engine marketing campaign revolves around both SEO and PPC. Akin to all other elements in the digital landscape, SEO marketing is evolving at an exponential rate.

It is necessary for marketers and digital experts to keep an eye on the maturing SEO trends in 2019 to alienate competitors from the market.

To stay ahead of the pack, it is vital to closely monitor the changes in the Google algorithms which are required to keep your agency ahead of your competitors.

Here are the emerging SEO trends 2019 which can land you more clients and establish your brand reputation in the market.

The Same Old Mobile First

It nearly kills me when I still see websites that are a far cry from being mobile-friendly.

Yes, these websites didn’t die with the dinosaurs; they still exist.

Time and again, Google confirmed in its various algorithm updates that Google is boosting brands that are using mobile-first websites higher in the search engine results.

Previously, responsive websites meant a great thing for a brand. But now, it is all about the mobile-first website. If your website is not appearing right on the mobile, Googlebot will ignore the website and move on without bothering to index it. In the year 2019, start your year by ensuring that your website is mobile first.

Ads on High-Quality Websites

One of the major SEO trends for 2019 is that Google is now serious about the reputation of your website. If you’re not placing ads on high-quality websites, you’re digging a hole for yourself. And Trust me, you are going to be buried deep under!

The emerging trend says that to earn a good brand reputation, one must run ads on high profile websites.

Pick and choose any previous Google algorithm and see for yourself how Google is compelling brands to be a part of high-quality websites. Exchange links and proves that your website is worth it.

The Engagement in SEO

Quit playing hide and seek with Google. It is not okay now to rank on general keywords. With a serious threat of competition looming above, the only way out is to create engagement via SEO.

Generating traffic is also not working out for some websites, because there is a stark difference when it comes to bringing people to your store and engaging them long enough to make them buy from you.

Traffic is fine, but if you cannot engage your users and convert them into loyal customers, you’re whiling away a lot of energy on the wrong things.

This is why at Branex, our search marketing, design, and user experience teams work closely to ensure that we’re not only increasing traffic for our clients but maximizing the value of this traffic.

The Artificial Intelligence (AI)

Since the past few years, AI was just a buzzword in the market. Now, it is officially a part of SEO trends 2019, positioned by the media as a phenomenon that seems destined to impact all aspects of our lives in the imminent future.

From the perspective of SEO, we know that Google is using RankBrain – a machine learning AI – to process substantial portions of their search engine results.

Beyond RankBrain, researchers at Google created AutoML, an artificial intelligence that can spawn its own AIs. This means as a brand, you need to think in terms of AI and how it can affect your SEO.

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Voice Search is the New Search

With the emergence of Google Home and Amazon Echo that are quick to unearth information on Google, the web is becoming more fractured by the day.

The faster you can answer the questions of your customer, the more likely they are to use your services or buy your product; and in turn show, your brand loyalty in the future.

Voice search is on top of the list for SEO trends 2019. SEO in Dubai is mature now and agencies are now adding voice search in their SEO strategy.

The websites and mobile apps imbued with a voice search feature are likely to evolve and get more attention in the SERPs.

The rise of voice search means that a focus on long-tail keywords and natural, spoken, conversational language is the key to ranking well. Similarly, many featured snippets come from question-based searches, so we can expect to see a rise in both.

Some Quick Tips to Improve Your SEO in 2019

Brands that are willing to get past their competition, need to put themselves into the minds of their customers. Here are a few questions to ask before devising any marketing campaigns:

  • What is the driving force behind a customer?
  • From where can they get the product and service?
  • How long will it take for the customer to take the buying decision?

If you get these three questions right, there is a chance that your SEO will automatically fit in well your marketing strategy.

Humans are still alive because they are evolving. If a person doesn’t evolve with time, he will die soon. Same goes for your brand. So, what if you have the best product in the market if the customers don’t know about the product what is the point of creating such a product? Keep an eye on these SEO trends 2019 and give your competitors a hard time.

October 24, 2018

SEO Trends 2019 You Cannot Afford to Ignore

When it comes to return-on-investment, search engine optimization outperforms the digital marketing every single time. A well-thought-out search engine marketing campaign revolves around both SEO and […]