Designing a beautiful interface for your app that includes unique features can help your business succeed. Introducing the latest mobile app development technologies such as React Native and Xamarin can help mobile app developers to introduce highly advanced features. App developers also need to make sure the apps are working as expected and customers are easily finding the features they are looking for.

When it comes to monitoring your app performance and how users are adapting its features, mobile app session replay is a powerful solution. Session replay, also known as session recording or app session replay allows you to replay videos to check how users are interacting with your app. It is a qualitative analytics solution many mobile app development teams are using to enhance the app’s features and improve user experience.

What is a Session Replay?

Session replay is a standard method of recording mobile app screens that tell app developers and performance engineers to understand how users are navigating through the app. It is one of the best techniques to identify any issues users are facing while using your app. By regularly checking session replay, your mobile app development team has a better idea of how users are interacting with your app and collects the insights required to fix any UX issues. By improving the functionality of your app and delivering a great user experience, you can increase the conversion rate.

Mobile app session replays record the screen rendering, user gestures, events, popups, error messages, swipes and navigations, and much more. App developers can check screen recordings and screenshots to get a clear idea of how users are interacting with the app. Your app development team can check where users click, where they scroll, and which feature is creating problems. This data is useful to identify bugs and fix them in a timely manner.

Let’s explore how mobile app session replay can help you understand user behavior, resolve usability issues and deliver an outstanding user experience.

See the Real Experience from the User’s Perspective

One of the biggest benefits of using this amazing tool is that it allows you to see how users are using your app in real-time and what he is trying to do. When you observe your users in real-time, it gives you a clear idea of how pleasing or painful it is for them to use your app. It allows you to better understand what issues your customers are facing by watching their live sessions.

Identify Bugs and Solve them Faster

Developing a bug-free app is easier said than done. Variations in devices, operating systems, screen sizes, and resolutions make it challenging for developers and performance testers to identify potential bugs. With session replay, you can easily capture all sessions, allowing developers and the QA team to observe how a user engages with a new app or interface.

You can monitor live sessions and see when and how the bug is appearing and impacting user experience. Mobile app session replay allows your team to ensure the app is functioning properly. In fact, session replay can improve the process of identifying and fixing bugs.

Improve User Onboarding Experience

It’s no surprise that user onboarding matters a lot. If truth be told, it can make or break your mobile app. Mobile app marketers and developers always try to make their apps unique from their competitors. You can set your app apart by creating a positive first impression. According to statistics, 25% of users abandon the app after using it for the first time.  

Attracting customers to your app is not enough, you need to convince them to use your app and take the desired action. Mobile app session replays can help you identify the friction points in the onboarding process. When you know all the possible issues, it allows your development and design team to make important tweaks in the app to maximize user engagement.  

Help Customers to Easily Use Your App

The ultimate goal of the mobile app development team is to build a highly functional product that is easy to use and helps users to solve their problems. Session replays allow you to see how users are using the app and collect important data that you can use for improving the user experience. Session replays allow you to provide users with technical support by showing what’s going wrong in the app and then offering the possible solution to help users make the most out of the app’s features.

Many app developers are willing to incorporate session replays into the customer support service in order to help agents directly access and view sessions. This strategy helps customer support representatives to provide the best possible solution to customers’ problems.   

Boost Conversions

Today, many brands are harnessing the power of session replays to increase the conversion rate. According to a study, session replay can increase the conversion rate up to 26%. A high conversion rate means that your app is performing well, and users are taking the desired action.

Since session replay lets you know the problems app users are facing and solve the bugs quickly. It will eventually help you perform an in-depth analysis and realize user behavior at each step of the user journey. Many famous brands such as SpanishDict, Zenstores, Metromile, and more have successfully increased the conversion rate by adding session replays to their app development strategy.

To Summarize

All in all, session replay is a powerful yet result-driven strategy that helps app developers and marketers to make important changes in the app as per the user requirements. With session replays, you can better understand users’ problems, improve onboarding experience, identify and solve bugs and deliver a seamless and outstanding user experience. Adding session replay to your app development process can help you increase conversions and make your mobile app a big success. 

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